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There are many 'electrics' around the site, some with their own pages See "Hagstrom and Me" for my own collection,
or the excellent range of Visitor pages with contributions for almost every model Hagstrom offered.
Additional text added to brochure to deter freebie hunters!

Check the Visitors pages - by Model, and some individual stories!

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The models can be confusing until you get to know them.
The most common mistake was the difference between a Swede and a SuperSwede.
Nowadays the difference in value makes everyone sit up when a real SuperSwede hits the market!

EG: The  "super" Swede

Kwinn: "Not a Super Swede. It is a late model Swede.
The Super had more of a pointed bottom horn, no tone selector switch on
it, has the coil tapping switch by the control knobs, a zero fret and
says Super Swede on the truss cover. Look at the Blue Lady
* and do the
comparison". (
*See Visitors Pages)

Do you want to see an original advert for the Swede? Click this way... DC75Bro In2s.jpg (81649 bytes) and Another?

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OK so I got bitten by that one... I meant "brilliant" Swede now squeeze those cherries all over...
Here is the Super-Swede...

... Dark Cherry   
oh isn't that how they did it?

Solid Mahogany, difficult to get the full visual effect, and phew! ...brace yourself.

 (Pix) Full set of twelve (Pix)

- Well I had to get me a cute little Super - makes a Gib' LP look cheap!

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How about this for contrast! This is claimed to be unique in colour:


Rough Translation from German: "Unique piece of collecting - original Hagström lacquer finish
to be found no-where else in the world, in short - cloud-grey, uniquely taken by
the former German main dealer directly out of color experimentation work
 by the Swedish Hagström Lacquerer, this rare piece - only one in the world!!!!!
(Courtesy of Bernard Kleefeld, Germany)

Another equally well informed Hagstrom enthusiast would say
Hagstrom would supply any colour you ordered.
Whatever this is, I've never seen one as good looking before!
Another important piece of history in my book.

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Now for a superb condition, 6 string Swede Patch 2000 system,
Surely it must have been in a Time Capsule
- it looks to be in pristine condition!

The former owner took no time at all to find a good four figure sum in return for this set.
He had owned it since the 70's. He purchased it while working at a music store.
The complete system - including the factory manual and schematics.

The kit contains everything: the modified Swede, Parker-Steiner Synth,
foot pedal, anvil case, patch cords and factory manuals, including schematics
All pieces are in perfect condition.
CLICK to view the bigger picture!

Many thanks to Dennis Hosier for picture and information, who also wrote:
"That setup even included some hand drawn schematics.
Ampeg was sold a couple of times in the 70's and I had a problem with the synthesizer once.
I spent about an entire day calling numbers to try to locate a schematic,
(Nope, don't know what you're talking about, try this number),
finally, I found a guy who know what I was talking about.
He sent me the schematics. When you have something like that for 30 years it's hard to part with it.
At least I sold it to someone Who knows what it is and appreciates it."

Patch 2000 UK Catalogue Specification:
The specially prepared Hagstrom Swede Guitar coupled with Ampeg Patch 2000 converter/pedal is a system with enters the realm of synthesized sounds. The setup includes the converter pedal and the Swede guitar together with cases for both (you provide the synthesizer) and offers the equivalent of three instruments in one. The Swede fingerboard is specially wired to transmit input to the synthesizer, when the string touches the fret, a synthesizer note is activated. The Swede guitar can be played independently as a guitar. As a third alternative the patch 2000 can combine a synthesizer output. It is possible to activate a synthesizer output with a normal guitar audio output. It is possible to activate a synthesizer note and to pluck the guitar string to play a guitar note over the synthesizer note.
In addition the Patch 2000 contains a Fifth Harmony switch which allows the player to add the natural fifth of the synthesizer note. Between these three note producing sources is the possibility of stereo and limited three part harmony. 10 years guarantee on all Hagstrom necks.

Click this line To See an original Patch 2000 Dealer Leaflet from 1978

See the Hagstrom UK example

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More Swede Info: There's more to a Swede than meets the eye 

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See base of page for just a small sample of the electrics you can find around the site...

The Goya is a versatile if sometimes flamboyant model once used by many famous bands including ABC and Roxy Music in the UK

Seeing the Vintage above reminds me, 
Gunnartutti.JPG (68378 bytes)
- do you like class that sparkles too?

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There's more, how about Craig from Canada's Blue Standard?
This body looks to be in superb condition, but where's the neck?

Thanks Craig many more and you'll have your own pages!!

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Click the pic to see the neck on this 1965 Hag III... or this Scandi

Are you interested in what some of the wood types are?
See the Woods Page

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More info on Hagstrom Electrics on the History Page [CLICK HERE]
LOADS of pictures and notes on the VISITORS PAGE - have a browse! [CLICK HERE] ***

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Hagstrom II, or should that be II Hagstrom

What is the plural for Hagstrom - Hagstra?

Hagstra La Vista Baby!

Anyone with Hagstrom photo's is very welcome.
Send them to me for posting. There's an e-mail link on virtually every page of the site!
A story isn't absolutely necessary, but adds a little bit of what we like to add to this site
- Appreciation and the appreciators!
So bung a pic of you too along with it.... Hell, past and present...
stage photo's...you, the dog and the Hag... It's up to you!

Swedish grammar lesson:
From: Tomas berg
Sent: Sunday, May 26, 2002 1:29 PM
To: webstrom
Cc: Tomas Berg
The plural for hagström is hagström:-) Or we say en(one) Hagströmmare flera (a lot of) hagströmmare.
Notice the Ö. The company stretched out the line from the T in the logo to satisfy both you englishspoken
and the people in the homeland. I got a bass an ebp 26 from I think 1961 serial number 512021.
Here´s a few pics
take care,
Tomas berg, Mölnbo Sweden                                                    


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There's nothing like a REAL original Swedish made Hagstrom (and there are loads around), but if it 'floats your boat', or you can't find an original then who are we to say?

Plenty has been said already and
will be said forever forward probably.
Only you know what's right for you!