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All the H's I-II-III

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The Hagstrom UK collection (That H-III went...but I finally found another good one!)
...and yes, the Scandi would have been the replacement for the HIII had the marketing succeeded!

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The story of the HI HII and HIII Models is diverse and interesting.
A story of evolution which takes us from vinyl to those stupendous translucent wet layer finishes
- The hardware changed a bit too!

It really all started with the PB24G or Hagstrom 1, a model with traces of the P46 and Standard models
In USA it started off as a "KENT" brand, in the UK "FUTURAMA" by Selmer

After losing the foil centre (emulating a sound hole area), it changed many times.
Staying in the style of the two models shown above from the Hagstrom UK collection for many batches,
then changing style with the change from Single Coil to Humbucking PU's (The Fab HIIN)
Then finally before bringing things to a close, there was the Partner.

Anyway lets get to see some of these stages through the pictures from our visitors!

But before that, here's an engineer's view of an old KENT or PB24G of the early 60's
No serial supplied, and as you see from a sorry state it was once in,
I think it's been brought back to something of interest
Jeff Campbell stripped it right back - everywhere, but would like to find a new facia sometime.
As he says it needs a good cleaning a new bridge and a few minor repairs still, but it plays!


I think it has a unique appeal and a halfway house to those resin guitars of the 70's - without the weight of course!

You can see all the stress cracks of the last 40 odd years, but the wood is actually nice under all that plastic, lucite and vinyl...



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Click for BIGGER pics

Aug 2005
Very nice to see such a great website about Hagström. As a Swede I must be proud!

For your information, I yesterday found a red Hagström Kent I, serial number: 537099, and bought it. Played some Shadows stuff last evening, everything worked! The trem not adjusted correctly but worked. Only thing missing is the knob at bottom for the strap. On the upper horn there is some glue marks left. Was there a Hagström logo there?

Best wishes Glenn Bergman, Åhus, Sweden

(Model from 1962)

Photo from Nancy Greene in USA.

If this Hagstrom 1 is as good as it looks
then it's as good as it gets!


Thorsten Lundquist kindly contacted me to say I was welcome
to use any of his photo's and link his site.

LUCKY GUY - LUCKY PRODUCTION - www.lucky.se Go See!
Stockholm. Sweden.

Here's a couple to be going on with, but do visit the site
- Collecting everything from Hagstrom Levin Gibson to Fender Guitars to Citroen 2CV's with 'fenders' both ends!
Recording Studios, and guitars for sale (no hags though!)

So, as an small example I thought we'd do an almost "first and last" (of a style)
First The Kent PB-24-G from 1962 then the Hagstrom Partner from 1979

Notice the ridge through the centre for the pickups on the Partner - first appeared on the HI in 1970?
Take a look at a Former Front Page Feature from Bernie to check it out!

...and dont forget to go and see the rest of Thorsten's collection at LUCKY PRODUCTION - www.lucky.se

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While we're in Sweden with the Partner model...

"...Partner in "close to mint" condition, The 310 is overhauled with new tubes
and sounds like in the good old days. Greetings from Dalarna, Sweden
Go on - try not to be envious folks... yes they're superb!
(Thank you Anders)

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The Futurama from 1963 (This one 1964) and we lose the centre grill


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Richard Chamberlain from Lancaster felt compelled to send in a pic of himself with with his
great looking 1963 Futurama - even better indication of "the swimming pool"* being filled in for ever eh?

Hi, been looking at your Hagstrom site and wanted to be egotistical and send you a picture of ME ......with my beloved Hagstrom Futurama mk1 1963. My band is called The Plastic Noon's. and I've been using my Hagstrom since 1997, when I bought it second hand in Lancaster, where I'm still based. Haven't released anything official like, but it's the guitar that's the star. ta richard

oh yes, the pic of himself...

... well he's a Brit, very reserved!

* I should explain for the new visitor...if you look further up the page, you'll see the 'grill' between the pickups. This was a garish throwback to the sound-hole in an acoustic, given the era where electric guitars hadn't been around all that long, also it did resonate through the original hollow body electrics. The models with a raised white plastic pickguard with the grill inside have been likened to a 50's 'lido' with the grill being the rippling water... need I say more? Your Futurama is a perfect example of the lido being filled in even if a third pickup wasn't there in place of the grill!

