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There's nothing like a REAL original Swedish made Hagstrom (and there are loads around)
but if it 'floats your boat', or you can't find an original then who are we to say?

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21st January 2013 I think all the hover links have gone (8 straight hours work, nearly cross eyed, just like the old days writing this site)
By all means let me know if any links are still the old hover (activex) type and I'll change it.
I hope you can now follow the maze more easily again - find more hidden pages than you could for quite a while!
19th January 2013 Selling list up for offers  
Manual update started of old hover buttons which are now seen as bad activex things for some reason?
A lot of water has passed under the bridge... We've said goodbye to the father of the guitars, the SuperSwede himself. I'm ready to say goodbye to some of what I've accumulated over the years. I'd just like to make sure this rambling site is available for a while as people still use it...
18th March 2010 Happy Birthday Karl-Erik Sr
28th Sept NEW Forum: Sections can be "quick accessed" direct from the main website homepage links and
There's a 1962 Black EDP/Deluxe 90 in the buying and selling section of the forum! Go and see!
23rd Sept Brand Collaboration is a key marketing tool - Mikael Jansson alerted us to two interesting ones (originally via the forum). See the new licensed production section
20th Sept

Well we might have a bit more time following the busy summer festival and gig season... well gigs are still on the go, but maybe a bit more time for the site will accrue! I have hundreds of mails with useful info and pictures still to add in, so it will happen in a completely non-chronological way for some time!

The Forum has been updated so that it better reflects key topics and areas of interest.
Buying and selling complete with 'html' and 'bbcode' facilities will make listing your needs much simpler and of course direct. There is also a category section for the new licensed Chinese models etc.

3rd June Information: If you are Sweden local: Upcoming doctoral dissertation  on Friday 5th June in Piteå, Sweden. The title of the thesis is "Music from the backyard - Hagström's music education". It is linked to in fulltext - in Swedish - here: [External Link] (Info from Ketil Thorgersen)
14th April New Fans entry on basses, and keep an eye on the Wanted or selling folks!
If you have a listing that has already sold (or found) then let me know please!
30th March Heads up Hagstrom Bass owners - ever thought about Guild tailpices?
See the spares section of the Links page - you might be very relieved!
21st March Rob Morritt was a good friend to many people around the world. A generous nature, a wicked sense of humour, a passionate guy who put a 'positive spin' on most things in life.
>> Urgent Info
(valid only till 25th March 09) / Part of Rob's legacy Hagstrom Canada <<
16th March Jeff's Kent is minimalist, or an engineer's view, well I actually like it!
11th March Have you checked out the Wanted or Selling Page recently?
Other new updates (loads of them) due soon!
16th February Casey's great 68 Viking Deluxe, then an Impala played by a Giselle, and Wanted and Selling updates
Take a dusty old HIIN from Indiana, only to find... (more)
4th February Great Old J45 on Wanted and Selling page - along with some other fancies!
3rd February Well the old Landola Espana Bjarton triangle gets another clear piece in the puzzle sent to us.
Paul Davies sells his old Landola branded 12 string thinline semi - looks stronger than a Viking 12?
1st February History and information about Alvdalen area updated a bit... more
13th January Have you checked out the videos and media files?
If you have a Hagstrom demo video somewhere - let us know!
Here's a Hagstrom 39 amp for example...
Monday 5th January


Jazzman Ron misses the feedback so he's updated his email address - see his pages [1] [2]
Robert Cameron doesn't feel at all muted about his great bass from 1969/70
Squeeze box time - maybe Stefan can help us out here with this little Marina gem from local man Don?
Rasmus brings us a flower power(ed) bass and asks for a value... actually it's quite playable!
Tuesday 30th December Larry Rogers shows us some great Bass - Swedes and HIIBN - been playing with his bands since '78 too!
HEADS UP - Wanted or Selling page
Sunday 21st December - OK - so what's all this "Dansband" stuff about? - Well there's a good article all about it through the link below too. Sweden has been doing this thing for years, and even with many other genres this remains a bit of a Swedish thing - go find out more about how and why they have so much (no its not MTV but it's) FUN!
New Hagstrom 'YouTubes' up for viewing elsewhere too - see the Media/Video Page
- Bengt shares his HIIBN Lefty with us - that's rare!
Saturday 20th December
Monday 1st December H22 Visitors page separated from general acoustics page
Another Wanted or Selling listing - rare prototype
Geronimo from Mexico: H-8 country...
Saturday 22nd November Well more visitor pics starting to go up (there a lot of work backwards within my mail inbox)
Example Bass pics. Wanted or Selling is updated again too.
Larz Kristerz are still in the TV competition too - (I watched Swedish TV live streaming online this evening
No idea what they were saying 99.99999% of the time but it was still great fun to watch!)
Sunday 9th November Batman meets the Hawaiian War God in Sydney Australia (You couldn't make that up even if you'd tried !)
Saturday 8th November Larz Kristerz are through the fourth week of the Dansband TV contest!
You've got to see what's on the Wanted or Selling page - this is a RED HOT opportunity! (SOLD 16/11)
Tuesday 4th November
Here we are again - this time delving behind the story.
New page - Hagstrom - Why Guitars anyway?
There's an official poll included to be sure we're heading in the right direction on the website.
The new book from Mikael - a perfect Christmas gift I'd say! Do You want One?


Never forget, a Hag in the hand is worth two in the...

