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Swede and SuperSwede

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The Hagstrom UK Swede and Super Swede models can be found
by clicking on either model in the picture below:
The SuperSwede The Late Model Swede

the UK collection Swede Patch 2000 is here.

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Rob fell for Bernie's SuperSwede, and why not - it's a really Super-Stupendous-Swede!
Oh yes, Bernie called this pic "Blue Hawaii"


Hi folks, 

Bought it around '81 when I played with

Manfred Mann's Earthband on a blue monday...


Check out my site www.carlcarlton.com 

keep swinging, thanx a million, Carl

Carl Carlton, Dublin. Ireland


These Baby Blue Swedes are really fab eh
- thanx to you Carl for bringing it to us

It's nice to see the attention now given to these old masterpieces.
A few years ago you'd buy one for US$200, now people spent more just doing them up again... appreciation at last!

But going back to 2001, Rob's been doing this Hagstrom thing for a while...
Rob M. wrote:

My pics are awaiting me sanding down a bridge pickup surround that is too tall, and waiting for the case. 
I really can't remember if I mentioned this, but I might just have the 80th Hagstrom Swede ever built
(Karl E. Hagstrom is going to research it for me, when he gets some time).  At that point, I think the old girl should have
a proper "debutantes coming out".  Below is a picture of it as I received it. 
It now has original knobs, pickup surrounds, pick guard, and soon, case.

Since sending this pic mid 2001, you can now find this guitar somewhere on a
Canadian website
mentioned at the bottom of EVERY page ... (LOL Rob - How's that for links mate!)

And finally the update as promised...

carpet looks great too Rob!

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Here's Jon Kohmann from Norway with a live pic from 1987

It's a custom colour "natural tree white" SuperSwede
a Translucent White through to the grain.

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From Jim Wilcox - A pair of Hagstroms vintage 1976. I am on the right.

That one had been hanging over a heater in Western Pennsylvania when I bought it. The glue started powdering away between the two halves of the neck. In 1978, Karl Hagstrom Sr. pro-rated it and made a custom Swede/SuperSwede (with Jimmy D’Aquisto as his US agent to inspect the thing). I had swapped out the machines for Schallers, so he put Hagstrom-engraved Schallers on mine. I like the old stop-piece better (more Les Paul-ish), but the Flour de Li (sp?) is a little nicer than the harp. The new one has an even thinner and even wider neck. Love it. Still have it. Jim Wilcox        Thanks Jim - you haven't changed a bit... and I still look like David Cassidy... LOL!!!

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Hi David, I don't think the neck was ever changed. I bought it from an older gentleman who bought it new for his son in the sixties. He told me his son played it for only a few months and it sat in a closet ever since. I could see why he didn't play it, since the action was a mile high. I had no problem adjusting the neck, but I had to shave more than an eighth of an inch ( three centimeters) off of the bottom of the bridge. I'm surprised Hagstrom shipped it like that. It was nearly unplayable. The neck is perfect and the vinyl is in great condition, but the plastic is cracked in several places, most notably at the bridge, which was screwed down as tight as possible. Once I got it in shape, I fell in love with it, until I bought the Hagstrom III, which has become my favorite. Here's a picture of my Swede I just sold on eBay. Thanks for all the good info. Cheers, Ed


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Now, what's all the fuss about - It's a Swede eh?
Well kind of maybe... actually it's a Hagstrom L.P. - The predecessor / prototype
to the much loved and respected Hagstrom Swede.
This one made in 1971 - 1 of only 505 made in TOTAL !

Have you noticed yet?

Yes, the neck was attached with a single screw!
Thanks to Ben for sending these pics to share with you all...

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Erland Alexander Heir from Norway has captured all aspects of the Visitor pages Guitar, Bass and Amp... and with such a delightful shot. Notice the pinched waist of the Bass compared to the Six string guitar, a lovely comparison side by side. So, what did he have to say about his pride and joy?

Click on the picture to open it up full size!
Hi! Thanks for a great site! Here`s a picture of my 2 Hagstrøm guitars as well as a Hagstrøm Amp. From left, a 1972 Swede bass and a 1977 Swede guitar. The blue amp is an Hagstrøm GA225 from 1971. GA225 was my first amp. back in 1974. I trade it with an Peavey in 76. But when I found this one in Stockholm this summer, I did a fast deal!

I like the look of that amp.... Now Dave, we need a Bass amp.... Thank you Erland!

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Sol from Montreal Canada brings us this Swede story...

Hi, I would like to know if you are interested in adding my Guitar to your picture gallery.

There were 150 Swedes produced in that 811 production run, and as far as know, these were the only guitars with the "patch" headstock badge. All other Swedes has the Fleur De Lys on the headstock.

