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Hagstrom Glitter Sparkle Models

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The Hagstrom UK "Sparklers" can be found by clicking on one of the pictures below:

Hagstrom Goya - P24 Standard

The first ever... 1958 Hagstrom P46 Deluxe
The Batman - The Deluxe Ä P46

This range of models is often copied, often referred to, often incorrectly on both counts.
What is all this P24 and P46 stuff eh? (Question from Rob at Hag Canada)
The "P" is for the PU unit the number is made up of the following:
2 = two Pickups total, 4 = 4 pickups (or two pairs in a humbucking arrangement)
The Goya Standard and Deluxe models were all HOLLOW. Why? Answer: Flexibility for the Dealer and Buyer.
I've also heard it was because it was lighter for shipping costs to USA or that they could
be played as acoustic models with a simple soundhole plug-in (Hmmm...) Certainly you could
choose whatever pickup unit configuration you like and simply plug it in and screw it down to position!
Manufactured in Mahogany (back and sides) Spruce (top) with support posts quite similar to Gretsch
then finished with a variety of glitter or solid colours, and sometimes natural mahogany top too.

My old 1958 P46 Deluxe is certainly solid, and most of the Hagstrom branded ones were designed to be solid
click the GOYA standard P24 picture above, as it is well documented on it's own page.
(The "Batman" is definitely a thin body solid guitar!)

These above are originals, and so are the ones that follow

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Standard / Dexluxe / P90 Visitors...


Geoff Harris - down-under Gotham's Finest







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Matt Foster was really excited when he was handed a couple of guitars - no wonder!

This thing sounds awesome hooked up to a great system like his.

I've just recently found myself as the owner of a beautiful black 1959 (Hagstrom) Goya Model 90 P46.
(Actually it was made from 1961, but we're still excited eh?)

It was given to me by one of my Dads old hot rod buddies from the 60's. The man is very generous. He's also given me a 62' Gibson J-50 Flat top...but that's another story.

Everything is original. EVERYTHING. He bought it brand new from 'Portland Music' in Portland, Oregon USA. It came in its original case with the 'Goya' labelled toolkit, although unfortunately, the allen wrench is missing. In the kit was a vile of solidified polish from the sixties! The case is worn, but the guitar is perfect. Minor play wear. Which is amazing since he played it for 12 years straight. I am proud to be the second Owner.

Im new to Guitar and its a pleasure to have this gem as one of my first guitars. Thanks for your time! Please enjoy these pictures!

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If ever you wanted clear close up pictures...
...then look no further!
Francis McArthur from Canada provides...
...some stunning views
Of this 1961 Deluxe 90, formerly owned...
...by his late father
This example was purchased in Rastatt, West Germany while he was posted to Baden-Baden with the RCAF in 1962. This guitar has since moved to the west coast of Canada and is soon moving to Winnipeg, Manitoba.
Thank you for providing these photos, also for the Hagström UK printout in the last picture!
A stunning family heirloom, another example of globe trotting Hagstroms that people treasure for ever thankfully

Warning: Feel free to 'Click' the icons above, but the full size pictures are BIG.

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Ton De Vreede from the Netherlands sent this superb 1961 P90 Hagstrom picture.

All that glitters certainly IS  Gold  here.

A lovely example.

No further details supplied - but the picture speaks for itself.

(Click the picture to get bigger view)

Check out the HAGSTROM ELECTRICS Page for more examples of glitter and Goya too!
Also a Special reproduction page of an article with pictures on the EDP46

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Since the article on the EDP46 and the arrival of the classic Red Goya, I am pleased to have received a flurry of messages from people who also appreciate these individual pieces of unique guitar history. In a variety of versions colours and pickup specs, these are actually great players too, so don't write them off as being just a quirky collector item.

Patrick Desplanque from USA was one of them, and with a bit of background provides a perfect backdrop for his Goya picture.

Thursday, February 20, 2003 2:39 AM - Subject: Enjoying your site! I love your site and the other Hagstrom sites as well. On a whim I had decided to research the origins of a guitar I bought used in NY in 1962-63. As it turns out, your site has helped me identify it as a GOYA Standard 90. I still have it but long ago, having broken one of the tuning pegs, I replaced them all with aftermarket parts. I wish now I hadn't! I don't suppose I could find a set of originals (unless...). The instrument is identical in every respect to the red sparkle except that the body is black. It sounds quite good although the action is very hard (normal?). Does it have collector's value (assuming it were in excellent condition- I would rate mine "fair")? I'd love to hear from you

So as always I try to give a bit of a reply - appreciating our visitors!