Sunday 2nd November Our Hagstrom toting friends Larz Kristerz are on Swedish TV in a competition series
Wednesday 29th October HEY! A new page at last YES REALLY. Eric Hardy gnaws his way to an old España - Landola no less too!
From Espana to Goya - Matt Foster is really excited at his masterpiece from 1961 - and so he should be!
(I have literally masses of backlog - so please don't chase me up on previous submissions - I'll start working on them over time - cheers folks - looks like we're back...  So much to tell you, and so much I'm not allowed to tell you for a while (hopefully).
Sunday 26th October Wanted or Selling Page page is up again - roll up roll up!
Saturday 25th October Check out the Bjarton dedicated website - much more information gleaned locally - superb presentation.
(but beware casino pop ups at time of writing) that aside - well worth a few hours of your time.
Friday 24th October Another book from Mikael Jansson - This time SuperSwede - with a mix of Sweden and China on the cover.
Wednesday 8th October Well, tests show the server works better (it's a major task to update this site with so many links and pages)
However we will start updating - and catching up in some areas at the end of this month. This will include the Wanted or Selling Page, which for now has been cleared awaiting new listings / pics / descriptions.
Sunday 21st Sept 2008 We are now on a new server, so updates are technically easier - it's just a matter of time now as I have masses of contributions to sift through from the last 12 months! You better check back in the coming weeks to see what's new!

Also have you seen the Google search on the homepage? It makes looking for stuff much easier!

Friday 9th May 2008 Mikael Jansson (Hagstrom Book) updates us on Nils who carried on playing beyond the 1952 Catalogue!
Friday 20th March 2008 Well, what a time - The master files and backups became corrupted, and it has taken months (on and off) to rebuild my original files. The server is still wonky and won't update easily, but I'll try and update a bit more. There is a mass of stuff to go through to update the site. I had also planned a re-design before all this happened... ha-ha! Until I can afford to upgrade the software it'll be manual page updates for a while!
Monday 2nd July 2007 Apologies for the lack of updates recently. Owing to a personal loss last month following our visit to Sweden, I have been extra busy trying to sort some other stuff out. I have replied to few emails I know, but I've had to prioritise. Add to this the site went down end of June! Sunnier times to come I'm sure, so keep smiling... as we're only here once (in my view).
Friday 18th May It was a different Arnie that said Hasta La Vista, but our version has been a signature for a while... more
Sunday 8th April "Heads Up..." (Wanted or Selling page)
Tuesday 27th March Guitar and Bass Magazine (UK) have a five page article on the collection in the issue in shops 31st March.
That extra rare 10 page Hagstrom guitar manual... we've been able to share it with you thanks to Peter.
Saturday 24th March Update your bookmarks for Hagstrom Canada - www.hagstromcanada.org is the new address to save.
The old address has been whipped away and parked on a useless location for some unknown reason, so this is a joint re-publishing effort the bring back some of the great stuff from Rob Morritt's old site.
Tuesday 20th March

Andy Partridge and Dave Gregory of XTC join the Hagstrom fans page courtesy of Parker Dubberke more...
I checked out the guestbook tonight - I often don't get time these days, but I have to say (once you filter out any rubbish spam) there are some great comments that would be better placed on the forum, where among other things we have a lovely message from James D'Aquisto's grand-daughter.

Monday 19th March

A trio to treasure from Lucas R (Canada) more...
Hagstrom Canada will resurface... Rob's original work will be re-published here (at his request), and we hope to replicate many elements of his work from the previous five years. more...

Tuesday 6th March Hate travel? Don't go here then unless you understand the riddle... the Jimi one that is. more...
Sunday 4th March Red H-II (old F200) - As used by Kurt Cobain Nirvana 1989 (thanks to our long standing visitor Craig) more...
You Tube also reveals most of Genesis enjoyed the H-33 / BJ12 experience in 1973 more...
There must be thousands of different instances to find around the place nowadays...
Lets wait and see if certain other guys do some updating ha-ha....
Monday 26th Feb Well Gary's back to show us what happened to the mob's old Hag Bass 1966 to 2006 more...
While you're at it, don't forget your "then and now" pics for the page. Send 'em in!
Kari has "enjoyed her loud and clear voice since 1977" but now she has to go. Interested? more...
Tuesday 20th Feb To find a B60 is to love a B60... or is that J45? Those model names eh? more...
Tuesday 6th Feb Not quite as outlandish as Bill's green Calypso, but another rare example from Oslo. This one made it back to the original retail store 40+ years on, courtesy of Bjørn.
We're getting enough variety coming in now to consider splitting the Real Oldies into sections soon - for example, those early Jazzy archtops, we've seen them acoustic, with Hi-Fi chassis, now a twin pickup courtesy of Viv. more... and above it, something different again from Morten Ek Hansen...
Then Christo McMillan's eerie suggestion could it mean the D'Aquisto heads were offcuts of H's ??? ( joking)
Tuesday 30th Jan You might have wondered what's happened to Rob and Hagstrom Canada? more...
Monday 29th Jan A slight tidy up started. Some pages are in the process of revision in the light of being over five years old! Also the top of page menu structure has been revised so hopefully the navigation is a bit easier around the 400 or more 'windows' to look through... Yes, I know it could be a nightmare finding your way around, but this site has become a lot bigger than originally envisaged in 2001
Saturday 27th Jan The Futurama Coronado Bass walked straight into our affection today. John (owner for 35 years) passed this bruiser along while visiting us for a run through the beauties here - the UK home for old Hags! more...
Thanks to David Oliver for pointing us to You Tube for an H-IIB on the Jay Leno show more...
Gustavo from Buenos Aires brings us his cherry transition from the lush green Argentinean garden. more...
Friday 26th Jan Have you decided about the Älvdalen Festival yet? more... (external link)
Go on then, you can take a look... I've calmed down a bit now more...
Tuesday 23rd Jan A reminder about Bill Marriott's stolen guitars from late 2004. Still out there somewhere more...
Sunday 21st Jan More Scandis, or should that be Scandii - heck scroll down for the original H-III F300 replacement more...
Another 1968 9-ply quality body Jimmy, and what a wonderful colour more...
Anyone know when this 12 string Kent semi was made and the model number? (Not a Hagstrom) more...
Friday 19th Jan John naturally loves his Bigsby 1N... more...
We've just been given a picture of Chris' first ever public performance... using a Scandi... more...
Tuesday 16th Jan The P46 Deluxe, well traveled and cherished - get really close up to this wonderful example...
Schematics continue to grow in quantity 620 amp added. Do you have something to add to the list please?
What is Lucite? - no it's nothing to do with Superman, but it was an art deco super discovery for Dupont!
Have you checked the Wanted or Selling page? (and if you are listing, tell us when it has sold please).
Sunday 14th Jan These days you can't see who your bidding against which has its good and bad points, but whatever, a 3am vigil can still provide this conclusion if you are lucky more...
Tuesday 10th Jan Phew! A Coronado IV arriving soon hopefully, I wonder how it gets on with a Line 6 Bass amp... maybe do an H8 emulation - now that would be just as confusing as headstock: Selmer's Futurama.
Now really hold my breath for a possible replacement for my H-III (I've been pining too long!)... but I doubt it will happen... time will tell...
Monday 1st January 2007

