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Hagstrom Amps

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So you think the old Hagstrom amps were too clean?

You Tube demo...

Jukka brings us a Hagstrom 39 tube amp with tremolo from early sixties.
Gretsch 6120 DSW and BOSS RE-20 space echo pedal.

See more videos on our Media Files page


Hagstrom 26 (Mark Two version)

Manfred Graeder joined us in Östersund September 2005, and came away with a few special memories... one of them in the form of the "modern" version Hagstrom 26 amplifier!

It has two mic inputs and a tremolo system. It’s perfect for practicing. This is the successor of the more common “blue” Hagstrom 26 Amp which is already shown further down this page.

Isn’t it a perfect addition to Manfred's Viking II guitar? The attached pictures show also how small this amp really is. Now he's ready for a little jam session when a friend comes over for a visit.

January 2006 - See Manfred's PA100 complete system!


Bjarne Norman Jensen from Denmark sent us these two pictures of his Hagstrom cabinets with Lansing speakers.

They've been in use every week since 1972, and "still going strong". Now that is quality eh?

Click for larger views

Marcus Superswede Johansson brings us a drool-able 1962 Hagstrom 39!

I stumbled on this beauty two days ago. It claims to be a model 39, (says so on the back and on the schematics). Three things about the amp puzzles me.
1. The pattern on the vinyl cover... snakeskin-tweed?? hehehe havn't seen anything like it before. Is it original? (No)
2. The diskant speaker in the upper left corner. I can't tell wether it's an original part or if somebody put it there to improve/destroy this fabulous amp.. (A Modification)
3. The knobs look nothing like the knobs i've seen on pictures of other 39:ers... I'm new to Hagström amps so this webpage caught my eye! I would love to hear what you people think. What is this that stand before me? (A Gorgeous Amp still !!!)

Some specs: The main speaker is a Sinus B-1051 8 ohm made by "Högtalarefabriken AB Stockholm Sweden" The small diskant speaker says "TTT 4 ohm 50w". The nr on the controllpanel, (serialnr?): 504288
The schematics says: "principschema för förstärkare Hagström 39 9w" I love this thing!!! The sound it create when i plug in is amazing..so warm The little wooden tremolo stompbox is a wonderful detail, (my wife laughed at it...please forgive her she knows not....)

Here are some more pics (Click to enlarge)
Oh what a lovely prize!  Thanks Marcus.
On a visit to Älvdalen in October 2005 we tried out an amp sitting in the corner at Musitech. Solid State I know, yet such a warm rounded sound that I had to ignore it's visual condition, and buy it straight away!  Anders later had a theory about the early solid states being warmer sounding as the transistors were not silicone based... now there's a clever thought, but then we are talking Anders K... clever guy!

When the GA-225 arrived in the UK the condition had further deteriorated with a few of the accessory items having vibrated off completely! This is a test of the overall strength of construction, as heaven knows how much throwing around it takes to remove knobs, a coloured light cover, and to make the top handle completely unscrew!

About ten minutes got the handle back in place, and we'll show more of this 1969 beauty very soon.

Peerless Speakers made in Denmark, but no other visible marking on them... we managed to get it back together, and plugged it in... yes... oh yes: Reverb and Tremolo all fine!

 Managed to find a couple of knobs for it too (darn it - I should have searched for some in Sweden, but we ran out of time... Still if I tidy it up more I'll do some more pics... but the playing is what counts, and it's great!



Jan Snedsbøl from Sweden sent us some pictures of an old jazz acoustic
(shown on the
Real Oldies page). It was handed down to him by his father, it is said to have been bought in 1950, and converted to semi acoustic with a neck pu and pickguard. I would have thought it must have been a bit later, but I do not know exactly when...

However this is the AMPS page, so what better than the amp that goes with it. Again what we do know is that it was in the era of Hagstrom Oslo fabrication and this amp - branded Hagstrom, was also made in Norway.

If you can tell us more, than we have here already - then please do!

Jan says: an old Hagstrøm tube amplifier Model: TGF 10 / C Serial: 720,70W it was made in: Telrad, radiofabrikk, barliveien 14, Oslo, Norway. This amplifier is in good shape, works, and it sounds good.
CLICK the Pics to see larger versions...

