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Current Hagstrom Bands...
See also: Life and Soul - Old Band Pics
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Many Current Bands are seen with an
Original Swedish Hagström:
Here's a taste of just a few of them...

Glasgow band Franz Ferdinand won the 2004
Mercury Music Prize for their self-titled debut album.

Nick McCarthy from Franz Ferdinand and a Hagstrom P46

So why the Hagstrom P46? Well the story is revealed in the September 2004 issue of EQ Magazine (USA) "Retro in Malmo"
Tore Johansson always puts the music above the technology... and he just happens to have a fair amount of Hagstrom Gear!
Describing himself as an Analogue Junkie he prefers to lay down tracks in the old way, to make real sound and music!
Many thanks to Steve Harvey (Hagstrom Guitars) for this info contribution
It is a great four page article on this fascinating guy, who nurtured the Cardigans in 1994 then A-ha, now producing Franz Ferdinand's sounds he has a real world attitude to creating music (We have not received permission to re-publish in full)


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Best band at SXSW - Montreal's the Dears. Headed up by Murray, who has
a Smiths fixation, a rhythm section and guitarist who think they're in Black Sabbath
 and two beauties playing keyboards Valerie Joidon-Keaton-Cohen). They're the Canadian Mansun.
The Limited Edition 7" Vinyl Single: "We Can Have It" is out on Sept 2 '04
on the UK label Bella Union and a UK tour around the same time.

The leader of the band Murray Lightburn is a Hagstrom nut who, on the back of their first disc End of a Hollywood Bedtime Story,
lists the instruments he plays as NOT guitar but Hagstrom guitar

Thanks to Graham Ford from www.hagstromguitars.com for this great piece!

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- "Honkin' On Bobo" - CD - 2004 (CK92079)                            US
Order from Amazon UK? (External Link)

The Kills - Pictures Courtesy of Bob at www.underexposed.org.uk    http://www.thekills.tv/index.html     UK

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Patrick Pentland of Sloan uses a Hagstrom Swede. It can be spotted in "The Other Man" video.
First is Sloan guitarist Jay Furgison with Pentland's Swede, then the group's drummer, Andrew Scott playing it,
And finally Patrick Pentland himself using it... Seems they need to find a couple more Hagstroms eh?

http://www.sloanmusic.com/home/        CAN

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Tim Webster is the Guitar and Vocals for Redheaded Stepchild                 UK

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Ryecatchers Mark on Viking / Paul on HIIBN    http://www.ryecatchers.com   CANADA

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Henry Telstar on an H8     http://listen.to/telstar                                           BELGIUM

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Pat Hammonds sends us the CD cover (March 2004)      (USA)
I've added a few of his shared shared thoughts from mails to us through 2003

I enjoyed your story. I have 7 Hagstroms, 4 basses, a 12-string, Viking (the one with split tuners) and a Hagstrom II. I got turned on to them when our band was playing in LA in 1969, and have had them since. I would like to find an 8-string bass that didn't cost a fortune. I play clubs now with a Swede bass, which is great except for weighing a thousand pounds. Thought an 8 string would lend a unique sound to the bottom. [CLICK HERE FOR A PROFILE OF THE BAND]

I attach a front page photo from my band's cd.. you probably recognize my Hagstrom bass. The guys rave about its tone!

A real Hagstrom guy through and through - how about that H8 - sounds like he's waited long enough!

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Click the Pic to go to see The Reptiles - and Flash on the left Handed Swede bass!        (SWE)

Here's a better view of Flash's Lefties - Swede and HagIII:
Hello David, I thought it would be a little interest for the record ´bout my guitars.. it´s a lefthand cherryred Hagström Swede-78 and also a lefty sunburst Hagström III, I think it´s a-65 ( it have 65 in the first digits) of course I am so proud and satisfied with them and have no idea of letting them go some day.. maybe I could find another to have 3 in a fresh lineup on stage? wouldn´t it be great! Anyway I´m surfing in at your site time to time and looking forward to hear from you! - Flash, The Reptiles.

Yes the H-III is '65 but only by coincidence, as that isn't how the serial numbers work
It's a real nice change to see 'two so fine'...looking in the direction!

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The image above is a New Zealand band, Straitjacket Fits, that almost made it on the world stage, having toured UK and the USA , put out a handful of EP's and albums, got some bloody amazing reviews and then imploded in about 1994. And yes that's a leftie Swede getting a mauling in this bad frame from a video clip.
The clip can be found at http://www.nzmusic.com/track.cfm?i=2053  More info on them here http://mypage.direct.ca/j/jniven/index.html
One review that sums it up was this...
"Straitjacket Fits are the weirdest guitar band in the world. They're also the best." (Melody Maker, 4 January 1992)
Shayne Carter (the man with the swede) has a new band called Dimmer who we may well hear from in the future.
Thanks to Paul Wratten (NZ) for the info

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Click the pic to open the full band Bio

Here's one of me with my sweet Coronado! I play in a dutch rock'n roll band the Berserkerz and we all use vintage stuff - like 1950's Les Pauls, 1960's Ampegs and so on - with a total age of some 259 years!!!!
Hope you like it! all the best, Roland - ola carbona from Edam, Holland

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Wouter Johnson and his special Deluxe 90
- I call it Deluxe 90 Nitro!

You can see more of this guitar and details of the work HERE

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Barry Monahan - ICEBIRD

I use a hagstrom in my band, Icebird. I'm a big fan of your site and I was wondering if you could put us up on your band page. We just released an album called 'MAGNITUDE' on Flying Squirrel Records (USA)

I was so excited about the new hags that I went out and bought a black F300 (or F301?... it looks like this with a slightly different pickup configuration... http://www.hagstromguitars.com/products/f301.html  ) which looks like the old Hagstrom II's. I have to tell you, man, it's pretty awesome. The tone is similar to the whiny Hagstrom sound I know and love but it's bigger, way bigger and beefier. It has an almost endless sustain which reminds me of the old Fender Jazzmaster sound. The headstock is different from my old hags, but I've seen one of Pat Smear's old ones that has this kind of headstock. The body is also a little thicker than the originals. The only odd thing I noticed is that one of the three knobs barely does anything. No switches, but there is a six-way pickup selector. Overall, I'm really happy with it and I have a feeling that it might be a future collectors item, especially considering how hard they are to find right now.

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Brian Scott Phraner with Hagstrom HIIBN Bass
2001 -
At Sky Church in EMP, Seattle WA with the band "Phreeworld"

With the band "Phreeworld" at the "Progman Cometh Festival", Moore Theater, Seattle WA 2002

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Kevin Wease of the Triple Threat band with his Hagström Swede bass

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Cesar Gallesgos from Mexican Country Band GERONIMO
with his H-8 (used as a four)

See the H-8 Bass close up

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THE  Hagstrom retro-revival band!
CLICK to See

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If you have a profile page or history, then send that too, or point to a location to copy the detail from.

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