Zillions more things
to come soon!

Kent is known as the "garden of England". It is also the first USA version of the Hagström 1, or another name for the PB24G, otherwise known as a Futurama in the UK... (Bloody confusin' eh?) more...
Nothing to do with a sore head, but is it a "Blue Monday" today? Manfred Manns Earthband? Go see...
Patrick too had some amazing finds in his own quest for the Viking history more...
Brigette has an Austrian Goya (another sparkle for this blue Monday) more...
Then there were my personal highlights for 2006 more...
Sunday 31st December Before we wish you a happy new year, lets consider some things coming soon to the Hagström UK website soon... 1) A close up on the Selmer Version of the Corvette or was it a Coronado? Lots of intimate details to clear up one of the many myths and mysteries still out there. 2) More fabulous pictures from recent visitors and stories from all around the world. 3) A fantastic 100,000 unique visitors - so what can I say folks? "Thank You" ...for all your support so far!

We also have a DVD of the Östersund festival event from October 2005 available.  
Would you like a copy of this DVD?

Saturday 30th December If you're buying (or bought) an acoustic you're a happy guy... one day those values have got to rise though! They are such good players. So many compare good ones favourably over Gibson and even Martin! As people wake up to the old electrics, they're starting to see the value of a gorgeous mature Bjärton made acoustic too! Right now, they're still a massive bargain...

Hagstrom amps recap - started out as copies of Telrad and British Mullard kits, way before that genius Peo got his teeth into the futuristic if costly Hagström designs... (read some updates)

