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Welcome to the Hagstrom UK archives!

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News Archive One...

Tuesday 31st December 2002 - 1975 Ampeg Catalogue started... It'll take till next year to finish it though!

Monday 23rd December - Merson 67 Hagstrom Brochure Catalogue 'repaired' and ready to view (Phew!)

Sunday 22nd December - Michael Tenney - long time Hagstrom devotee has a new project, read about it here

Saturday 21st December - Guitarist UK April 1995 Article - Click on picture

available now

A story and article featuring
a concise version of the Hagstrom Guitar Story

PLUS in depth feature on one of the the best icons of the heady days of individualism - The EDP46 Deluxe,
PLUS the British revival that made it a collectors delight!

Hagstrom UK, where rarity is the norm,
all free for you to browse!



Friday 13th December - It takes nine months to be born, or to be re-born? USPS

Sunday 8th December - Lets party, lets start today with "Reet Petite"

Saturday 7th December - Catch a glimpse of the oldest Swede to look like a new one!

Sunday 1st December - All I want for Christmas is... LET US KNOW - VOTE NOW on the page and see the results!

Saturday 30th November - Catch those gorgeous warm tones of a Hagstrom Concorde I -  and just by looking!

Wednesday 27th November - Hagstrom Visitors Page 2 is here (phew, no more long downloads!)
                                        A beautiful Swede(s) and Amp picture from Norway to start us off,
                                        A very artistic but unrealised Blonde Jimmy from New York,
                                        And the official Hagstrom UK Blonde Jimmy 'F' Hole Auction (LOL)

Saturday 23rd November - Hagstrom Picks and a Dealer Guitar Stand - classic stuff!

Friday 22nd November - Oh yes... Animal, Vegetable or Mineral eh? Honey, it's a gem, with the "Swede-est feeling".

Thursday 21st November
- It's a... Oh no it's not - go and see...
   Rare is it? Huh, they're all rare when you read an auction, so,
   what's rare about this...
    Better check this link to find out eh?

Sunday 17th November - Not all changes are visible from here - have you checked the Homepage recently?

Thursday 14th November - Once and for all it was Noel not Jimi himself... we've all done it though..
                                        Lovely Late model Swede arrived - pics soon on an original dealer stand too?

Wednesday 13th November - Mike Knowler compares his HIB and HIIBN - which to keep or sell?

Thursday 7th November - Acoustic H/J45 - We thought the peg bridge was older than chrome?
                                       It was... and then it returned again. (Part of the Tour of 1976).

Monday 29th October - A forum is important, too many forums get confusing for the people who NEED them.
                                    Seven months down the road may I suggest some others disappear too?

Friday 25th October - Take the tour of 1976 - View manufacturing, Read Articles, See New Models!

Wednesday 23rd October - 1976: "Europe's Finest Guitars" + Hagstrom in Britain & around the world...

Thursday 17th October - Hagstrom 12 - Bliss in a Sunburst Crescendo - what more can I say!
                       Plus:      - H8 Bass Visitor - A real Hagdoo Chile of an axe...
                                           ...You can TEL a STAR eons away...this one's from Belgium go see...

Monday 14th October - You want extreme different eh? - How about a a 4x12 and BT100 Head
                                 - or a Studio Mixing Desk even!  You guys are great with sharing your pictures!

Saturday 5th October - OK so what's so different about a Hag III ?

Friday 4th October - Flight of the Corvette (or was that Condor?) it's all the same...Flight of the Condor - Race the Corvette - Leaping Impala
                              - but only a short flight from Germany to Hagstrom UK..

Thursday 3rd October - What me? No nothing in particular... Brrrm Brrrmm....

Wednesday 2nd October  - Update to the Catalogue pages 66 - now has text... and (oops) 68 was actually 71!!!

Tuesday 25th September  - Unless you've studied the Catalogue pages had you heard of a B120?

Also, have you met The Swingers?

Sunday 23rd September  - How much did your guitar cost new - in 1967 for example?

Thursday 12th September  - An Isabella from Germany that looks so clean it could be new!

Monday 9th September  - One of Pat Smear's Hags went under the hammer... (auction that is) and..
- That La Rita ex Gordon Giltrap - Mike bought the one I missed!

Tuesday 3rd September  - This '68 Jimmy "F" has spent it's whole life in the clear air of Sweden

Friday 16th August   - Got an old Bjarton Guitar? Take a look at some old catalogue pictures

Wednesday 14th August   - That old 50's Bjarton is now showing in all it's re-strung glory, and...
                                      - Promised soon - Some Bjarton Catalogue pictures - check back soon

Sunday 11th August   - Two early HIB's come to roost less than 200 numbers apart, the homing instinct brought them to Hagstrom UK after about 37 years (All say ah!)