Here are the pictures of the amplifier. I really don't know much about this amplifier, maybe someone else can tell me more about it. If someone should have a servicemanual or bias-adjustments procedures please send me an email duggurd@spray.se

The tubes that are used from the right are; one EF86, two ECC83 ,two EL84 and the rectifier tube in the power supply is EZ81


This stamp is located on the inside of the amplifier, I think this is the manufactures name

Thanks for the great pictures Jan, and the notes that go with it. I know I've seen one of these somewhere before, just can't place it at the moment, unfortunately it wasn't here in the UK collection!

Then in July 2005, Bjorn Jensen gave us this insight to ^^above^^ history...
This Hagstrom amp was built as a prototype for Hagstrom in late 50's (i do not remember the exact year.) build by Birgir Sparbo and he's Norwegian company Telrad radio fabrikk. the story is that Hagstrom suddenly decided to build their own amps right after they got this prototype. So the first hagstrom amps is probably copies of Telrad amps. Harald Ødegaard is the man that delivered this amp to Hagstrom (he is still alive and has told me this story) I have a big collection (ca 60 pices) of Telrad amps form the early 1950 models to latest 1977. I have also schematics and almost everything leftover from the faktory. Telrad also had a factory in Gotenborg Sweden in mid to late 60's. This is some interesting info ??? Bjorn

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Here's a couple of pics of a Hagstrom 310 recently restored by my friend Anders Karlsson...

Amp310angsm.jpg (65260 bytes) Amp310frsm.jpg (57301 bytes)  
This project took time, valves, determination - and achieved much satisfaction!
(Then in Dec 2001 - The appreciation was enhanced by the amp being delivered to the UK to use with the collection here)

Very few people know how ahead of time Hagstrom was when they designed the 310. The 310 is actually both a 2-channel mixer,a tremolo-unit and a guitar combo. The two channels are identical microphone inputs with mixing capability. The first tube in the amp is used as a pre-amp/mixer as this tube is a twin tube where the outputs converge into one of the halves of the second tube. Here the sum signal of the two microphone inputs gets the tremolo added. 

Then the signal goes to the second half of the second tube where it is further amplified before coming to the complicated power amplifier valve that actually is a double penthode/triode. In this tube the triode is used to invert the signal for one half of the push-pull amplifier formed by the two following penthodes. 

Hence this is an ideal amplifier for the street singer with one song microphone and one guitar, violin or what ever. Two guitars can also be used and mixed at wish although there is only one tone control. 

See Anders stories and other pictures dotted around this site.

The 310 is now our voice microphone amp during all practice sessions with Golden Boulder, coupled with an old Watkins Copicat unit I bought new... quite a while back!

Click the small picture to see the original Watkins (WEM) Copicat leaflet.

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BEFORE WE MOVE ON, TALK ABOUT A COPYCAT... Look closely beyond the initial brand name "Kent", down by the input sockets...
Thanks go to Lars Top-Galia from Denmark for the original pictures


I'd rather have this one than my own in the sense of Hagstrom collecting, and the fact that it's something I still use often would make it a purists dream!


Just see the layout - this is an earlier tube version but Watkins would have something to be proud about here too eh...


May 2004: I was lucky enough to obtain the unit, and thanks to Lars for the superb packing!

Ronny DeGruyter from Belgium shows us his Watkins branded one found recently (yes I know it's not Hagstrom, but it's great isn't it!) You can read the history of WEM Watkins, Copicat and his dominance of the slaved PA systems etc on Charlie's own website... and you can buy a brand new Copicat still today as well as packs of tape loops. Now that's lasting appeal eh? www.wemwatkins.co.uk

Now back to the Hagstroms...

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May 2002 - Tommy Ollars Sent this GORGEOUS 310 restoration picture
- The Tweed Version!

June 27th 2002 - Happily this one too found it's home at Hagstrom UK, going into immediate use alongside it's other family members...



[ e-mail me for schematic ]

The other Hagström favourite is the 620 head
- a real classy sound, hand wired valve of course...