Monday 20th November The Bass Visitors pages are taking a bit more shape now - See the revised Visitors Page
Friday 17th November Go on, give us a clue... Per J provides the clues, we provide the views...
Thursday 16th November At last we've started to split out the Bass visitors pages. Not promising it'll be done instantly, but it does offer the chance to add in some long overdue examples such as John Miner's Coronado - branded Futurama. A great UK designation, that served John well after a second-hand purchase for £20 in about 1970!
Wednesday 15th November French/USA pop icon Michael Polnareff plays his H33 / BJ12 in an old video on "You Tube"
Saturday 14th October Welcome to Phil Meboe - the summer of 1966 (dig the pants!) and the H-III
Tuesday 10th October So we've got GoogleTube now eh? How many old Hagstrom 'You Tube' Videos are out there?
Send me the 'You tube' or 'MySpace' info and we'll embed the link on site. FOR STARTERS
Saturday 7th October When Anders Karlsson contacts you you know it's going to be something special!
So, lets go back to basics with a page on the H-Expander Stretcher.
...and the links may take you places you haven't visited for a while!
...have you checked the Wanted or Selling page recently?
Tuesday 19th September Hagström Schematics are available on site. No need to rush they're not going anywhere!
Sunday 17th September RIP Al Casey
Wednesday 6th September Anders reports on a Super Rare SuperSwede Bass
(It would look just as good if it was a new model today (but we're still waiting to see - over a year late eh?))
- Also a couple of changes on the Wanted or Selling page
- Dan says his old axe isn't in the best condition - I think it looks pretty good for a '65 Viking.
- Percy shows why Isabella could persuade any mere mortal
- Now this is another Viking rebirth (almost) - well a rejuvenated (61 hrs project) - again from 1965
Sunday 3rd September Randy Wright - and his very experienced but mystery Concord Deluxe
Sunday 20th August That Green Glitter acoustic is a real late 50's dancer... The Hagstrom Calypso! Confirmed!
Tuesday 11th July What is it... can anyone tell us please?
Monday 10th July BUYERS BEWARE!
Friday 7th July It's Rob's Birthday - Happy days at Hagstrom Canada!
Monday 3rd July I apologise for my delayed replies to e-mails in recent weeks, I have been occupied on another project.
I am now 'back' and will be replying to people at last!
I am also in the final stages of writing my Hagström book, so if people have good 'first person' stories or interesting pictures to be considered for inclusion - please let me know!
Sunday 18th June Rune Martinsson kindly responds to my request for more info' following the Älvdalen festival
Wednesday 14th June At Last the report on the Älvdalen festival is starting to take shape (I've been a bit busy!)
Thursday 18th May Guillaume Latraverse brings us a Canadian HIIN Transition with a mute bridge! "Vive La Difference!"
Wednesday 10th May Who else but Hagström could have designed this logo?
Rune Braaten sends us pictures of his father's Hagstrom (Norway) acoustic from the late 1950's. Hopefully you'll enjoy the pictures we've produced from his photos.
Proof of Landola making the Espana range for B&J if it says Finland inside
The earliest recorded batch of glitter basses, but not the ealiest made...
A lovely Baby Blue Futurama made for Selmer in 1963, complete with Toolkit, Strap and Case... love it!
Monday 8th May
>>ALVDALEN 2-4 JUNE 2006<<
Things are hotting-up for the Accordion and Guitar Festival in Älvdalen 2-4 June
An amazing 6/12 double Guitar on show on the official Swedish Website too!
Friday 31st March Mickey Moody (Whitesnake) demo's New Hagstrom guitars at "Music Messe", Frankfurt (info only)
Saturday 25th February Jacques old SuperSwede gets a facelift... or should that be tail-lift (bottom of page)
Tuesday 7th February A couple of worthy visitors... An H-22 perfect for strumming by the fire... but not too close!
Joe's great Hagstrom Deluxe III in beautiful condition from 1965... envy... envy!
Michael's Viking 12, oh yes the same problem... but this was the last one made...
Wednesday 1st February A 1979 Jimmy F Hole and an older Hagstrom 310 - by Royal Patronage... and all that jazz.
(See video link on external page)
Plus a Special set of 2 pictures sent in by Anders Barke of Älvdalen, a special Jimmy this time, and if you don't know the two gentlemen in question - what are you doing here?
Finally, when did you last check out the Wanted or Selling page?
Monday 16th January The wonderful world of Arne!
Sunday 15th January Perfect, yes Perfect, with a DiArmond Model 300 pickup too - anyone know its age?
Nick Roche shows us what 1969 in England was all about
- real ale, a waistcoat made from knitted squares of wool and an H-45... cool pic!
But to finish today, lets see the latest logistical success by Manfred Graeder - a PA100 system!
Friday 13th January !!! Lucky for some... this episode concerns the recipe for success
and (WOW) over 1 million page hits in the last 30 days - my ISP will be wanting more money!
Wednesday 11th January Manfred's turned his hand to the lefty - Jazz style!
Harri's old HII... saved from a Norwegian junk yard... yet there's something else odd...
Landola supplied Hagstrom early on then both co's supplied B&J with Espana (yes that old story...)
If the reissues looked like THIS we'd all be saving our pennies up (guaranteed!)
Loads more to come in the next few days! I just got to get to those emails (keep 'em coming folks!)
Wednesday 4th January 2006 Happy New Year! As 2006 brings us out 75,000 visitors to Hagstrom.org.uk, we celebrate by bringing a new service to you the owner / restorer, working with Musitech Scandinavia:
Supplying original Hägstrom spares from Sweden
Thursday 22nd December - Well a bit of a flurry coming on here... more "way overdue" stuff coming along now!
Stewart had his initiation from the Forum when trying to figure out his Kinky Hagstrom!
Carlos provided the best original NEW H-III ... perfect ... wonderful... (god I miss mine...)
Mike's re-found HIB has lost that horny look, but kept it's smooth song!
Talking of smooth songs... take a deco at the old Polka Banquet Dance band (we need more bands)
More to come soon...
Wednesday 21st December - If you've ever 'done up' your axe a bit... you might want to follow this project
at the efforts Park has made so far on his bass!! (external link)
Friday 2nd December - It's a Classic  - It's a Mini 26 'Mk2' - It's a Magical 8
It's a Gathering - It's a Bat out of Heaven! Yes, It's about time I put these up!
(More to come very soon)
Tuesday 29th November - Hagstrom Cabinets with Lansing (JBL) Speakers - Still in weekly use since 1972!
...and what's your idea of a major conn? (I don't mean millionaire emails)
Tuesday 1st November - Well, Rodrigo is the last and first
There have been other updates dotted around too!
Sunday 23rd October - The Hagstrom Jimmy D'Aquisto Blues - John Haskin and Chris Cox in Sweden!
Friday 21st October - The current Swedish view of the New Hagstrom Models...
Friday 14th October - Never heard a Patch Synthesizer system? Look at this then...
Thursday 13th October - Got back last week, zillions of emails (sorry if you're waiting for a reply).
Started on the visit story, and started to explore another amp - a GA-225
How about an acoustic pickup to make your H45 or H33 into a real 'e' version.
Those dials... did you know? Know what? Go see...
Tuesday 27th Sept - Soon to make our way to Östersund... with a special package... See the home page...
Tuesday 6th September -


Summer has flown - so much to do still... Meantime you need to get something done too...
Current Bands - Get your current Hagstrom Band Pics In!
Life and Soul - Get your OLD/Defunct Hagstrom Band Pics In!
Hagstrom Players - Get yourself listed!
Send Pics / Biog / Contact Details if you wish (for current)
Positive feedback on the new F300 on the current bands page too!
(If you did it before and it's not up yet - please send it again - I have so much outstanding it's easier!)
Tuesday 26th July - Sweden visit report with words pictures sound and video... complete.
(Now back to the rest of my life for a few days)
Wednesday 20th July - The story of our expedition starts here
Sunday 17th July - You might be interested in the Front Page... (Don't tell anyone eh...)
Thursday 7th July - Off to Älvdalen next week - await report when we get back... meantime:
"MikeyCBS" sends us his white HII to view (bottom of All the H's page)
Phil Richards brings his Black Swede out for a wash and brush up... (near bottom of page)
Tomas from Sweden brings us a BABY BLUE Swede Wow! (bottom of page)
Sunday 20th June - A 1971 Bjarton Catalogue - and that other 'Jimmy' model is in there...
Thursday 26th May - The Mob's here! Yes, a new section is started and we want your cherished memory!
Gary Evans in Salt Lake City sent us an idea...
we added Jose A. Maymon from Nashville's contribution from way back...
We want to bring you all together again - so search for those really old photo's and get one scanned for us!