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Andy Britton also loves his 1963 Futurama - Seems it was a good year for Selmer UK and Hagstrom!



Jan Wouters from Belgium brings us another Futurama (Selmer Brand) and a bit more detail

One week after I bought my second Hagstrom the II B bass I ran up into the Futurama III Deluxe. Just surfing the internet. A small ad saying Futurama elec. guitar ’70 – 75 euro. I didn’t realise it right away so I surfed on. But then at one point I stood up and went for the Blue Book. “Futurama” I’d seen this name before. And there it was: Futurama was a Hagstrom guitar. Googled up Futurama and found out it could be anything, even a Hagstrom. Phoned the guy and asked him if there was a serial number on the back, Yes there was! 584477. Bingo!! A Hagstrom! Made an appointment and so I got my third Hagstrom. Now on this guitar some work had to be done. The Tremor arm was missing so I had to make myself one. Found out different type of arms were used so I picked one that was easy to make. The paint had faded a little so I had to polish it to make it shiny again. Some frets came loose, had to take ‘m out and put new ones in. Now there is some damage on the headstock. A piece of wood came off. Someone glued it back and gave it the support of a screw. Not so nice. I happen to have a very skilful friend, great guitar player too, who will restore this damage. Thanks pal! Oh yes, the back of the neck had a terrible feel. The lacquer was very worn. Sanded it and will respray it, together with the restoration of the headstock. Nice, sweet bitey sound! Another Hagstrom saved.

Thanks Jan, glad to see the dedication here, these are great pieces of history
as well as being a great player! Don't forget the link to see his other great Hagstroms!

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I love these old Hagström Baby Blue models. Selmer would have been pleased to receive this example originally, as by the time these were being made, Hagstrom were entering their busiest period for some time. There was quite a waiting list gathering pace, and Selmer had to make do with whatever Hagström would let them have! Listed as a Futurama for Selmer in the UK of course, it has no difference to the Hagström version apart from the branded headstock logo Futurama. Nice to see the original case, tool kit, and Selmer strap is still together also.

All except the serial number pic are thumbnail pics to view at a much bigger size by clicking on the pic...



The buckle rash on the back of the body shows how low-slung this player liked their guitar!


(April 2006) Many thanks to Zilla Mayne from the UK for the original photos.

Now, HERE is something different.

Why different? Look closely...

Ed Brady sent these pictures having scoured the net for a picture similar to his own Hag III.

"So, what?" you say.

Look at the body.
No centre grill being a three pickup
No bevelling on the body like a Futurama
No rivets, No vinyl
...and it's not a Hagstrom "Kent" model.

The original pictures show a blemish free colour.
Saving to a more compact jpg has made this guitar look tarnished - (it doesn't look it in the originals).

Anyway, to the final point:

Look at the David Bowie picture link on our Hagstrom Fans page
Go there, expand the picture and what do you see? (Well, go on then...)

Let us know what you think eh? (See e-mail address at bottom of any page)
I hope to receive more info from Ed soon - serial no etc to give me some clues...

Hello, I've attached two pictures of my Hagstrom III. I've never seen one exactly like it until now, with the rounded, instead of the beveled edges. It appears to be the same as the one in the picture of David Bowie on your site. I would be proud to see it on your site, which is excellent. Cheers, Ed Brady

Thank you Ed, and what superb condition!

Update: Yep! The same production run as the Kent (Mr.D.Bowie style). The batch was half Kent half Hagstrom. This one is a literal combination! As you see Ed maintains the following which just reinforces some of the minor queries from the batch listings. I'd stake some on this being the Bowie Kent model, with a Hagstrom branded neck! Good job he wants to keep it eh?
There'd be a few interested in prizing it away!
Along with a couple of others Hags in his collection... for example this Black Beauty H12

 Hmmm - must try a 12 solid I thought... After seeing this... we got one over here
My son loves it too!

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Bernie Van started off 2003 with this fine example of a 1971 HI.

With Tailpiece similar to the early sparkle models,
no switches, and a single pick-up similar to the 1979 Partner.


Although they were years apart these were the only models I know to use this (still Hagstrom made) pickup style!
(Tell me I'm wrong someone!)


This model was a single batch sent to Canada

(Those Canadians got all the variety!)




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Joe Beneziano sends us his beloved Hagstrom Deluxe from 1965.
Click to view full size pics

I enjoy your website. Its nice to know there are many Hagstrom fans out there as for many years I though I was alone.