Friday 9th August   - From Germany a super set of Royal Tone Hagstrom strings 

Thursday 8th August   - From Denmark, an early 12 string "e" with peg bridge.

Wednesday 7th August  - Waiting is over - Isabella.... arriva! arriva!
              The Time for "Tock" (Talk) ouch is over, see right - thanks Kwinn!
                                     Jon the Bassman is back with something close to my heart

Saturday 27th July   - Waiting patiently for a classic but timely addition,
                                    also, I'm trying not to fret too much about an all time classic
                                    due from Sweden in a week or so  (Italics = clues)

Thursday 25th July   - Did you have one like this Bjarton? Straight out of the 1950's!

Monday 15th July   - How quick can an original complete system sell? Few Hold a Patch on this one

Saturday 14th July   - Waiting for pics from Nels and Carla

Saturday 6th July   - Who's the 'other brand' rocker on the left?
                                The cycle of life is a wonderful thing, our Viking goes live again...

Sunday 30th June   - Kent semi' bass, model 822, where did it hail from... not Sweden

Tuesday 18th June   - GA85 more Pics added - (see bottom of the linked page)

Sunday 16th June   - GA85 (Worlds first Transistorised Guitar amp) now safely at Hagstrom UK.
                                New pics soon - still playing with it, and using a Line 6 POD - so sassy!

Friday 14th June   - Back from hols - sorry - I couldn't update from 'The Med' so here we go
                                These are the first of many updates overdue - check back soon for more...
                                Take a look at another twist on the VIKING Story...
                                Jimmys on the move: Rob from Canada has an oval smile on his face and
                                Gordon Giltrap buys a second Jimmy Oval. (Now there's a recommendation!).
                                Ed Conaty from Rhode Island tells us about his Blonde F-Hole Jimmy

Monday 27th May   - I am proud to present the start of the Gordon Giltrap Hagstrom page!

Sunday 26th May   - It's not only gold that glitters check out the latest on the Bass page

Saturday 25th May   - Catalogue text continues to be faithfully reproduced!
                                  Late sixties Acoustic and Electric first - this is a slow process...

Monday 21st May     - Now you can hear a bit of Ron Chapman on the Hagstrom Jimmy WMA file

Sunday 20th May     - New entries on the Hagstrom Amps page, and another Hagstrom World First

Saturday 19th May   - 60's catalogue series started, identities revealed! 
                                  Plus minor updates in various pages.

Thursday 9th May   - Additional visitor photo's Acoustic, Bass, and Visitors Electric, more promised soon.

Saturday 27th April   - Acoustics Acoustics - We're after acoustic information.
                                    We've got to organise the info... they say there's very little documented...
                                    If you know someone, have any info... models, years, the Bjarton deal... MAIL ME
Please don't let us down now!

Wednesday 24th April  
- A Hagstrom is for Life - not just for Christmas
- Larry's H3 Project has been fascinating.

Monday 22nd April   - Yes it had to happen... the start of "Strange but True"
                                    - contributions needed here too!

Monday 16th April   - You've heard of The Three Tenors - Meet The Three Twelvors... and the Six
- Have a go at the Page One Feature Picture
                                   - your pic on PAGE ONE for a month!
                                 Send an arty Hagstrom  jpg's only  to the e-mail at the bottom of most pages
                                 (editors decision is final!)

Sunday 7th April   - Hagstrom Visitors brings us a Gold P90, and a recent gig for Greg with HIIN

Saturday 30th March   - Larry Cashdollar opens project H 3 to the world - Go See! (External Site)
                                   - Massachusetts brings us another H33 looking like a BJ12 - Thanks Bob Giarla
                                   - Lots of tidy up sessions various pages too much to list!
                                   - New Open Forum started for the Hagstrom Community!
                                     Take a look, ask and answer questions, have your say, ENJOY!

Friday 22nd March   - Hey remember TJ's story (Sept 2001?)
                                - Pics by e-mail? Oh No, classy stuff - Air Mail !
                                - More old Adverts in the collectibles pages,
                                - Craig form Canada buys that Green Glitter Acoustic!

Friday 15th March  - Hagstremely proud to announce III things Hag III that is.
Also the start of Other Brands, and a few bits of tidying up around and about!

Friday 1st March  - March 1st is St David's day - I'm no Saint, but I am in heaven - See J45

Sunday 24th February  - More Bass pics, More Acoustic Pics, and a few additions to the collectibles page.