Ulf brings us More on the Bass - The Hagstrom Music School Book for bass!

Saturday 21st May - The Ultimate New Old Stock Items (I've been storing this up, but not as long as Michael has)
Friday 20th May - - A Mini snippet from Paul... We've found the French Connection!
- Ilan visited the Museum recently - here's a peek... with a few surprises.
- Lars shows us his 614, and also where to find his own selection...
Thursday 12th May - Don't fret, its a wonderful Scanbass in translucent wine red - Woowwee!
Monday 10th May - It's OK I've not gone anywhere, just working on other projects including www.the-rox.com
Meantime, have you seen Simon's HIIBN with damper tail - lovely wood wonderful condition!
Wednesday 27th April - See that Deluxe 90 "Nitro" in action on the current Bands page
Tuesday 26th April - Compare Old and New D'Aquisto style Tuners
Wednesday 20th April - The report is now completed. A diary of the adventure (!), updated with many links and stories. Most importantly, a review of the Hagstrom project and news for the future...
Tuesday 19th April - Frankfurt Music Messe - Report on the show, a personal perspective! (Part One)
Friday 15th April - Ulf Peterson remembers his time (and all that Jazz) at Hagstrom Music school 30 years ago.
Friday 1st April - No April fool - another copy HII model from Electra - lots of pics of this red pretender.
Sunday 27th March - Craig shows us his 1982 Japanese prototype - a different offering again!
Tuesday 22nd March - There's Don's Condord II or Deluxe... There's Wouter's Deluxe 90 - on Nitro!
Tuesday 15th March - - Is it a Prototype? Well it's a Viking for sure.... Dirk dropped by with his proud possession!
- Well, who said Hagstrom were a copy company... they were copied a few times themselves...
Sunday 13th March - Complete site page index started (will be a long job) [Finished 14th!!], also did you know that if you click on the  Gold Hagstrom-UK logo top left of any page you can go back to the front page?
Tuesday 1st March - The Hagasaurus Lives! (Dennis is the owner)
While Alex from Austria shows how it should be!
Monday 28th February - Dave Brewis - The Kane Gang - "Respect Yourself" - respect this!  (Plus extra pics here)
Thursday 17th February - Manfred Takes us way back to just after glitter, blank heads and red pools...
Wednesday 16th February - Harry joins us with his '65 J45, while...
Bill Marriott stuns us with a virtually mint Hagstrom acoustic that may go back to the 40's!
Thursday 3rd February - David Bowie and his BJ12 / H-33 (Space Oddity and all that)... YES!
Monday 31st January - Have you seen those USA custom jobs?
Wednesday 20th January - Siblings reunited (No it's not a different website!)
Sunday 9th January - A Perfekt Jazz from Oslo, says 1950, and asks some questions...
Thursday 6th January 2005 - Yes, but have you seen the front page news...?
Tuesday 28th December - Have we indulged too much? Well, a feast for your eyes continues courtesy of Bill Marriott.
Sunday 19th December - Jan Wouters is back! His Concord Bass still gets live time and attention, but now there's a wonderful condition HIIB and a great Futurama III - I like this model a lot!
Saturday 18th December - Just as we await the new ones, here's the definitive Delft report on the original SuperSwede!
Reproduced with permission from Simcha Delft from the original 1978 article.
Friday 17th December - We have info on a Hagström guitar production line way back in 1946!
There's also a superb early acoustic from Bjarton - so ornate, on the real oldies page and yet another from about 1962 with a great teardrop jazz style! You've got to see them!
On another theme... Anyone after a Swede bass Patch?
On another theme... There's a great example of an original valve Copicat here (OK so it's not Hagstrom...)
Saturday 4th December - Well, while you wait for the new Hagstroms, there are other things to collect
Saturday 27th November - Remember that Strange but true Bass? Well Randy Albright gave us the answers alright!
While we're talking Basses - HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO JIMI HENDRIX...  oh if only eh?
Cheers to Randy - Doc.Rock for the above info!
Thursday 18th November - A 1964 Selmer Catalogue - Futurama - Espana - Hagstrom (others to follow)
Sunday 7th November - Meet Larz Kristerz - THE  retro-revival Hagstrom band!
Another new page article called Copies Copies Copies which will be extended with your help!
Friday 5th November - Just a reminder to check Wanted and Selling and
Keep your Eyes and Ears Open pages "It could be you" one day...
Monday 1st November - The reverb unit used in the GA85 Solid State amp was similar to a Fender Twin Reverb!
That Bass, yes that white proto... it's been on site a while, here's the link
Wednesday 25th October - Latest shipping dates on the New Generation Hagstrom
Tuesday 24th October - You'd be surprised what bits and pieces are still available from Alvdalen's original Music Store!
Don't ask for lists, just say what you need, and maybe they'll have it...
...also don't forget the Spares section on the Links page with other spares resources
Saturday 23rd October - Michael Polnareff - a colourful character, and man of many styles and moods
started out busking and playing a BJ12e (H-33e).
Friday 22nd October - I say "Gorgeous" and "Stunning" a lot here, but in reality so many examples are just that. This next one certainly stands the test too... A rare small batch run in 1974 brings us a proud Viking with everything that makes up a special order to my mind.

