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Boil, then Mash with Butter, Season to taste,
and serve immediately...

This is no vegetable in the world of classic tones.   - It's much more versatile!
It came out of the Hagstrom L.P. of 1970-1971, then the Thousands of Hagstrom Swedes that became a mainstay for pro's such as Larry Coryell, and remained so to this final version, even featured in Paul McCartney's band after The Beatles - Wings* see bottom of page


Solid Mahogany body and neck, with Ebony Fretboard and Rectangular Pearloid Inlays
The two reverse mounted Hagstrom pickups - humbucking, sensitive, and efficient - are both activated by volume and tone controls and by the two 3 position switches. One switch for tone - sharp mellow and deep - independent of the pickups in use, The second switch is for choice of pickups lead, bass and rhythm.

Catalogue Detail:
The Hagstrom Swede is one of the most coveted guitars in the world. Its so compact and easy to handle it seems almost too small for the magnificent sound it produces. The two Hagstrom pickups - humbucking, sensitive and efficient - are both activated by separate volume and tone controls, and by two three position switches. One switch is for tone Sharp, Mellow, and deep - independent of the pickups in use. The second switch is for the choice of pickups - lead, bass, and rhythm. These provide a large variety of effects when used in combination with the tone control. Perfect intonation is possible by the bridge, which allows for individual adjustment of each string both horizontally and vertically. The unusually slender neck can be precisely adjusted with the patented Hagstrom H-design truss rod.
Solid Mahogany body and neck
2 reverse mounted humbucking pickups
3 position pickup switch
Ebony fingerboard
Scale length 23.75" ???
Pearloid Inlay markers
Nickel silver frets
Fully bound celluloid binding
Polyester finish in natural, black or cherry

This Les Paul 'killer' axe, has all the tone-ability from a Jazz Band to a Black Sabbath tribute.

Two three way switches provide pick-up combinations and tone changes from "shrill to bass"
With individual volume and tone controls to back this up.

The Swede shown here has a Scale length of 24.75" - one of the last few batches.
By comparison the SuperSwede (see below) always used the Fender Scale and has a zero fret for extra sustain.

Catch it in a different light, and the reflected colour can change dramatically from the
cool lighter front, to a deeper mahogany red. There is in fact quite a contrast from the light
coloured front to the back sides and neck - but how to catch it in a photo!??!

There now follows a selection of pics that show how not to!

Yes the Hagstrom Tuners are original - a change from the "stepped" style for a while.
The slender neck can be precisely adjusted with the patented H-design truss rod

Some prefer the Swede to the Superswede, it is a different animal (not vegetable remember), and
compared to the sheer power of the Superswede, is more forgiving, yet extremely versatile.

This last version of the Swede had an upgraded bridge as well, allowing perfect intonation through individual adjustment.
The upgraded tail-piece for better set-up, and to segregate the cross-over from one string
to another - a design used on a number of the later Hagstrom models.


Here is a selection of pics to click to open in their own window in the larger size as above

Described as one of the most coveted guitars in the world.
Its so compact and easy to handle, it seems almost too small for the magnificent sound it produces.

Fully celluloid bound, and finished with 15 coats of polyester lacquer finish - quite unusual
but not for Hagstrom!

Here we see the Hagstrom UK SuperSwede and Swede together for comparison.
Notice the longer scale of the powerful SuperSwede,
and the subtle difference in horn shape, different switching, and pick-guard attachment.

(Click this pic to open the SuperSwede Page for more details)

* Example see Wings Video of "Mull of Kintyre"

Denny Laine, formerly of the Moody Blues and the Electric Light Orchestra (amongst many other bands) was also guitarist in Paul McCartney's band Wings.

Here are two screenshots from the Mull of Kintyre Video (a song that sold over two million copies). Denny is playing a Late model Swede similar to the model featured above.




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