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Hagstremely III - A tale of Woe? Heck NO!

What is the ultimate Hagström Electric guitar? Wow what a question. People often ask me what's my favourite, but that's an impossible question to answer. It just depends on your mood and style at the time. Do you go for all out glitter or laid back jazz, well the Hagstrom III is neither, but it is a very versatile proposition; a superb classic look, and a good weight to carry and.... oh just take a look below later eh?

In Sept 2004 I updated the pictures, with some of the originals still further down the page. I included a streaming video (now a 'You Tube' link) as a demonstration of all those switches, and Chris had his first proper play on this great guitar even though it had been here quite a while. The pictures were in anticipation of a departure... yes I had said I'd never sell that beauty, but in a moment of madness I decided to give it away free to a notable and worthy player with a great story. So back across the Atlantic again, it found a new home. I had convinced myself I didn't do it justice, and there was promise of it getting some public use in the future.... Of course, the recipient disappeared again into the 'internet ether' a short while after... and the beauty hasn't seen light of day again as far as I know. You live and learn... I resolved to find a replacement one day...  See the photo's...

Serial No: 656225 (1965)


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Chris enjoyed playing this little treasure I'd coveted for a long time before letting it go...

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Some had white switches, this had black ones throughout.

A few play marks on the pickguard, but the pickups and screws were very clean and that headstock looked new! It was one of the cleanest Hagström III's I'd ever seen, spending many years on the wall of a New York studio before it arrived in the UK.

Click pic of Chris above ^^ to see a Video demonstration of the H-III
through a
Hagström 310 amp

The neck looked new, and you had to look hard for any body indents. Oh boy did I miss it... YEP!

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The situation is resolved hopefully...

Two years four months later (January 2007) this appeared on eBay... residing in Kent (no, not where I grew up in England, but Kent Ohio USA). Jeff had bought it new in 1969 - using his teenage savings. The Ohio retailer supplied it complete with plush lined Hagström Case, and of course the 10year neck warranty! Time moved on and the package was consigned to the wardrobe for over 30 years! Any collector is happy to read these words, often used in descriptions too easily; however the apparent condition and the proof of ownership was there...
So there followed a 3.00am vigil to ensure a successful outcome to the auction...

Serial No: 709221 a batch of 997 in qty, manufactured in Sweden in early 1967

Forty years later - Jan 07 - delivery awaited in the UK!

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If John H tells me that USPS is perfectly OK to send to Europe again, I'll...

3-4 day Global Express shipping meant (with many phone-calls, emails, and patient progressing) 13 days
- but it was worth the wait...

very little tarnish to be seen on the gilt case hardware

the experience continued to thrill

and for the first time I saw the exquisite back, and visible wood grain

Everything polished to a bright sparkle straight out of the box

Now, the dilemma repeats itself... do I let Chris play it? (Ha Ha).

One thing is certain - I don't care who you are, or how good the story is...


...this one is ours.

MADE WHERE? Yes, of course!

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Welcome to the gang... "709221"

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