 - Also the España Catalogue (below) has additional detail on the pages now for owners.
 - And... Why A P-46 Sparkler for Franz Ferdinand? - turn up your EQ to find out!
Thursday 21st October -
Morten Jorgensen shares a couple of pics of his 210Bass Rig plus a GREAT Ampeg Bass!

and YES, the full 56 pages are now up for the 1952 Catalogue
... appropriately there's a P46... hmmm what's he getting at now?
Tuesday 19th October - If you're not into the 50's...
Bjarton "ESPÃNA" details from '65
revealed thanks to Gary!
      (More 50's coming soon too - drums, harmonicas, vibrafones...
              pickups, record decks, and more -  yes 1952!)
Monday 18th October - PROOF! Bjarton supplied quality instruments to Hagstrom at least as far back as 1952!
The 1952 catalogue continues: see Pg-34! Over half way now...
(A genuine Espana Catalogue is expected to come soon too!)
Saturday 16th October -
A 1952 Catalogue, which makes it 52 years old, just as we top 52,000 visitors!
(we'll be a while getting it all up for you to browse, but we've started!)

plus 'ddm' and the Mother of Vikings!
Friday 15th October - You must see The complete set of First Day Issue Stamp Cards (and I mean COMPLETE)
AND meet the white Tiger!
Thursday 14th October - Ilan Lev from Israel has the "mintest" J-45e I've seen!
Monday 11th October - Another lovely OLD Bjarton acoustic loved by a blues man from Sweden
and dare I say it... Christmas is coming!!! <<<<<<<<<<
while in OZ they'll be stoking the BBQ
Wednesday 6th October - Tom talks of his Viking past, Justin Hayward and Buffalo New York
Tuesday 5th October - Autumn is coming so a rare flaming red rocker could keep the heat up eh?
PLUS The Latest Model pictures for the NEW incarnation F300!
Sunday 2rd October - Sweden celebrates 50 years of Rock Music - not forgetting their own heritage!
Monday 27th Sept - You'll NEVER guess what Manfred has found this time!
Sunday 26th Sept - Jim Wallace brings us his rare Hagstrom HN Custom, plus some Jimmy picture updates
including James Young's which he selling - a totally STUNNING 1978 Jimmy Oval
Monday 20th Sept - The FORUM - NO MORE BRAVENET POP-UP-ADS - so enjoy!
  (Thanks to your donations and purchases of switches that paid for it!)
Saturday 19th Sept - See our H-III demonstration. Through the Hagstrom 310 amp, demo all the sounds!
Tuesday 7th Sept - Hagstrom toting, Glasgow based, Franz Ferdinand win Mercury Music Prize!
Monday 30th August -

So much to show you...

Phew! Time for
a bit of a catch up!
More to come...AS ALWAYS!

What a way to spend a holiday eh?

- Manfred shows us how to deal with those personalised "additions"
- An account from Bob (his father and grandfather) oh, and a real oldie guitar...
- A SuperSwede and Ultra Swede together
- The Red Goya smooth as a Canadian sparkling Wine
- and this Red Goya (yes another) - is absolutely stunning!
- Have you checked the Current Bands page yet/recently?
- Early Hagstrom influence, a Bass, No Reissue this...
   ... Not a Korean Italia, much worse (YES) - but it does have  a zero fret (ha Ha)
- Then back to a pinnacle in finish on Swedish craftsmanship from Ollie...
- Lastly, Peter brings a great Mahogany Coronado IV from the Hagstrom Bass Camp...
Saturday 28th August - Thanks to ROB from (Hagstrom Canada) Here's the NAMM 2004 Trade Catalogue...
Monday 23rd August - The Prototypes pictures are up, and I hope, an objective view of these 21st Century incarnations.
Sunday 22nd August - First section of the Prototype AM&S Hagstrom Pictures finally up!
Masses to catch up on, been working on other sites such as The Rox
New Visitors pics to present in coming weeks, including some really unusual stuff!
Bear with me, I've never been so busy before... I'll be back soon with MORE!
Friday 13th August - Most appropriate - unlucky for Hagstrom... The Ultra Swede
Sunday 8th August -

The New SuperSwede picture and latest press release is on line

Friday 16th July - Jos regrets selling his SuperSwede, his Strat may be lighter on stage, but that's all...
Maybe Check the front page for links to the latest press releases on reissues?
Sunday 11th July - A Hohner twist on the Bjarton story - it would have been a hat-trick!
We're working on some original footage of the Hagstrom factory - more soon on video, but there is a tiny sample of some visual stuff on the home page...
Sunday 4th July - More Pictures comparing J45 Peg bridge and chrome tail models
Saturday 3rd July - Gary Engelmann's rare red Goya Bass is on the Selling page...
Friday 2nd July - Mattius reveals a dark (but pearly) secret from 1959 - Simply the best!
... and Manfred takes us closer into the Fretless Jazzbass for comparison
Monday 28th June - Swiss Hagurama - Hagstra La Vista Baby!
Bob's long time affair gets a new lease of "Live music"!
Neil is a 60's collectomaniac, with so many gems worth a sparkling mention
And a great little collection on the Wanted or Selling page...
Sunday 20th June - Franz Ferdinand - Take Me Out! Another cult Hagstrom sparkler!
Friday 18th June - Well, we're still here! Been working on a few new projects including a music and arts charity website here in the UK (The ROX). Maybe take a look, and see how the UK does music these days!
Also the widest multicultural experience possible - we're aiming for one big haggy family!
Tuesday 25th May - Well it's taken five days, but the Hagstrom UK SEARCH ENGINE is up and nearly done!
Please try it, it will never be perfect, but it should help find some of those lesser known pages!
Thursday 20th May - Rock on down to the Delta... The Rhine that is... Berserkerz
Heidi from the US has had ten years live action with a Fretless conversion HIIB
Tuesday 18th May - In a Flash he's back with two fine examples that kinda "look in the other direction!"
Monday 17th May - Hubba Bubinga! as a Viking leaps from under the bed - Perfect condition!
Saturday 15th May - A step closer in the Patch 2000 project, more kit arrives...
Friday 14th May - Hagstrom Spares links started - if you regularly supply Hagstrom Spares - Get Listed!
Thursday 13th May - Well, more great stuff - and REALLY great story from Jacques about the late Peo Ollson
- it's now a dedicated page. (The links below have also been altered).
Wednesday 12th May -



Today is now Jimmy day! A beautiful blonde for sale, from Australia
and a gorgeous sunburst with a story to make me think even more of the original times.
The sunburst comes from Jacques (ala H-II-N below and SuperSwede on 9th May )

I wouldn't be surprised if they reissue the Jimmies too - let's wait and see - but it will be more about what tools are already there from other makers. What will that do? Add more copies or similar to the many available so cheaply already, also the Aria D'Aquisto model now (prev' Fender).