Subject: Your site     Hello David: Thank you very much for your kind and enthusiastic reply. If memory serves I paid $80 for the guitar in 62 or 63 (used, with original case which was in bad shape and long gone). The plate with the serial plate was replaced with a blank one but there is a number (free hand) on the aluminium plate that serves as a washer for the neck adjusting screws. It is a 3 digit number and could be the unit number that normally follows the batch number. I'll check and revert. I was in an amateur band in school in the mid 60's and although they were not known in the US, we played Shadows and Spotnick songs (or tried to ;-)). Yes I have a digital camera and will try to take some decent shots and e-mail them. Again thanks and all the best. Patrick


Thanks Patrick

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Dieter Draxler has been keeping these in
sparkling condition for quite a while...

Very stylish pictures they make too... just the way I like 'em!

hi, these are two hagstroms (I don't know what they are called) the only thing I do know, the red one was originally bought in '62, I got it 1990 for XXX dollars from an old man...

First we have a 1961-2 Deluxe in my favourite Red with 2 x twin pickups (yes that makes four) - early humbucking!

(The second set of pictures - also worth a look - is a great condition Hag III)
...the sunburst one I got for XX dollars has a serialnr. 784225, so long, Dieter (See the "All the H's" Page)

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Jeff Yoho brings us a special selection from the early and pioneering days. Those who have experience of these models know why many faceless axes these days have little soul compared to these great pieces of history...
(hey whoa, calm down Dave)

hello, i have what i thought was a p46 deluxe (not sure what year), but i'm not noticing a difference between mine and the 1962 deluxe model A. can you help me with this? any info will be greatly appreciated! love your web site!, i have 3 hagstroms; the deluxe, a black hagstrom I, and an impala. thank you!

Hello Jeff, The original P46 model has a ribbed side with squared angles to the back instead of the sweeping rounded contours around the back. The deluxe version (like mine) denotes the top of the range PU assembly rather than anything else, and has the pointed guard shape. There was often an overlap in model between batches at this stage, as the batches were so small.

Yours is listed as a Hagstrom Deluxe from a batch of 300 over 1960-61 if it has a rounded back to it, then it is the “next generation”. There was another batch of 300 1961-62 Then in 1962 came the Deluxe A run with the similar models (most with tremolo – but clearly not all of them) followed by the Batman version in the same run. The EDP46 came out of the first Deluxe (and ‘A’) models, and frankly looks quite similar to those original “top of the range” Deluxes There were only 96 EDP46 listed.

Yes it is very confusing at times, as many of the changes were quite subtle, markings, bridge changes, tailpiece changes wiring etc., as they were trying out ideas still at this stage. It does look as though your Deluxe is near the start of the run of these models, with the main distinction being the “top of the range” 4 pickup and six button arrangement, and the top of the range square fret markings rather than dots. The only really distinctive difference beyond this is the Batman version of course.

Yours looks in fantastic condition! A real treasure!


hi david.  thanks so much for the info! it is greatly appreciated! without knowledgeable persons as yourself with a love for these great instruments, guys like myself would still be scratching our heads in wonder and frustration.

See also Jeff's gorgeous IMPALA

ED: (If anyone wishes to add more to the detail of changes and nuances of these early models then please do e-mail me - see bottom of any page - there were many exceptions and variations from time to time - we are all still RE-learning the story!!!)

Marcus from Falun, Sweden sends us
pictures of his White Standard

Now here's a lovely condition headstock eh?

The back looks nice and clean too, wait for it...
...hold your breath...
...a 'beat' guitar if I ever saw one!


Now here comes the unique part of this presentation...

You could imaging the details in the eBay advert...

"Unique distressed or relic finish etc...

Pictures do not do it justice..."

You could enjoy it - as all the important bits look to be in great condition

Click the Pictures to see it in all the glory - sad in many ways, but.... I'd LOVE IT!

It would make a change not having to be too scared to play it!

Seriously - Thank you very much Marcus!

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Back to some sense of normality after the above,
but this '62 DELUXE looks pretty special too

(I am biased of course!)

Pete Suoniemi brings us his Black Hagstrom Deluxe

It's number is 499270. I describe it: Front of headstock and fretboard is pearl.
Whole body is black with white moulding around the top.
It is missing tremolo arm and the screw next to it is not original.

Well Pete, it's looks like a fine example, and the work needed is very minor.
The top of the body looks very good indeed!


What a great "looker" the black is, thanks Pete!

