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Fans... of the Original Swedish Hagströms
It's a kind of A-Z of the best music era, Abba to Zappa, Aerosmith to ZZ-Top...

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Pass Your Mouse Over the rectangle below once it has loaded, to play the video excerpt...
Wait for the file to load then pass your mouse over the black square to see the wmv video fileOf course there was ABBA (there would have to be eh?)
Short excerpts of the precision we are well used to
Hopefully greeted with a little more than "Mama Mia!"

See the Swede and the H45/J45 acoustic in action
It's not until you hear them again that you remember how good it all was
 - well I think so anyway!

(if it doesn't load in under 1min CLICK HERE
- only a 1.3Mb wmv file - it can be bigger in your own player too!)

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David Bowie - Do you remember that 12 string break before "This is ground control to Major Tom" ?
Hopefully he still has the Hagström 12 used on Space Oddity. Most pics show his Kent branded Hagström Electric. See Below right...   Hey David - please let us know?


(Many thanks to Richard from Kent for this photo)
See pics of the actual guitar at rarestarguitars The John Marks Collection


David Bowie again with that "Kent" Branded Hagstrom three pickup - early transition before the H-III family was fully formed...
(See the Visitors page for more)


Frank Zappa -

Famously Advertised Hagström Acoustics and the superb H12 electric, and The Viking,
and... well a lot of the models actually!





Here's FZ with A Swede Patch 2000

Frank Zappa playing the Hagstrom at the Armadillo World Headquarters in Austin, Texas credit: "© W. Blaine Pennington" (permission granted for use on this website only).

Also there was....
Steve Hackett ...from GENESIS
(Melody Maker Dec 1972 -
Hagstrom H-12 electric)
...and I have it on good authority that Steve still has his one (2005)!

Brian Ferry - Hagstrom Electric EDP46 Deluxe,
originally made around 1963 'Retro' use
by Roxy Music in the UK (early 70's)
helped turn it into a collector item



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    Manfred Mann's Eathband

  Steve Waller - Hagstrom Swede Guitar


    Rockpop, 19.05.1979





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Gordon Giltrap - His first decent acoustic was a Swedish made Hagström and it was used to record his very first album for Transatlantic Records way back in 1967: A peg bridge H-45.
Click the link to see his comprehensive site, hear clips, and maybe order the wonderful Live DVD recorded in 2003 to celebrate 35 years as a composer and performer - to this day Gordon thrills his fans at a wide variety of venues.

Hagstrom La Rita Classical - once owned by Gordon Giltrap
I tried to buy this instrument  
Probably made late 60's, the back and sides an attractive laminate, the top solid Spruce. The inlay around the sound hole is various veneers formed into a complex marquetry pattern. The fingerboard and bridge are Rosewood.  I was much too late!

Update November 2001 - 
Gordon has advised me that he's become the proud owner of a rare
Hagstrom Jimmy Oval - what a fabulous choice!

Update May 2002 -
Gordon Has bought a BJ12 - See the new dedicated page on this site, a second Jimmy Oval, and that "first decent acoustic" H-45

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December 2003 - "In Concert" Pictures showing Hagstrom BJ12 / H33 on stage

February 2002 - Photo of
CAT STEVENS located - see page

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H33e/BJ12e plus the French Legend Michel Polnareff in front of "Sacré Coeur", France in 1966
a man of many styles since this, he even wrote the score for the film soundtrack to "Lipstick".

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ZZtop above here! - See also the current bands page for diversity such as Aerosmith!

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Dave Brewis - The Kane Gang - "Respect Yourself"
Video grabs from November 1984

>>> See more of this great example from the very first electric Hagstroms <<<

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Canada's April Wine Band -1973

There was also Blondie - "Sight and Sound" CD DVD using a Hagstrom deluxe 90 - anyone got a picture I can use???

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Jimi Hendrix - the legendary eight-string electric bass, Serial 723006 (The sixth one ever made - in 1967)
ah yes
, but it was actually Noel Redding who played the H8 bass regularly we all said...
at least on
'Spanish Castle Magic', 'You've got me Floating' and 'Little miss Lover' others?


One that Jimi used the H8 in studio,
and bought one during the Experience's
tour of the USA in 1967...

Well that looks quite clear eh:
Studio 76 on the 17th of July 1967 - jams later titled
"Get that Feeling", "Odd Ball", "Love Love" & "Hush Now",
- plus a jam based on The Beatles' "Day Tripper"!

That's what I like to see - evidence!

Another story:
Noel was approached by a Hagström representative during a visit in Gothenburg in his hotel room, where he was given an H8. Sven Bornemark read this in a recent interview.

Could there have been two H8's???

Well, if you follow the link line next to Jimi's name above, then click on the picture (above right) of Noel Redding, you'll see another close picture of the H8 shown here.

They certainly are different!
The one accredited to Jimi is natural wood finish, Noels is solid colour...

By February 04: The evidence was growing!
http://www.geocities.com/abexile/jimisgear.html (external link)


 Noel Redding Memoriam and video link (May 2003)

There were many other players of the H-8 of course, including Danny McCulloch from The Animals, Andy Kulberg from The Blues Project
and Lemmy from Motorhead on Top Of The Pops in 1979!

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If ever there was qualification from the fabulous days of Prog Rock
another H8 player included MIKE RUTHERFORD from GENESIS:
"...He uses an 8-string Hagstrom bass on "I Know What I Like", since the weight of the Shergold begins to make a deep rut in his shoulder if worn for too long. Shergold? Hagstrom? Whatever happened to (sigh) Fenders and Gibsons? "People have this thing about these being the guitars to use and those ones not. I go purely on sound. Like acoustics. Everyone raves about Gibson acoustics. I think they're rubbish...."
(Beat Instrumental Aug 1977)
...He used an H8 Hagstrom bass on "I Know What I Like"

Also Steve Hackett ...from GENESIS (noted Melody Maker Dec 1972 - used a Hagstrom 12 string BJ12)
Here you see both Steve a with Hagstrom 12 string acoustic and Mike (?maybe?) on another in 1973 playing "Supper's Ready"

Tony Banks too - not just keyboards as you see...