Maybe the Viking as a tribute, but again there are many distinctive models to choose. But the Jimmies? Surely - they are a special part of the story maybe best kept as it is...

Today's examples shown here are a perfect example of something special to treasure, so lets hope the reissues have some real cult models, but that would cost a fair amount of money to do...

- Heck, I think we need a European Discussion board again...

Finally a really fine player H-II-N again from Jacques - it still enjoys some live rhythm too!
Tuesday 11th May - See Flash on the Left Hand Swede Bass - The Reptiles from Sweden!
             (This was the Selmer one FROM 1963 after all...!)
HELP! anyone got any pictures of:
Kansas, Kerry Livegren with his Swede - reverse of a 70's album???
The Tubes (early 80's?) - on a Swede again...
Sunday 9th May -
A small catch up here,
more to come soon!
Jacques' sunburst SuperSwede retires to the Netherlands sunshine after time on stage and surgery.
and anyone got a Bass for Andy?
and Terje from Norway found a Red Kent, but still has the blues...
and the late Buddy Fite with his Hagstrom Jimmy
Saturday 8th May - What is important to you for a reissue Hagstrom guitar? Have your say...
Wednesday 5th May - A stunning catalogue of classic tones from 1967 - be moved!
Sunday 2nd May - Some Patch 2000 pics (Pedals and Guitar) are now up
Friday 30th April (UK EXCLUSIVE) Wait for it... (Saturday 1st May) - WAIT NO MORE [MORE]  HAGSTROM UK EXCLUSIVE !!!
Sunday 25th April - Who's the copy-cat now then? Charlie Watkins would be proud... despite the brand confusion!
Saturday 24th April - Aerosmith prove Hagstrom is timeless, and classy as art!
but it's not a Patch on the future eh? (hmmm...)
Tuesday 20th April - Good news for Cat Stevens fans - sorry, but I have been since about 1970!!!
1) more pictures    2) DVD of the '76 USA tour to be released soon.
Monday 19th April - Only of interest if you can access Swedish National Television:
... and for those who can't see it... Here's a bit of (long overdue) ABBA
Saturday 16th April - I thought you'd like to see more on that Futurama II Deluxe...... er project?
Friday 15th April - Oh no, what have I started on now!
Tuesday 13th April - See inside an Acoustic - how the neck is attached to the body
Sunday 11th April - A couple of new and interesting ones on the Wanted or Selling page
A wonderful 33 year old Isabella shows off her curves
Saturday 10th April -

Happy EASTER to all you
GOOD folks in cyber-land...

Crucifi... (no, I can't use that one this weekend)... Stuffed the bandwidth in the last 30 days... I hope everything holds together, if not we'll have to upgrade again...

There's much more planned up to, and ESPECIALLY into next month, so hang onto your hats - as they say when things get a bit hairy!

Friday 9th April - Eric Claptons's local music store where he got his first guitar comes to the Catalogues page
Tuesday 6th April - From France, Jean searched for his P46, UK and as far a Canada... then bought two in... France!
Monday 5th April - Let's go 'way on down', no even further down to 'the dawn of lowdown' see the glistening embers and the base to start from... what's he on about now... it's not poets day or anything LOL!
Sunday 4th April - New full page colour leaflets from various links in the "Full History" pages
Patch 2000 / Swede / Rod and Rail / Scandi & Scanbass or Jazzbass for starters...
(The Rod and Rail one is NOT the one with the Swede featured elsewhere on site, so take a look)
PLUS: FULL VIKING (3 PAGE) critical assessment by Stephen Delft from Oct '77.
This is extremely in depth for the techie, and a good read for others!
Friday 2nd April - Pat (Bumpy) Hammonds sends the Crystal Dreams CD cover for the 'Current Fans' page and
THAT Swede is on the 'Wanted or Selling' page + more on 'Swede Visitors'
Thursday 1st April -

See the headstock on the right?
Experts would say circa '69 Hagstrom steel string... Nope!  ESPANA! (no joke)...
So there was more to the deal than a few classicals in 1961 after all?
ALSO: Sergio from Argentina is the happy owner of a 1970 HIII

