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Strange but true...

Here's a big question for all of you out there...

Per J contacted the Hagstrom UK forum about a Hagström Guitar...

"Hi guitar lovers! I am not an active guitar man, but I bought a Hagström for about twenty years ago. It have the shape of a Viking-model but its a solid electric guitar. Red colour. It have been collecting dust since i bought it. Anyone have clue what model it is? Can not find a serial but I could send pics if someone would like to help me. PJ      So we asked for some pictures...

H-IIN... No, look below...

No it isn't an H-IIN guitar as it has the D'Aquisto stepped tuners ala Swede, SuperSwede, Late Jimmy,  etc.,


The neck is that of an H-IIN and has had them fitted.


This leads me to the probable answer for this emerging view.


Ah yes, you say... but then Oh Yes?

A Viking? Single coil Version one...
...with a neck and headstock (like Dirk's one)
...but also with D'Aquisto tuners???

No string retainer tree before the nut.

I know Hagström hated to waste anything, but this is going a bit far surely?

Yes the bridge is different. Not like an early single coil, and apart from the wooden base, not like a humbucker 1N version.

The knobs are the dished insert knobs like the "H" range and like on the amps.

Have you noticed yet? No cut-outs in the body, no "F" or "S" denoting the semi-acoustic nature of the model.

Does this mean it really is a solid body??? It must 'weigh a ton' if it is. Call me a wimp, but a SuperSwede requires weight training before a full gig! So, not one for Elvis then...

(We are waiting to hear again from Per about this point)

Taking an overall look at this guitar, it actually looks very nice - and then the styling and shape of a Hagström body is always "a cut above the rest" (makes a Gibson look ugly).

The thing here is that here there's a few "cuts" missing in this example, so my conclusion is that it is a workman's project, taking blanks and pieces from stock, making up a guitar from available parts. With so many different era's of Hagström inventory put to use, it must have been made after the factory ceased to trade.

There is no badge on the chrome-tail, which again says it was made from parts made available to use.

 Has anyone got a better view than this please?

We've seen workman projects before; they do not always fall into the "strange" category, but they always have the tell-tale signs of someone having a go at making something from parts. A most exquisite example was on show earlier on 2006 at the Älvdalen festival - an H-6/12. Another one-off

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I still like the looks of this one a lot, but I wonder how it sounds too. If it really is solid there's plenty of scope for resonance, as well as a hernia.


(I had wondered, as this is not a solid manufacture model)

Thankfully it doesn't compare with some of the horrors shown below...

Those are just simply strange of course. Deep breath before looking further down this page...

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 Sent: Wednesday, March 06, 2002 3:27 PM
To: webstrom@ hagstrom.org.uk (remove space to email)
Subject: a Hagstom bass

Hello there!

I stumbled on your website while I was looking for info on the bass that's

pictured in the enclosed attachment.  Do you have any info about it?

I got it about 5 years ago, for $100.  It plays great, and hasn't had to have any work done on it so far, aside from replacing the roundwound strings with flatwounds.  If you know any more about it, drop me an email.


FOLLOW UP message...

there's a serial number on the back, where the neck meets the body. It says, "Steel Adjustable Neck 0053743." It's stamped onto a square piece of metal, with four bolts.

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All I could offer from the Hagstrom view for this guy was an auction on e-Bay for a Concord Deluxe body...

...but who am I to get all snobbish about it? He enjoys it and that's what music is all about eh?





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Well we finally got to the bottom of this one

Randy Albright from Indiana, has just purchased the bass below... yep the body is identified - it's a Univox copy of the old Gibson EB1 which hailed from around 1953!

The Univox was probably late sixties, early seventies in the tradition of taking the best then doing it themselves!

Seeing this gives me some peace of mind about the Hagstrom Concord Deluxe neck being applied, however, it definitely suits the correct neck.

However the original Gibson EB1 sported right-angle rear facing tuners.

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Not so much strange or horrific - just unusually rare?

In 2006 we were sent this picture asking for information - click to follow the link to a page of pics and text

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OK, Hang on to your hats folks, back to full strength!

February 2005 - I am enclosing some pictures of my old Canadian Hagstrom bass that I thought you might find interesting. It is in quite sorry shape: I bought it in a pawn shop in London, Ontario for $50 back in 1986 or so, and it was already pretty distressed then. Unfortunately my teen years were not overly kind to this guitar, and at some point I stupidly replaced the original single pickup with a Seymour Duncan. After I lost the pickguard I was forced to use duct tape. I also never quite got around to soldering the leads, and the alligator clips were only ever upgraded to sticky tape. It looks a bit like a Franken-strom. Despite its external condition, though, this is an amazingly playable guitar. The neck is the thinnest I've ever played on a bass, and with new strings it gets a sound that's both percussive and resonant, almost like a semi-acoustic, but with more slap.  I like your site! Best, Dennis Vanderspek Peterborough, Ontario...

Now what's all the fuss? Looks OK
scuffed on the neck... yes OK...

Sure it needs a haircut badly, but I've seen that before...

Finish looks quite clean actually...
OH, NOW I SEE !   The Hagasaurus lives!

Well, thanks Dennis... all I can say is "beauty is in the eye of the beholder" eh?


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There's nothing like a REAL original Swedish made Hagstrom (and there are loads around), but if it 'floats your boat', or you can't find an original then who are we to say?

Plenty has been said already and
will be said forever forward probably.
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