I have a mysterious (to me..) amp model 620, and I'd like to get all the possible information about it. I haven't found anything of it from the internet and hoped you could help me. Information like when it was made, schematics etc. would be nice. There is one picture attached. You may use my picture in your site, but I'd like to stay anonymous. Thank you. ("J" from Finland)

Now how about bringing the concept up to date and get the Hagström logo back on it....
Get a state of the art speaker stack... hmmm

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Here is the first EVER
/ Solid State
Guitar Amp

The Hagstrom GA85 Model 1700 Reverb, Serial 697028 - A lovely "Big Beast"!

Weighing in at 60lb or thereabouts, two guitar plus three general inputs.
2 x 12" Philips speakers / 85watts output... arrived from Northern Sweden safely June 2002 - thanks UPS !
A few crackles initially when you crank it up, but a nice deep rounded sound
Thanks to Kent Johansson from Malmberget, Sweden.
and welcome to the website Kent - Hey, they named a guitar after you didn't they, or was it Superman?...
See the reverb unit found inside by clicking here

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How about this then... A Beautiful big BT100 and 4x12 Cab. I am thankful to Zeljko Franci Smailagic from Porec, Croatia for this collection of photos. See his pictures and comments:

Dear David; OK, what I do know is that it is a BT 100, solid state model that was produced from the middle seventies. It has 100 w output power on 8 Ohms , two separate channels, no effects. I am a valve/tube freak, all my amps are Orange, Marshall, Fender, Vox... and I have only two solid state; a Gallien Krueger and this one. There is something in this head that makes it sound quite well, a real vintage sound. However, it does miss a good reverb to be in a high class ( or at least a fx loop - send/return to facilitate the connection of an external effect). The head was purchased in 1976 ( 77?) by the first owner and I got it from him in 1979. I played it a lot before, for some 10 years and since then it is in my home "playground" and played from time to time. The serial number is 53 949069. The only thing I had to deal with is some broom so ( as you can see on the photos) I added a small wire for "grounding or earthing" which does the trick. The really amazing thing however is the Hagstrom box. Serial number 53 874015, model P412, 100W, 8 ohms, 4 x 12" loudspeakers ( strange model of speaker with a small cone in the middle - alike the modern coaxial types today). I would guess that the loudspeakers are Philips 5200 but I have never opened the thing - never needed to as it works perfectly. When I say works I do mean really works as it is being used on daily base since 1979 when I got it ( it came with the a.m. head). A superb, very vintage tone, it really "sings". I have used many top model boxes ( Marshall 1960AV Slash signature, Rivera RO 212 with EV, various Boogie boxes, etc.,...) but this one is my favorite. I use it with many heads and it gives perfect vintage sound, superb clean as well as amazing punchy, crispy and/or distorted tone. I am only careful not to send too high wattage to the box ( not more than 100W) -it does the rest of the job. Amazing reliability, 25 years of service without any problem. I hope this is of interest and help. Thanks for the Hagstrom page, I love it. Keep the good work and hope the sun stays in your area longer than usually. Take care Zeljko

Well, thanks again Zeljko. This is what makes the site special. The variety and the pleasure everyone gets from their Hagstrom! Incidentally it looks like fun with the Zoom effects unit... and there's me with a Pod2 through the 310! Mind you I'd love a good bass speaker cab if anyone wants to offload one!

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Hagstrom Mixer Desk
(CLICK PICS BELOW to open the dedicated page)

After Hagstrom, Amtech continued to manufacture these units, click the pictures above to read the expanded story, and bigger pictures
You can find a couple of current products "Age-One" and "Age-Pro" guitar effects
by following the link below.

...or by writing to Amtech AB, Box 61, 796 22 Alvdalen, Sweden.

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Which came first? The Duck or the Hag?

Tobias Persson from Sweden posed a question... then found the answers too!
We are lucky enough to tell the tale here though

...a friend found this at a recycling station, I replaced a few tubes and it works fine with my Mini-Disc, might this be a modified Hagström ?