Tuesday 19th February  - Collectibles Page started - Hagstrom and general music interest

Monday 18th February  - Sneak preview one HERE, Sneak Preview two HERE, all subject to carriage and insurance...

Wednesday 13th February - Hag Fretless Pics on the Bass Page (better ones promised sometime too)

Monday 4th February  - Hold everything! Rob from Canada has found a world exclusive - OR WHAT?
                                    Amongst many we have Elvis (King), Bowie (Wild) Ferry (Cool)
                                    You think you're a cool cat do you? Who was the COOLEST CAT OF ALL?

Friday 25thJanuary  - Have you got your Mugs and Shirts yet?

Wednesday 23rdJanuary  - Have been very busy recently, but "BJ" did meet nephew "H"

Friday 11th January - Have you met Rob's Canada site (see links page), well, Hagred has a 
                                    great tribute as CDC's 8th birthday becomes an outrageous claim!

Sunday 6th January 2002 - Hagstrom 310 amp - description and general spec added

Sunday 30th December - Hag Bass Page started, thanks to Steve Hansen
                                       Viking Page updated again with 12 string pictures 
                                       (Re-designed visitors contributions will come soon).
                                       PS: I Love the 310 Anders - thanks!

Sunday 16th December - When is a Viking not just a Viking - AND, when a Viking isn't a Viking II ! 

Thursday 13th December - Watch out Captain Reverb, BATMAN is on site!

Saturday 8th December - New Visitor, Canada, (British Columbia, ex Liverpool, another Corrie fan too) 
                                        - with a Corvette... ex Sweden of course!

Sunday 1st December - Meet a USA Viking Deluxe  ??? (updated 16th Dec) ... plus some other things!

Tuesday 20th November - Meet Captain Reverb, - he reports to General Feedback... meet them here

Tuesday 20th November - CDC gets in on the Scandi - Smoke on the Water...

Monday 19th November - Another Canadian entry on the Visitors page. A transition Viking no less!

Sunday 18th November - A few updates, 1975 brochure pics etc (dotted around) all this, and Jimmy Video too!
                                        - now which pages did he say "check back often" on ?

Friday 16th November - Have a Jimmy riddle before going here - yes, there's a riddle too...

Wednesday 7th November - The Dandy Scandi is here

Tuesday 30th October -     Hold the front page! Come back soon... news soon - Young Upstart on it's way...

Sunday 28th October -     "Six strings on my Bass rig and I'm just rolling along", (Sing along now

Saturday 20th October -  Start of Hagström Amps Page (Thanks Anders) 
plus other major/minor modifications - you'll have to find them!

Sunday 14th October -  Suite of 12 Super Gorgeous Fab Swede Pictures now up.


Wednesday 10th October -  Stefan Håkansson - White Scandi NEW Pictures on Visitors page
                                            Keep Eyes and Ears open - New Page Lost or Stolen guitars

Monday 1st October -          Ron's back! See the new fab Jimmy pictures on his second page

Saturday 29th September - FREE Classified Ads - See link on Home page.
                                            Post your advertisement for as long as you like.
                                            (This service is powered by Bravenet) 

Saturday 22nd September - What's that Super Swede pic on the home page?

Tuesday 18th September - More from Ron Chapman Hagstrom Stories

Sunday 9th September - Back on track, minor rearranging and dedicated Acoustics Page started.
                                       Another Hagstrom Story - A Silver Swede and a Viking I (just by chance)

Sunday 19th August - Temporary entry (slight departure from subject!) wpe2.jpg (49650 bytes)

Monday 13th August - New Contents Page for easy Navigation    LOST?

Monday 6th August - The "Ron and Jimmy" Pictures - or at least a couple (See Stories below).

Saturday 4th August - Hagstrom Stories, Now a menu page. (Where's your story?)
- Plus a couple of link updates - anything for colleagues !

Monday 30th July - More Visitors Pics

Saturday 28th July - Hagstrom Stories, ([New!]Page) + more 'bits' in various pages...

Sunday 22nd July - History page updated (a continuing project)

Thursday 19th July - More from Anders

Friday 13th July - The Viking has landed 
   and Anders joins the visitors page
   general amendments and pics added

3rd July 01 - Whispers around the site awaiting a "new" (1968) arrival... 

29th June

29th June - Guestbook started (On links page) 

28th June - New page for 'potted photo history' added - 

27th June - Many page updates / design mods on most pages - 

26th June - New Pages for visitors guitars started - 

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