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        There are 3 Sections to this page: The overview pre-purchase, the inspection and cleaning, the final assembly.


"From Sweden to New York, from New York to UK"  (Via West Virginia)
Recent (2013) Pictures can be seen here: http://www.gbmusic.co.uk/Hagsell/Goya/

(available from Musitech Alvdalen, Sweden - See the Spares section on the links page)

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To us old romantics an original GOYA is something you shouldn't just hang on the wall...

So in 1960 Hagstrom commissioned some original pieces of musical artistry, that sparkled and glistened.
A limited number were produced for GOYA guitars of New York.
Many of this style have faded or partly destructed since then, some have disappeared altogether.

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But this little sparkler (A Goya R80) flew the light romantic all the way from West Virginia.
Luckily we have one that was hardly used, and spent most of it's life in it's case...

From a single batch of 177 model 90, and 370 model 80 Hagstrom manufactured the GOYA
version - clearly the same format as the Hagstrom branded models, but just that bit rarer.
with the famous H profile adjustable neck, but somewhat unconventional materials!
Clear acrylic fretboard laid over a pearloid faced mahogany neck. Stainless steel frets.
The Mahogany body with glitter sparkle front and fully covered pearloid back and sides.

No wear on the frets, and bright pearly magic gives way to deep red glistening sparkles.

Click any thumbnail picture  for a larger version - throughout the page below...

Made in Sweden for Goya of New York, the total production was exported to USA.
We believe this is the only example to reside in the UK.
Complete with Hagstrom toolkit in Goya branded wallet, original tortoiseshell pick, and original case.


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Fortunately the Case wore the years more than the contents...

The only damage appears to be one of the tuners, where recent attempts at tuning broke one of the
pegs from the stem due to lack of use and lubrication. This will be faithfully restored, recreated or replaced, to maintain the original machines - admittedly the most fragile machine heads Hagstrom ever used.

The range of Hagstrom sparkle guitars was fairly unique, although similar finishes were also produced in Italy. Despite the roughly LP shape, the styling and materials express an individuality much lost in more recent guitar production. The idea of applying bright finishes probably stemmed from many years of accordion production, which started in the 1920's.

There are glitter guitars still manufactured, but most are much cheaper in construction, and without the individual elements such as the interchangeable pickup units, and lacking in Mahogany which underpins the models produced by Hagstrom. They will often make reference to these original pieces of art. To read more about this, and the materials used, please refer to the link below (EDP46).

At over forty years of age, many of the Hagstrom models can suffer binding separation due to body shrinkage and discoloration due to environmental and physical damage, and those tuner machine heads if not well maintained have often been replaced.

PS: They're also great fun - and capable players!

Richard Bennett
can be seem playing a Hagstrom for the album (2002)
(Link Updated)

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This section will need time to load above - if you have come straight here
Click the thumbnails for open check-up photo's

...and that tuner peg faithfully re-created!

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Some advice from Sweden: you can do anything you can on a Telecaster, it's just more fun, so...
Click the thumbnails for CLEAN AND SHINE or DARK AND LIGHT photo's

We now have a name for her (with some help from Rob of Hagstrom Canada)

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For a more generalised overview of the Hagstrom Standard and Deluxe range (which was produced mainly under the Hagstrom name), between the years 1958 and 1963, see the page EDP46
or Hagstrom's 1959 P46 Deluxe , or the 1962 Hagstrom Deluxe Ä (new modification),

also some stunning examples on the dedicated Visitors page

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It wasn't Just Bryan Ferry and Roxy Music who revived these style of guitar in the 70's

This Canadian band, April Wine, was popular in the US and Canada.  Their third record, Electric Jewels, had an illustration of a Goya on the cover and a photo of the Goya on the back.  See attachment.
Allmusic.com reviews the record.
With April Wine's third release, the band was just beginning to make a real name for itself, thanks to "You Could Have Been a Lady"'s Top 40 marking on the charts the previous year. Electric Jewels didn't spark a hit, although the power-driven guitar punch of "Weeping Widow" gained a moderate amount of radio play in Canada, as did the semi-ballad "Lady Run, Lady Hide." This album, like most of April Wine's early material, consisted of a three-tiered formula; two or three strong tracks, two or three so-so rock and rollers or ballads, and two or three unnecessary time fillers. As far as the band's lineup goes, both David and Ritchie Henman had left, replaced by guitarist Gary Moffet, and Gerry Mercer, who took over the drumming duties — and Moffet's playing does give April Wine an added boost, which is noticeable on a number of cuts. "I Can Hear You Callin'" and "Just Like That" show the greatest potential outside of "Weeping Widow" and "Lady Run, Lady Hide," but both Goodwyn and the rest of the band were still experimenting with their writing, and, more importantly, how heavy of a rock band they were going to be. When all is said and done, the better tracks from Electric Jewels and the two albums that precede it can best be heard on most of April Wine's compilations.
Band Bio (from allmusic.com)
April Wine formed in late 1969 in Halifax, Nova Scotia, but vocalist/guitarist Myles Goodwyn, guitarist David Henman, drummer Ritchie Henman and bassist Jimmy Henman soon moved to Montreal. "Fast Train," their first hit, appeared in 1971, the same year as the self-titled debut album. Jimmy Henman left soon after and was replaced by Jimmy Clench. The next year brought the band's first Canadian number one single, "You Could Have Been a Lady," from On Record. David and Ritchie Henman left before the next album, Electric Jewels, could be recorded; they were replaced by Jerry Mercer and Gary Moffet. After April Wine Live (1974) and Stand Back (1975), Steve Lang replaced Clench, who left to join Bachman-Turner Overdrive and later Loverboy. In 1976, The Whole World's Goin' Crazy became the first Canadian album to go platinum and their resulting tour was the first to gross one million dollars. Forever for Now appeared in 1976, followed by April Wine Live at the El Mocambo in 1977. Guitarist Brian Greenway was added that same year, making the band a sextet. After 1978's First Glance and 1979's Harder...Faster, "Just Between You and Me" became April Wine's biggest U.S. hit. The single (one of three Top 40 American singles by the band) propelled 1981's Nature of the Beast to platinum-record status. Power Play followed in 1982, and 1984's Animal Grace was their last album. Myles Goodwyn recorded his first self titled solo album in 1988. Four years later, all the original members joined for a Canadian tour, which convinced them to resume recording. "If You Believe in Me," the band's first single in eight years, was followed by 1993's Attitude.

Thanks to Graham Ford from www.hagstromguitars.com for this text and two pix.

Go See one of Canada's greatest R&R Bands

Finally, I have to thank Mr and Mrs Akers from West Virginia for this superb instrument.
In addition UPS, who beat all records getting it from there (Saturday) to the UK (Tuesday)

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