Back in the late 50's through the late 60's my uncle owned Broad Music, a small music store in Bloomfield, New Jersey where he gave music lessons and sold musical instruments.

Like a lot of young kids with relatives in the music business every Saturday was music lesson day. I started in 1963 at the age of 10. After about a year I started paying guitar with other friends who played drums and bass guitar, problem was all I had was an acoustic guitar.

When my uncle found out he took me into the back of his store and let me pick out an electric guitar. I picked out this Hag III as the color caught my eye. It was and still is a joy to play. The serial number of the guitar is 632130. It has been with me for over 40 years and will remain with me for many years to come! I am glad to see there is an appreciation for these guitars!! Ps..sorry for the picture quality. The lines are in the picture not the guitar, and yes that is the original case too!

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Bill Silvermintz sent these in January 2003, his wonderful Hagstrom Deluxe II
A limited 1000 run in 1965... Really kewl, and I love that neck into headstock on the reverse...

I have a Red Hagstom II, Serial 641356 (which I bought new in the mid 60’s – 1965 I believe), on which the head is the same color as the body.


CLICK these thumbnail pictures for a better view of the full front view, the body and pick guard assembly, and that reverse of neck - blonde into red!

A True Deluxe model, and well kept.

Many Thanks to Bill Silvermintz

I have not seen many of these around. Was this a limited run? It is in superb condition with one very small (2 mm) paint chip on the edge of the head, a couple of tiny body dents and all else intact. Is there a serial # catalog in which I can determine when this guitar was made?

Yes a 1,000 limited run in 1965

Yes - you can buy the Hagstrom Gitarrer booklet which lists al the batches (nearly!), for the electrics, semi-acoustics, and basses. See the LINKS page.

 - and proceeds of sales go to former employees

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March 2003 - Then in we had an example of the next change...
This one from 1966 owned by Jim (WoodyWagonPop!)
The guitar is too!

There's something about natural wood too though...


Mind you, there's a POD coming up,

so we're back in the 21st century now!












Note the switch plate has disappeared, and we're at that classic HII stage now... 





Many thanks to Jim for his great set of pics... brave guy too!

Brilliant stuff...

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 Dieter Draxler

...and the sunburst he got for XX dollars has a serial nr. 784225:

The 1970 Sunburst HIII

Bought 1990, pictures 2003 how much would it be to buy now eh? ... hmmm

Thanks Dieter

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We saw the Red HI for Canada further up the page. This is from another small batch for Canada made in 1968-9, an HI-O
Notice the single pickup is a standard Hagstrom unit.

The body in this wine red almost gives the appearance of a yet to come HII-N model.


The headstock simply says Hagstrom, and those pearloid tuners look to have stood the test of time well which is unusual!
Looking closer at the pickup it looks to have the squared almost soap-bar style pickup.

The lack of switches add to the impression of it being later than it is.

Very clean looking for it's vintage,

 - still with it's supplied case and maybe original strap?

Another sign of good living is the lack of marking, and the fact the routing plug is still in place at the base of the back.
200 of these were made, and unlike the HI shown further up the page, it was more standard in appearance. The bridge the older style too as with all these earlier models, the type that sits on top of the bridge posts - and falls off when you de-string the guitar! The pickguard is the same as the later batch from 71, but it lacks the colour matched neck. However the contrast adds up to a good looking if basic configuration for the family of models.

Next we come the the HII-N: an altogether different beast, with a thin body and humbuckers...

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I believe this fine example comes from the seventies
The guitar too looks like the same period! - at a guess at 1975?
Full details not supplied yet...

Greg Van at a Gig 24th March 2002 with a Wine Red HIIN
Thanks Bernie!

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Then at the end of 2003 Geoff Stich found one too!

Click the pic to go to his Page


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Now we all know how good the HIIN is...

THIS IS RARE... made in 1970
A transition model before the HIIN was released.
You can find an All-Red example of this model on the Swedish leaflet from 1970
(I don't know if it was offered internationally)

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Marcus Wieërs from Belgium "just found this" recently...

It comes from nearly the very last batch of HIII made in 1971-2
It is interesting how the switch plate comes and goes form batch to batch

Strange oval sticker on the upper side, and a chicken beak knob for volume
clearly the original owner had his own requirements!