(Click on the small pictures either side for larger views)

Hi again I have got some info from a Swedish source, it seems to be a Mullard preamp/amp kit built together, the preamp is the box underneath and the amp is the circuit-board on top. Hagström used this kit for their 510/614 amps with some variations, the missing tube is to be a ecc83, it also works with the ecc82 but not as well. I have some pics of it, Enjoy !


Quack! said the Mullard
I realise it should be Mallard - call it un-poetic licence for my obscure "chicken and egg" analogy
- if you hadn't noticed or didn't understand my humour anyway - never mind!

Here's a couple of Hagström 510 pics from Lars in Sweden (2006)

Here's Barry McDonald's 614... before a tidy up.

For more information on the History and start of the "Mullard" Brand name - click this line

I DO love these little bits of general interest...

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Manfred Graeder, has provided us with an inspired collection of Bass Guitar information
This addition to his collection is both fitting for him as it is for us!

Hello David, Please find attached some pictures of my Hagstrom Bass 210 Amp. This tube Amp is still completely operative and is a perfect addition to my Hagstrom Bass collection. Since I'm not an Amp specialist I let the pictures speak for themselves, maybe one of the other Hagstrom specialists could add some technical background information. Best Regards, Manfred

Click for close ups!

As Manfred says - Please feel free to add detail to this selection of photos,
meantime, thanks again to Manfred, and congratulations on your addition to the family!

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Richard Jacob from the Home of Hagstrom sent this on New Year's Eve 2003...

The Hagstrom 39 Amp

Hello, fellow Hagström lover :-) - just stumbled on your site and must say I like it a lot :-) Here are 2 pics of my Hagström 39 amp ..recently found it for sale (private owner) in Gothenburg, Sweden and just HAD to have it!

 This cool amp was probably made ca 1960-1963 and is in surprisingly good shape - actually, it is almost immaculate. Do I need to add that it sounds nice, also? If you don´t push it too hard, it has that perfect jazzy feel and tone, a bit dark and muddy like all Hagström amps, but perfect for that blues jam or the sleazy jazz session :-).

It seems to like my Strat and my De Armond Starfire special best (single coils), but can handle the Ibanez jazz hollowbody with HB:s, too.

It has 2 inputs, tremolo, 1x ECC83, 2 x ECL82 plus EZ80 tube rectifier, plus a 10" Sinus (italian speaker brand, re-labeled for Sinus acc to some former Sinus employee).

The circuit is built on a phenolic (spring-supported to the chassis) PCB which is really state-of-the-art for being that early in the 60:s. Not very service-friendly, but what the heck...

The tremolo is almost Leslie-like in speed and depth, so smooth....and I just love the 1-knob tone control.

The amp is perfectly giggable now that all stray value components are swapped.

I also have a 1964 310 in tweed which is louder, but only half as cool as this one :-)

Cheers and Happy new year from Sweden, home of Hagström amps Richard

[ e-mail me for schematic ]

What a great end to 2003, it really made my day to see such a great example of something still cherished and used.

My 310's (above) get regular use, not just because they are Hagstrom amps, but because they are so good!

I have to say that I find these 39 amps so appealing.

To see one in in such good condition and appreciated so much is a real pleasure.

Thanks Richard for taking the time to send us such good pictures and info.

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Lars Kohkoinen sent me some pics of his 614 amp
- you can see the family resemblance with the above...

You can find Lars' website at http://hem.passagen.se/lako63/amp.htm
and there's loads of other stuff there too, including his own guitar manufacturing...
http://hem.passagen.se/lako63/english.htm - Well worth a visit

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Next up:
A "virtually brand new" 45 year old Hagstrom amp???
It looks like a transistor radio in a typewriter case... but it's a lot more fun than that, the Hagstrom 26!
(Let me tell the story through the e-mails, dotted around with some pictures...)

From: Tommy Berg Larsen - Saturday, January 03, 2004 - Subject: Hagstrøm
During the years of playing the guitars I have owned many Hagstrøm amps. I have one amp left, and I was wondering if you could help me with some info about that one. It is very small, light blue, stuck inside a "typewriter-box" the numbers on it is Hagstøm 26 548286. It has two mic inputs on its right side and a tremolo. Best regards, Tommy Berg Larsen, Norway

Hi Tommy, Thank you for your e-mail. I know the one you mean, but I do not have any specifications at the moment. I will ask around and see what I can come up with for you. Is there anything specific you need to know? I have seen a photo of one dated 1962. Kind regards, David (I sent a photo link to the one on the official Hagstrom site)

Hi, David. Thank you for answering me. It is the same amp, no doubt. The only difference I can find from the photo is the red button down left.

