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New DVD release in 2008 - Tea For The Tillerman Live

Cat Stevens

UPDATE - December 2003 - New Pictures found!
UPDATE - July 2008 - Live DVD Release of 1971 concert

If you buy The Very Best of Cat Stevens CD you also get a DVD with Cat Stevens in Concert.
The 12 string BJ12 / H33 appears on stage!

I really must try to find something with him with him playing it... hark what was that?

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Being thrown into the high adrenalin of rising stardom took it's toll. Cat was struck down with TB at an early stage of his career, and below you see a rare photo of him sitting up in hospital PLAYING A HAGSTROM BJ12 maybe his mum had an influence on his first guitars.... It was after this warning call, that Cat started to reflect on life and the real meaning of Islam (which literally translates as peace). Soon after this the timeless and largely acoustic albums emerged through Island records with "Tea For the Tillerman" and "Teaser and the Firecat". So many songs that made a mark on generations; many make you want to laugh and cry all at the same time.
Cat Stevens is now known as Yusuf Islam, turning his peaceful spirit back to the good of the local community in the UK.

April 2004 update: May 2004 sees the release of Cat Stevens legendary Majikat North American tour in 1976 on DVD. An ambitious tour involving live magicians, synchronised film projection and a large innovative stage set, it was to prove to be his last as Cat Stevens. The DVD - to be released on 17th May (UK & Rest of the World) and 18th May (North America) - features 80 minutes of concert footage in DTS and Dolby 5.1 Surround Sound as well as extra bonus material which includes an exclusive new three part interview, the original Father & Son (Album) promo video, unique archive TV performances from 1971, a short animated film, a full discography and song lyrics.

Full details can be found on www.catstevens.com (external link)

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Extracts of the original page from February 2002:
Steven Demetre Georgiou was born to a Swedish mother, and his Greek father ran a restaurant in London.
His interest in folk music and rock 'n' roll started in his teens while at Hammersmith College in London and in 1965 he began performing under the name Steve Adams.

Sent: 03 February 2002 22:47

To: David Cox   Subject: Sit down and hang on to your hat .............

HI David, I just received this photo by email: This is definitely one for your site. I'm going to leave it up to you to research what album he wrote in hospital (hey, why should I have all the fun!). What a find!!!!! Even if it isn't the same guitar, (but it MIGHT be), the photo now becomes one of the Hagstrom legacies. With all due respect to ******... [edited out another accredited hag player..."but who????????"] Here is a transcript of the communication!

From Shirley **** to hagstromcanada@rogers.com Is this the picture you are seeking? {photo included here}

-------------------------------- Hi Shirley, That is exactly the photo I was thinking of!! I have a friend in England who has the identical guitar, and we have been theorizing that there is a remote possibilty that it could be the guitar in the photo. There we very few made, and even fewer shipped to England.

I guess we shall continue the quest by seeking out Cat Steven's equipment manager at the time, or perhaps Jusuf himself would be able to help us. Do you have any suggestions as to how to further our research? My friend loves the guitar so the purpose of this adventure isn't to profit, but rather to correctly identify (or not) the guitar. Thank you so much for getting in touch with me! All the best, Rob www.hagstromcanada.com


I don't remember the details of your acquiring the [BJ12] guitar, but if they are on your site I'd be curious to read them. Obviously I think we have to follow up on this. I couldn't be more excited if the guitar were mine. It's like finding out that a Beatle tune was written on a guitar identical to Kastr or something (or Kastr himself!). Im chuffed! Wow. Say no more, say no more....... Rob

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Dear Rob,
WOW! This is indeed a giant leap for Hagkind. It is most definitely a BJ12 I can see the sheen in the finish even on this B&W photo, so how old does that make the model? I hate to say it, but unless the light is very awkward, I think the shading is a little different to my BJ12 – Oh how I DID NOT want to say that, but I can not lie. What I CAN say, is,  I have never seen one as close to it, as this is, in my 28 years of cherishment.

However all major credit to you for this find. Of course I will endeavour to follow this up for all the obvious reasons, but also because I was a MASSIVE Cat Stevens fan, I played his songs on my own BJ12, and even bought a songbook (rare for me). I never stopped being a fan, buying a recent compilation of the old greatest hits only last year.

My OLD guitar case had a big picture of Cat Stevens on it…. It still has! I also took the lead part in a small stage production in London, which was underpinned by his music in 1972. I can’t remember much about the production now, but I was off to The Italia Conti Stage School to become a star at the time…



Other Cat Stevens references:
This Site: My Old Case!
External: CatStevens.com
Biography: http://ubl.artistdirect.com/music/artist/bio/0,,497441,00.html?artist=Cat+Stevens

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There's nothing like a REAL original Swedish made Hagstrom (and there are loads around), but if it 'floats your boat', or you can't find an original then who are we to say?

Plenty has been said already and
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