If there's more to be revealed, we'll have to promote this to a page on it's own... such as a picture of the H8 and possibly an H-12 ??

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Another Hagström lover is jazz guitarist Larry Coryell.
Seen in many adverts (some on this site!),
and in the
tour of the 1976 catalogue you see him extol the virtues
of the (then) new Hagstrom Swede "Patch 2000".

Here we see Bill Nelson in another advert.
This one signed by Bill.
Permission was granted by Bill's Management Company for us to display
this picture. If you wish to do likewise, then please also ask permission:

Opium Arts, LTD.
49 Portland Road
London W11 4LJ
Tel: 44 (0) 1710 229 5080

<<  Click on the picture here to see a larger version.
For more information on Bill Nelson, see also:
www.billnelson.co.uk or www.billnelson.com

With a list of credits ranging from Be Bop Deluxe to Atom Shop, commissions and collaborations from Gary Numan to Roger Eno, I could not start to describe Bill's influences over four decades... another good source of summary information and biography can be found by clicking HERE

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Born in 1923, Cordell Jackson, "Guitar Granny,''

started performing in the 1930s with her father's band,

the Pontiac Ridge Runners.

        Hagstrom UK Corvette

1923 - 2004

You gotta watch this!
I wish my Gran had been this kewl!

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Now out of print, this Mel Bay book (with CD)

Shows Buddy Fite with a Jimmy Oval plus Bigsby.

I tried mailing Mel Bay publications but got no reply

So I'm showing the picture in good faith.



There's more on the Jimmy visitors Page.


I'd LOVE a copy of the book and CD (hint hint)

anyone got one to sell me?

UPDATE SEPT 04 - We now have one!


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Pat Smear (Nirvana / Foo Fighters)

another fanatic - allegedly considered trying to buy the name and re-launch Hagstrom!

CLICK pic to go to page

Kurt Cobain / Nirvana - mid 1960's H-II (F200)  
Click to view part of the You Tube 


Mark Knopfler and Guy Fletcher buddy Richard Bennett
Richard was also a close friend to Al Casey

... here with his 1959 Hagstrom Deluxe.


Bob Seger from the mid 70's with a Hagstrom Swede



Andy Partridge of XTC used a Hagstrom
on some early recordings.
Here is a picture of Andy holding a
Futurama II owned by Dave Gregory

Mark Arm (Mudhoney) - See pic Live at The Casbah - San Diego, California, USA - January 14th, 2001)

Emmylou Harris and her 'Hot Band' in 1975-77, with Emory Gordy on bass

- Hagstrom Bass of course. Baby Blue H-IIN

click for bigger above and below

Perhaps someone can confirm the second model,
both Hagströms for sure though!

Thanks to 'eagle eyed' Ulf Peterson


The later on the same TV show (The Old Grey Whistle Test) again Emory Gordy with what looks like it might be an H-8 Bass??

Guy Davis


"The headlines call him a renaissance bluesman,
and an artist who defies the rural blues myth.
Whatever you call him, Guy Davis is 100% pure blues..."

Read the rest on the website  www.guydavis.com
A superb site with all the best summaries, background and
current tour and releases information.

Also See the H22 on the Acoustic page for more H22 pics


There were (and are) many others too. 
Follow the links page to experience more...

wpe5.gif (147089 bytes)   That 1968 'TV special'.

    < CLICK HERE for a sound clip too!

There was also a story that the USA agent supplied a "heavily modified" version of the Hagstrom for Elvis to play.
However the the guitar used by Elvis was owned by Al Casey. It was Al's own guitar and a standard original Hagstrom Viking Deluxe guitar. It is documented on another site, but for some reason I understand it is "secret"!  It was also reported that it is now in the custody of a Casino in Illinois with a price tag of US$50,000...

See a fine example of a Viking Deluxe in the UK Here (Close the sound clip above first though, as this has some great blues sounds when you open it!)

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I've found the Viking "like Elvis played" as everyone says (without being too specific) on eBay (Ha Ha), - actually his was the Deluxe shown above - but mine's a 1968 transition version and a real GAS in the sunburst, then more recently (again from Canada - previously Rob's 'Alvy') the Cherry Red - the earliest remaining full 1N? How about a twelve string now? Read all about the different Viking models by clicking the Viking link above or follow the trail near the base of this page...

The only Deluxe version I have is the Concord Deluxe Bass - hey, what do I mean ONLY?    It's a dream, and what a solid harmonious sound!

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Don't forget to check out Visitor Contributions (Pics), and Hagstrom Stories - links below

I tried E-bay to E-buy and (Yorkshire accent please) "E-lad" it worked....

See Hagstrom and Me for the Viking dream; a "lost model" between VI with Strat style neck and head and VIN body: quite rare, Serial 731642 conceived in 1968....

"Visitors Contributions"  and "Hagstrom Stories"  - See menus top and bottom
You'll find my Hagstrom pictures and stories on "Hagstrom and Me" 

Anyone with Hagstrom photo's is very welcome.
Send them to me for posting. There's an e-mail link on virtually every page of the site!
A story isn't absolutely necessary, but adds a little bit of what we like to add to this site
- Appreciation and the appreciators!
So bung a pic of you too along with it.... Hell, past and present...
stage photo's...you, the dog and the Hag... It's up to you!

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