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General Feedback:

Hi, I'm Captain Reverb.    I report to General Feedback.   My assignment alongside Private Strummer is to save the mail  this mad guy gets about this Hagström thing. People who didn't see or didn't know about the guest-book, but have Hag-type things to say...

Tune up and away!

The old Lycos Tripod htmlgear Guestbooks were 'retired' in 2012.
I wonder how many useful comments have been lost forever?


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This selection will change from time to time, so pop back - you never know who's been here!

Bits and pieces you may like to hear about...

-----Original Message-----
From: xxxxxx
Sent: Saturday, July 13, 2002 8:54 PM
To: davidcox@ntlworld.com
Subject: from Nels Cline

Hello! Both Carla Bozulich and I have a bit of a Hagstrom thing - her more than myself, actually. She has 3 Hagstrom ! guitars (check almost any picture of her playng w/ The Geraldine Fibbers or Scarnella). I have had a Hagstrom !! for many years, which I generally keep open-tuned (it appears on a piece called "In Form" on a Nels Cline Trio album called SAD, and also on a vinyl record with Devin Sarno called RISE PUMPKIN RISE, and it's doing some background stuff on Mike Watt's CONTEMPLATING THE ENGINE ROOM). It's rather photogenic, so I'll try to send a pic. Thanks for the heads up!     best, N


This episode - The Hagstrom Jimmy and couple of other milestone communications!

From: Ron Chapman                  See Ron's Jimmy Story
Sent: 07 August 2001 22:42
To: davidcox@davidcox.co.uk
Subject: Hello David

Hi David,

Since I found your web site last week I have looked at all of the other
Hagstrom sites, there are many mentions of Swedes, Super Swedes, Vikings,
various Bass guitars ect, ect. WHERE ARE ALL OF THE "JIMMY" OWNERS, there
must be certainly a few hundred, I would LOVE to hear from Jimmy players like

Keep up the excellent work.   Ron Chapman

From: Gordon Giltrap                What can I say except "wow"!
Sent: 07 November 2001 14:08
To: davidcox@ntlworld.com

Dear David,

...I have to say that I'm really pleased with the Jimmie, I plugged it in this
morning and it sounds wonderful, I may even record with it. The more I look
at it the more I love it's looks. It's a cherry sunburst, and the carved
top (pressed) is truly beautiful!

Keep in touch, and if I have a photograph with it I shall send it through to you!

Regards, Gordon.

From: jimmill                         The previous owner of my own Jimmy Oval
Sent: 19 November 2001 08:52 
To: davidcox@ntlworld.com Subject: What a tribute!

Hi David

Thanks for the mail. ... You have really done my old beast proud. Isn't he just a lovely guitar. ... But to be honest, I haven't really played it in anger since about 1998. Although I used to do a lot of folk clubs and ran the College bands etc, I always felt that the only thing missing from Jimmy was a set of phosphor bronze strings. I confess to being an acoustic blues player - Big Bill Broonzy and things like that don't sound the same on steel wound strings even when amplified. I found that I could get most tunes to sound ok but the tone and vol controls were a bit limiting. I found the log pot hard to get on with. It seemed to be on very loud or just in the background. Probably me being stupid.

I enjoyed seeing you play. Funny thing but the guitar can't help but look good hanging around a neck - if you know what I mean. It also seems to be attracted to blokes who are your typical fine honed Nordic types. (If I find the photos from my last live performance, I'll send you a couple - and you will understand that last comment.

In answer to your questions, No - I've never made any changes to the set-up. Having only played things like EKO rangers before I got him, The action always seemed OK to me. But there again, I was brought up on med gauge D'Addario phosphor strings. The ones on there at the moment (unless you have changed them already) are a top end heavy set of Ernie Ball.

Any way, I'm sure we'll be in touch again.


-----Original Message-----  (See Janet's site at: www.janetfeder.com )
From: Janet Feder
Sent: Sunday, April 21, 2002 11:39 PM
To: David Cox at Home

hi David

Thanks for sending me to Gordon's website - you're so right: he has a nice lush sound (from what I heard) and I can guess why he's so acclaimed. I wonder how he'd feel about collaborating with a woman who puts things on her strings?

Yesterday's snowing/raining is gone; I've just returned from a cycling expodition to the foot of some nearby mountains into a stiff headwind. Coming home with the wind at my back made it all worth it.

I was thinking - if you're into acoustic guitar players this compilation that's just coming out that Henry Kaiser produced/curated on Cuneiform Records http://cuneiformrecords.com/bandshtml/156.html might be interesting to you. I'm not sure the website lists everyone's names; if you're interested I can tell you everyone who's on it. (There's 19 players in all.)

Happy Sunday, janet

-----Original Message-----
From: Janet Feder
Sent: Tuesday, April 23, 2002 7:01 AM
To: David Cox at Home
Subject: Good Karma, yes!


Karma is the only way I could possibly explain the incredible good fortune of living here....you're exactly right.

Your offer to introduce my music to Gordon honors me second only to your offer of welcome in your home.  That's a beautiful dream I'll hope to wake to someday.  I'd love to see your world, and hear your son play.  Wow, both acoustic and electric at ten!  There's a fellow with the right stuff, that burning desire.  Don't come across many of them.  I think he's lucky to have such a Dad to inspire him.

I hope we'll remain in touch.  It's been the highlight of these past few days.


-----Original Message-----
From: GordonGiltrap
Sent: Saturday, April 27, 2002 5:00 PM
To: davidcox@ntlworld.com Subject: Re: Janet Feder

Hi David,

I will check the lady out when get a moment.
Yes, I still have the Jimmie and recently had the pick up coil tapped to give a bit more tonal variation, I LOVE the guitar but as yet have not recorded with it but there's still time.  I would very much like to get hold of an acoustic guitar made by Hagstrom that is basically a copy of the Gibson J160 E but without the pickup.I used this model on my very first album in 1966 and would very much like a replacement. Any ideas Dave? I'm sure you know the model, it's tobacco sunburst.

Are you coming to Southampton, if so let me put you on the door my friend.




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