Tuesday 30th March - Lavenders blue, dilly dilly, Lavenders 'PB', When you're a "Kings Head" dilly dilly...
-  yep we are very happy today!
(apologies to anyone who doesn't know/remember the nursery rhyme, and for that matter to anyone who does!)
Saturday 27th March - Howie's Hagstrom B60 has a truly mature sound. (B60?) - Go and see it then!
Friday 26th March - Anyone who tries to load Manfred's Bass page only occasionally, or has a 56kb modem still, will know how long it takes to open this truly comprehensive collection of basses!
Well, before it got too massive, we split the collection into three pages:
Semi-Acoustic - Early Solid - Later Solid   Phew! That's faster...
Oh yes, and there's some new subtle changes on view today!
Wednesday 24th March - Marcus shares a 1972 HIII on "all the H's" a three pics and a pecker too...
How about a LEFT HANDED Viking1 from 1966 - go see the shrine!
Monday 23rd March - More on the Jimmys + info/links to Rob's excellent prototype presentations
Sunday 22nd March - Check update dates on the latest revisions to the VG mag articles
Various additions including clearing up queries about Bjarton and the Jimmy production
New full page spec leaflets for Scandi, Sanbass/Jazzbass, and the Patch 2000 from 1978
Much more still to come...soon. Keep checking back and refresh those pages!
Tuesday 16th March - What do Pegs from Sweden have to do with Chrome from Switzerland?
Monday 15th March - Hear the H8 play! (Courtesy Sven Bornemark)
Thursday 11th March - Further refinements to articles pages 3,4,5, and 6.
Wednesday 10th March - When did the name 'Rosita' first appear on an acoustic? Asgaut returns with more...
Tommy Ollars returns with a PA system that oozes quality, and near mint too!
Manfred brings us some interesting finer detail on the Kent1 bass
Monday 8th March - Last article page completed (but knowing me, there will still be additions in the future!)
Saturday 6th March - Heavy sessions bring us to Part SIX of the articles (remember to refresh)
Thursday 4th March - More progress on the Vintage Guitar articles (refresh the pages - F5 - when you return)
Many superb new pics now in other pages (one example Viking page)
Sunday 29th February - Jimi 'bi-Hag-ual' evidence is mounting now... (thanks to Paul Wratten from New Zealand)
Saturday 28th February - Terry takes us down ol' España way, with the Royal Canadian Air Force, no less!
+ Updates dotted all around the site... including those articles... keep refreshing the pages!
Tuesday 24th February - Jimi / Noel - could there have been two H8's anyway?
(Sven makes a point on Hagstrom Fans...)
Monday 23rd February -  - Our friend Henry Telstar (Belgium and Holland and.. well he gets around a bit...) is back, now c'mon all you guys What a gem of a Corvette Automatic
 - We always remember the stories handed down from our grand-parents, well this is a real old burst of sunshine from Hans Christian himself... (no fairy-story), but a great little acoustic number...
Friday 20th February -


Vintage Guitars Magazine (USA) ran a series of articles in the 1990's written by Michael Wright, in collaboration with the Hagstrom Family. We have obtained permission to reproduce these articles. Although minor modifications are since known, the articles present the best and fullest account of the Hagstrom Story ever published. It will be reproduced in stages due to the volume of information, but the 'first draft' is available for part one... NOW Sincere thanks to Michael Wright, Vintage Guitar Magazine, and the Hagstrom family for supporting this project.

Oh yes, and another quality model (P-46 Deluxe - Black) appears in Wanted or Selling too!

Thursday 19th February - Something different and RARE on the Wanted or Selling page from Germany
(See the bottom of the Visitors "All the H's" page for a larger picture)
Wednesday 18th February - Watch out! Clint could step out from behind this one!
See the latest insight and detail from Manfred and a superb condition Kent1, follow the link because it is not placed at the bottom of the page for a change...
Sunday 15th February - Have you ever wondered what "P46" was all about reference those old Hagstrom guitars?
Rob from Canada did, so we found out!
Saturday 14th February - Find your perfect love/partner (Hagstrom Guitars etc only please!) on the Wanted or Selling page, (brought back by request). If individuals want to use it, feel free!
See the Page links above    (Totally free, no catch, fuss nor guarantee!)
Monday 9th February - The CURRENT BANDS page is started - get your pics and website links in here!
... and if anyone can show me a REAL picture of the White Stripes with a Hagstrom...
 - I'd appreciate it! (So far I assume it's just 'e-buy speak')
Sunday 8th February - We've got room for more examples per model now, and boy, it is worth it!
Two forty-something 12 string peg bridge models just 10 serial apart!
More on the Swede and Superswede page including Blue Hawaii and a brilliant burst!
More FAB pics on the HI-II-III page too...
Just keep an eye on those visitors pages - they'll be updating all the time!
Saturday 7th February - An Oslo Hagstrom with a Hofner pickup (boy this gets confusing at times!)
Cos shows us how his cherished forty plus can enjoy life in the Cyprus sunshine...
Friday 6th February - All the "H's" - I-II-III The visitors section is now up by model for this diverse family evolution
We have some really interesting and unusual models in this story but we do need to fill a couple of gaps in this picture story... so please send your info in! Futurama's, HII's etc.,
Sunday 1st February - We're starting to "Spring Clean" the site: - Many "Visitors" pics now in dedicated model pages (old pages still available) - "Contents" updated, new more compact page headings... more to come! - Have you got something to add? - Mail Me Please!
Saturday 31st January - Marcus from Falun Sweden shares his unique 'beat' white standard  - That's Rock n Roll... sometimes!   Wonderful headstock and neck...
Thursday 29th January - What on earth is this? Anyone seen one before? Japan maybe? (Removed - another story one day...)
Monday 19th January - Great pictures of a complete Hagstrom PA console with Cabs, Mixer and Echo unit.
Saturday 17th January - I know I'm into Acoustics but Mike's Walnut finish is the best I've seen... forty years plus too! (The guitar as well, Ha Ha) Seriously, please take a look!      also... Frans from Holland brings us his treasured Isabella. Everyone should get to try of one of these...
Thursday 15th January - OK so Geoff's got an HIIN, but he's also got a great history, and Nordic aspirations too !
Friday 9th January - In the UK we have a saying: You can wait for hours for a bus, - then two come along together... The difference here is Lionel's Bass was well worth waiting for too!
Thursday 8th January - Jani from Finland provides an "Inside Insight" to his work on a 310 amp (Good pics)
Wednesday 7th January  - There's nothing muted about The Bassman's twelve months here, thank goodness!
Monday 5th January 2004 - The new year amplifies something very old, that just looks very new... - It still has the import spec/stamp.... a classic!  Many thanks to Tommy from Norway for this one.


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