It is not on my amp. (Since Hagstøm was made in Sweden, there are lots of amps and guitars under beds and in closets around here, but I have never seen this one before) I was wondering what year my amp was made?

It looks like it was made yesterday. One of the old guys here told me it was bought in 1953, but i don´t know what is right. I will take a photo of it and send it to you. Again, thanks, Best regards, Tommy

Hi again Tommy, Purely as an ‘educated guess’, 1953 sounds very early, but it is possible. Hagstrom started making electric guitars in 1958.
 This is not strictly just a guitar amp, it is possible it was 1953, the tremolo function makes it likely intended for keyboards, practice or guitar. I will see if anyone can tell me more. The red oval bottom left is a “Made in Sweden” Label / Sticker, often found inside early Hagstrom supplied guitars. So it is not surprising that this has since gone, or maybe as a label, it may not have been stuck onto yours.  I look forward to your picture.



Hi, David! Here are pics of the amp. Does not look old, I think. You can tell from the stamp inside the case that it was bought in Norway. Best regards, Tommy


OR for a

I am very grateful to Tommy for taking the trouble to share these pictures with us all.

If anyone can shed light on when this model was first produced, then please do let us know!


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Finland sends us Jani Koskelainen & a request about a 310...

January 05, 2004: Hi! My friend got Hagstrom 310 for free (tweed), but it needs severe electrical restoration.. :) I'm the *lucky* repairman, but i haven't been able to find the schematic for 310.. If possible, could you please send one for me.. Thanks in advance! Yours, Jani Koskelainen, Finland.

Two days later...
Thanks very much for the schematic! After looking the amp more closely i found out that it was pretty much 'potatoes and meatballs (swedish?)' :) Yesterday we had a holiday here in finland and i had plenty of time to repair it.. (before i was able to read e-mail) ..so i can't send you pictures 'before'. But i can borrow my friend's digital camera and shoot some pictures 'after' :)
Especially there is one power supply capacitor (which i removed!) that is NOT supposed to be in the circuit and it looks almost like bomb! Also original knobs are lost.. Currently there is pretty ugly knobs installed. (I haven't yet found knobs 'cool' enough) Despite the looks it sounds totally awesome and it has really dynamic feel (At least with humbuckers). I will send you some pics..! Regards, Jani

One day later...
Hi again! Here are pictures that i promised.. I hope this isn't too big mail since there are several pics attached! Rgrds, -Jani-

What we have now is some really comprehensive views of the inside and outside.
I hope you enjoy looking at the detail  of this "potatoes and meatballs" masterpiece - Ha Ha...

First for Art and more...

All angles of the cabinet...

and ....flowers!


Some of the work and inside!

[1]  [2]  [3]  [4]




Sincere thanks to Jani Koskelainen


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Tommy Berg Larsen returns
...with some more up to date stuff this time!

Very Smart bit of Hagstrom kit here - I'd love it myself, yet so often it is unappreciated in it's homeland, as "oh yes another old Hagstrom amp". The problem is getting this kind of thing shipped anywhere easily. Many people are put off arranging anything bigger than a guitar!

So, what have we here? A Hagstrom PA / Mixer unit sitting in a console with a "Super Dynamic Echo Unit", plus two handsome looking PA cabs with solid covers/stands. Lovely stuff!