Lovely colour on the headstock, and a very nice thing to "just find"
- generally great looking condition.

Thanks Marcus!

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And one from the Hagstrom Argentinean contingent..
Sergio Parentella

A good example of the contrast between different batches not only in looks, but in pickup styles,
this example from 1970 looks to be in pretty fine condition.

Hello, I am called Sergio, alive in Argentina and am the happy possessor of a Hagstrom III, whose I number of series is 784455. I need to know to the date of his fabrication... ...Thank you very much to take care of my request, and them greeting affectionately from the South cone of America.

You are most welcome Sergio!

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This Hagstrom II sunburst had been sitting in its case unused for about 35 years. It was bought new about 40 years ago when the owner was briefly taking guitar lessons, then owned only by that one person since. Serial number is 652864.

It sold recently on eBay in April 2004

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Terje Solbakken from Norway and this great old Kent..


I will only tell a short story about my relations to Hagström guitars. In 1965 I was 15 years old, and had been a Beatles fan two years.

I had started playing guitar on an old acoustic aftermy mother, but was eager to get me an electric one. I fell in love with a KENT III, light blue with black arm.

It cost me at that time 850NOK and I got myself a summer job in my school vacation, earned the money and bought the guitar. In the end of 1968 I sold it, stupid me, and lost it forever. But I never forgot it.

Five years ago I walked into a music instrument shop in Drammen where I live, and there on the counter was a red KENT guitar for sale to the highest bidder over 3600 NOK (290 GPB).

I told them my story and passion for this particular guitar and I got it for 320 GBP. But I still keep looking for the old light blue one.

Kind regards from, Terje Solbakken Drammen, Norway

Thanks for taking the time to send your pics and story Terje, many people before you say similar things about regretting selling, but then when you find one again it's a real good feeling eh?.

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Jacques has a great set of three Hags, and a great story too:
this is his H-II-N

Hi David, The HIIN has been bought on a flea-market quite some years ago. Most of the time I see the HIIN with a fender head look a like. This one has a different one. I am not an expert, may be you'll know. Regards, Jacques

There was a transition from the old style HII which took two stages. The original HII had single coils, switches and the Fender shape head. This then changed to the new Hagström humbuckers, and dials instead of switches for tone but still with the Fender shape head in 1970 The headstock shape was last to change – presumably because they had enough necks available for a while! The version with the Fender style head was mainly sold off inside Europe, as this version (the “new new” one) was sent to the main markets – mainly USA and Canada from 1971 onwards.

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Pat Hammonds sent us this Fab pic... read below:

Your site just gets better and better! Thought you'd like thie pic of a Buddhist Monk playing- you guessed it. He's with the Drepung Loseling Monastery, a Tibetan Monastery located in Southern India. They were doing a world tour and performed at our Unity Church here in El Paso. Two of the monks stayed with me for 3 days, and this one (sorry-forgot his name) spoke English. I taught him 2 chords on the Hagstrom and as you can see from the expression on his face, he may never be the same. We had a great night swapping songs and recording them on my AkaI 16 track.. Another Hagstrom star??
See Pat and his band Crystal Dreams on the Current Bands page

Thanks Pat!

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Hagurama from Switzerland!

I just visited your page and I like it a lot! Those wonderful guitars! I got two Hagstroms, they might be interesting for your page. I bought the bass from a friend in Switzerland (for $400) and have been playing it every day since. Because I liked it so much I began to look for a similar guitar. Two months ago I found one on ebay. I won the auction for $250 and had it sent to Switzerland. After an excellent restauration job (for another $300) I now got the guitar I always wanted and play this one every day, too! Attached you find a few pictures of my beloved babys. The bass is all original (except for new frets), the guitar has got new frets, a new volume pot and knob plus one new belt pin. If you'd like you can use them for the site. If required, I can take more specific pictures of each. Serial number of the guitar is 610673, the bass is 587142. Best regards Beda

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Karol from Vancouver recycled this little gem...

My Dad saved this from being thrown out with the trash. Took it to a music store and they plugged it in but it wouldn't work.

The store sent me to a guy that fixes guitars and he said that it was worth keeping and fixing. He called the next day and said that it was fixed and ready to rock.

Now my daughter has her first guitar. I would like to find out any info that I can on this and your help would be greatly appreciated. The serial number is 787189

 Sincerely Karol in Vancouver.