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Jean Cadet from France had been looking,
and enquiring all around the world...

Then he found a very good deal - in France!

Just a picture from two Hagstrom sisters. Sparkle and P46 .I find them in France,
good condition, very playable, fair sound with my Vox or Marshall :
I'm happy and lucky man. Just to share my happiness. Best regard Jean

Boy, oh boy, do I know that feeling!

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Neil Jackson has a fabulous
collection, which happens to include
a couple of Hagstroms too, here's
a shot showing a great
PB-24-BG Glitter Bass...


Drop into the
story page
to see and hear a bit more!



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Mattias from Sweden...
 reveals what the family has been hiding since 1959!
A dark (but pearly) secret - another case for Hagstrom... has been opened up again...

        It is difficult to add to this presentation with words...

  This is wonderful, and considering the date is 1959...

  ... it would look any re-issue straight in the eye and say "Oh Yeah?"
         One of only 201 Sweetone models from 1959.

Thanks Mattias - what a wonderful find... now go put it away again... somewhere safe!

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Another STUNNING condition Red Goya now, from R Craig Smith

This gorgeous example hails from 1961. The batch of Goyas made specially under contract by Hagstrom.

Wonderful condition finish,

this example has been slightly modified, but in truth, is the better for it, as the original machines were pretty awful!

Many thanks to Craig

for sending this selection of pix through to share!


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Back to the Beginning!
Dave Brewis from 'The Kane Gang'
shows us his original 1959 P46 Deluxe...

This guitar not only comes from the dawn of Hagstrom electrics, and it may be an original Bigsby unit (there were no other holes etc on the body). Being so early in Hagstrom production it is understandable if they hadn't yet established the Hagstrom branded version made by Bigsby.

What is more, it featured in the major 1984 hit
 "Respect Yourself" See Hagstrom Fans page...


What a fabulous example, solid body, ribbed sides,
and apart from the Bigsby unit it is just like
 the example here at Hagstrom UK.

Yet another example of the retro use of these old sparkle models,
this time, one of the oldest and rarest ever!  Franz who? :-)

Many thanks to Dave for taking the time and trouble to look out these pics... Trouble? Why?
He sold it in the early nineties... hmmm but really regrets it now!

"Really regretting selling that one now.....more than my '59 Les Paul, which I don't miss at all."

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You've seen many stunning examples of the genre on this page,
Wouter Johnson brings us his special Deluxe 90
I call it Deluxe 90 Nitro! It shows what can be done with the old idea!

(March 2005)

We've waited a long time to see these pictures.

When something really needs restoration there is good reason to take time out and see what can be tastefully improved.

Before you complain, he still has the original Hi-Fi Chassis too!

What we have is a 1957 Overwound Gibson Humbucker on a double Plexiglass plate with original "Hagstrom style" tone and volume dials

The tailpiece however is a mystery. This 1960 guitar came with it onboard, and now new questions are asked. This was before restoration, so was it a short time option, or more likely an after market change.

Do you know where it came from (apart from just Italy)

Somehow it looks so right on the guitar, and as for that pickup... apparently it sounds really awesome!!!

I can believe it.

This is one of the few altered models that somehow looks really great after the attention!

Now that would be a reissue idea!

Meantime here's a band link - so lets hope there are some action Pics in the gallery soon, so we can add them to the Current Bands page too!



Brigette needed some help with her dad's old master...

Not all those GOYA's made it to USA... Maybe it was because they took so long to pay Karl Erik sr

... waste not want not... sell 'em in Austria???

This is a taste of the many enquiries we get from visitors to the site. But then it's the history of the people that makes the history if Hagström such fun

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What a fantastic website. Congratulations.

However could you please assist me as I have absolutely no idea of what guitar I have in my possession……it could take me the next couple of weeks to go through your entire website!!

The Goya guitar is from my Dad – he lived in Austria and I am not sure where he bought it.



It is a glittery midnight blue. The neck looks like marble in light cream. It has a plate on the reverse which reads: Made by Hagstrom, Sweden. Pat S. 499008. It has a G on the neck. I think you would call it a six string? There are a few bits missing on the front – somewhere in the garage. It has a black case.

For easier reference I have attached photos – hopefully there are clear enough.

I look forward to reading about the guitar my Dad used when he was in his little band in Austria!

Many thanks.

Brigitte Wainwright



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There's nothing like a REAL original Swedish made Hagstrom (and there are loads around), but if it 'floats your boat', or you can't find an original then who are we to say?

Plenty has been said already and
will be said forever forward probably.
Only you know what's right for you!