August 2004 - The owner...
HI - from NORWAY ! I am the photographer and the owner of the PA 2000 & Super Dynamic Echo presented on Your web-site ! Until this evening I had never heard about Your Hagström forum, so I was totally taken by surprise discovering MY pictures of MY equipment !! I dropped into Your web-site totally on occasion, searching the net for information about Hagström 210 bass amp ): I know a guy selling a 210 top + orig. speaker here in Norway; - nearly mint condition... I bought the small PA2000 livemixer-console & Super Dynamic Echo during the winter 1975-76 when I was a full time musician here in Norway. These Hagström items has followed me ever since... We also had 4 speakers, which all were sold in the late 70-ies. Later I managed to buy back one set (the 2 pcs. on the pictures).
Tonight I wrote immediately to Amtech for more information, searching spare parts (2 knobs for the mixer) and maybe service on the echo-box (it is all in function / even the foot-operated remote control with red light !).
Best rgds., VIDAR F. - this nice gear might be sold to the right persons - any buyers ?

Look at the quality and condition of the piping and general finish on those cabs!

And yes, if you scroll up the page, there's a link to the guys who made this, still making specialist echo units in Alvdalen today!

Thanks again Tommy for taking the time to send these pictures in to us,
and Vidar for making the follow up!


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Hey don't get confused...

Tommy is back again...
Tommy Ollars (see right up near the top - Tweed 310 May 2002)

We are really getting the range covered now, here is a great 'personal recommendation' for the later ranges,
the solid state era so often gets a 'bad press' in the eyes of the valve enthusiast.
Sure there's a difference, but NO WAY a lost cause!

Hello David. Thought I'd send you a couple of photos of my new toys. I found this system for sale. I got in touch with the seller and we agreed on the price, as he did not have any photos available I got a deal "blind". Normally I do not do this but I felt that the price gave room for some nicks and dents, I could accept it. Luckily there was not so much that had happened since it left the factory. First impression was that it needs some cleaning up. I have now tried it out last evening with some friends and it is a really good system.
( Compare the speaker height with my acoustic Washburn standing beside. )
I have not measured but I think the two speakers in each cabinet are 12" in diameter .

It has a very soft tone, not so much hissing noise from the amp and I also noticed that the transformer did not humm, despite the fact that I had it connected to a non-grounded power outlet. (The PA-system / Riley/ we have in our band makes much more noise and that is a fairly modern set. OK - it is not top of the line but still) The only thing I should do is clean up the potentiometers for master and channel volume knobs. Slight noise when turning them. Also one of the speakers has a minor damage in one corner, a plastic strip has cracked. I think it is standard material and can be renewed quite easily. Besides that I will probably renew the speaker cables. The plugs are nice and bulletproof but the cables could be replaced with new material. ( I like plugs that has no plastic parts that crack and so on. They should be all metal.)

One fun add-on that I got with the set is a Dynacord tape-echo system. I have not tried it since the tape was missing. The seller gave me some material and splicing equipment so I could fix it up. The P-50 is prepared for this echo system and I got all the necessary wiring harness between the amp and the echo unit. Best regards / Keep on rocking with Hagström. Tommy

Oh boy... if it wasn't for the carriage costs I'd be green with envy Tommy - GORGEOUS!
Thanks for taking the time to send us this - again different - insight into the story!

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Morten Jorgensen from Norway
 sent us this great couple of pics.
Still in service this Hagstrom Bass 210 gets a great sound out of this
wonderful Ampeg Bass... just look further down!

Surfed by your nice Hagstrom site and thought I might add to your collection of amp pictures...
Please find attached my precious pair; a Hagstrom 210 bass amp in tweed covering and my Ampeg amub 1 bass,
If you want details (or more pictures) just give me a hint… Enjoy!

I Love that Bass design!

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I don't want to 'steal' pics from everywhere, so apart from any contributions from visitors (PLEASE), here's a link to some pics (don't just copy them though - respect).

The Official Hagström Site  http://www.albinhagstrom.se/amps.htm

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Anyone with Hagstrom photo's is very welcome.
Send them to me for posting. There's an e-mail link on virtually every page of the site!
A story isn't absolutely necessary, but adds a little bit of what we like to add to this site
- Appreciation and the appreciators!
So bung a pic of you too along with it.... Hell, past and present...
stage photo's...you, the dog and the Hag... It's up to you!


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There's nothing like a REAL original Swedish made Hagstrom (and there are loads around), but if it 'floats your boat', or you can't find an original then who are we to say?

Plenty has been said already and
will be said forever forward probably.
Only you know what's right for you!