Well this is interesting. It comes from a batch made 1970-1. A small order of 200 placed by the Canadian importer for a simple guitar made up of various items from previous models.

Now I don't want to go way over the head here, or go over the top, as it's not a top model or anything, but you did ask...

The simple tail-piece comes from the models made around 1960 which were all glitter and pearl, never used again except this small order. The pickup is interesting too, as it isn't a normal style Hagström Pickup, but all of the batch had this pickup on it.

Hagström were renowned for having all sorts of switches and stuff for tone - but here a simple Volume and Tone dial - much like many guitars today. So yes it's a lower spec model, but I find it fascinating and love the "all over" colour - but then I would eh?

So, if your daughter doesn't take to it and it heads for the trash again let me know, as I'd be happy to add it to the collection and present it as part of the Hagström story - which it is!

Those pickups did appear again weirdly much later on the Partner model!
(See near the top of this page).

Bernie showed us one of these a while back
(see the Front Page Feature history) or further up this very page!

Here we have an old HII with the lovely colour matched sunburst neck...
This one from Michael Wilson in the UK

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"MikeyCBS" sends us a few stylish pix of his HII in White...

Here are some pics of my 66/67 Hag II - F200.

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How about this then - Last and first together in Buenos Aires, Argentina
Rodrigo Zeballos works in a well known Guitar store - and knows what he likes!

Both from 1970: the last true* HIII batch and the first HIIN batch!

*(Before you all shout, batch 806xxx had Viking pickups and was just using up old bits)

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Get a load of this babe... Carlos Caso-Rosendi sent these incredible pictures thorugh in November 2005. Time Capsules or what?
I found this one in the back of a music shop around here. Mint condition. It seems that they bought a bunch of them and .. they could never sell this one. They almost kissed me when I asked for the price. I got an H2 in almost the same condition (the knob is damaged but otherwise it is perfect)

Then the red H3 coming soon from Buenos Aires (I hope) and two H2 that need a lot of work.

From time to time I cry when I remember I gave away that V2 (sad sad but I will get one one of these days) To make the thing even more sad...  the story:

This 13 year old wanted an electric guitar for Christmas. He is not a brat, his father lost his shirt in the stock market and they "downgraded" from rich to struggling middle class.

The father could not afford to give his kids an apple that year.

At the time the dad was drowning his self pity and the mother was not helping the situation. I took pity on the kid and I surprised him with the guitar that Christmas of 2002. The kid was ecstatic (believe me that is worth more than a mere couple of thousands) About a week later the whole family stopped talking to me (Mom and Dad) Apparently the kid was playing very well and formed a garage band with some of his friends. That earned me the hate of his parents (???)  Not only the Swedes have a faulty switch... as you can see.

I hope the kid grows up to be rocker... that'd be a great reward.

I just have to say... I'm jealous as hell, having given my own wonderful H-III away to a 'deserving' cause. Lets hope your kindness is well received...
But heck, thanks Carlos for your generosity with the pictures and info - WONDERFUL!

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Christo McMillan came up with this idea "its eerie how the two headstocks almost fit together"
(Click the Swede headstock to go to that page)

'65 3TSB Hagstrom II
Christo Ottawa, CA

Go see the great looking Swede too, as for this H-II... superb condition eh?

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Ok so here's a slice of dedication coming up from Finland. It's an old HII from 1972.
Fairly trashed it seems, but Harri Pirinen is going to make it all better, so don't worry...
But why the interest? WELL... look at the neck plate. It's not a triangle... it has four screws... yes
somewhere in my memory I've seen this before... always from something 1972... but only basses before.

Couple of days ago I saved a Hagström guitar that was going to junkyard. It is not in very good condition. It has lost the pickups all the switches and even the pot is gone not to mention one of the machine heads (is this right). Anyway it is still Hagström and I am going to restore it if I manage to get the missing parts somewhere. I'll send You some pictures of it even it is not so pleasant to watch. Harri Pirinen.

Hey I know a store in Älvdalen that might just have what you need...
From the look of it it would really be worth doing up too. The colour matched neck is great!
and those other four hole neck plates? 1: Steve Hansen 2: Manfred Graeder check out the links!

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See also Copies Copies Copies Yes, Hagstrom Copies!

Send in your pics and a bit of a story if you can...


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