1971 Hagstrom Swede (Patch)...Serial 811060 If you need any other pictures of the guitar, please let me know. My name is Sol Levinson and I live In Montreal Canada. It is actually the second one I bought, the first was stolen. it had the Fleur de lys. I don't remember the serial # completely , 8 0 2 3 were part of it. Peace, Be Well, Have Fun, Sol

Thanks very much Sol. Peace to you, friend, and thanks for the text and pics. This is such a super-clean and sparkling example - well looked after, and obviously appreciated, - so it should be, they're great players!

Just a small addition about the headstock and your description:  
It is interesting to see the logo style, and you are right - most have the "Fleur de Lys" style. This style originates from the background used on the Jimmy signature semi-acoustics, (See above example). This styling also appeared on the later SuperSwede model, and
"Patch"... well that was actually one of the wired neck for analogue synthesiser models that appeared 1976, and had a din socket close by the jack socket for dual modes of play. Yours has it's own special "factoid", coming from the first full batch made under the name "Swede", previous batches were called Hagstrom L.P. (and made differently). It is wonderful to see the superb condition, in further communications Sol confirmed it is is near mint condition.
(As always, click the small pics to view larger versions)

Update Dec 2002: This guitar was shown on another site as being for sale, then even shown sold!
The owner had not sold it, nor was it for sale, despite 'encouragement' to do so by that site's operators.
It remained listed despite e-mail requests to remove it. It was finally removed by 31st December 2002.
Please beware some opportunistic people may ask for photos, then end up misrepresenting them.
www.hagstromusa.com, www.hagstromcanada.com and www.hagstrom.org.uk will always respect your rightful wishes.
Any link you find on this site should be OK, but always be sure to 'use your head' before parting with money or rights.

Back to business, why not check out Sol's brilliant oil painting work at http://www.earthartgallery.com/painters/Sol_Levinson/images1.html

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It took time, but David Ream finally "persweded" himself he could afford one...

Thanks again for your website. I enjoy the all the pictures you have on the site. I sent the pix of the 75th Patch ever made (Swede) that I recently acquired. They look sort of red compared to the actual color which is natural mahogany. I know that I am at least the third owner.

The guy I bought it from had it since the early 80's - he thought that he got it in '81. All the modifications were done to it before he got it because he thought it was all original which obviously it isn't. Normally I never do anything to a guitar that is in it's original condition becuase I figure it was built the way the manufacturer thought best to design and build it.

So if I don't like the way the guitar is as it is I usually just pass on it. I am not a collector. I am a player, so I look for guitars that I can play with nothing other than adjustments. However with this guitar I can't really do that since the circuit board is gone. Someone has drilled a hole in the top to put in the mini toggle switch. In short it, is impossible to put it in its original condition so I am willing to make some after market upgrades that do not further damage or detract from the guitar as it now is and make it play/sound better.

I am going to keep the original Hagstrom parts in case I ever need to put it close as possible to its vintage state. After I have made the adjustments and modifications that me and my luthier decide upon I will post before and after photos on my website with a link to yours (with your permission) to show it as I originally received it.

Well now for my Hagstrom story... In about 1978 or 1979 I was in high school and there was a local music store in California near my home. I had been playing bass and guitar for about 3 years and had never really owned a quality instrument. In this store they got a matched set Swede and Swede bass and had them in their display window with a price tag of $850.00(USD)each.

Now to give you an idea what that meant to me, I had worked very hard to buy my first car that I was now driving and gasoline and insurance was draining me for every cent I could possibly earn. My car only cost me $450.00 (USD) so as you could see how this guitar was priced way out of my range but they both were the tranparent cherry red with chrome hardware and were the most beautiful guitars I had ever seen. In short they became the object of my desire which remained unfulfilled and to be honest kind of lost in the recesses of my memory as the years had passed.

Hagstroms just completely were out of my life and I never crossed another one since. I was going out with a girl from Sweden for a while in about '81 ... but that is another story. Fast forward 25 years.... I am on ebay just looking at guitars and I suddenly remember how I loved that Hagstrom guitar I wanted way back then. I search and find them wow! -but they weren't the same guitar as I wanted way back then. I didn't even know the model name - I just knew it looked like an LP. So, I begin searching Hagstrom on the 'net and find a friendly community of Hagstrom lovers and their websites. I especially enjoyed your web site and the official website in Sweden.

They are even better than I remember. I learned the model name (Swede) and begin a quest to buy a Swede, Patch or SuperSwede. About a month ago I get my Guitar and it has become my favorite guitar. There are simply no other guitars like it. It is fast, plays wonderfully for a guy like me with a light touch especially the Patch with its extra thin neck. I am proud to be a Hagstrom player. I am considering selling/trading my Gibson to get another one. You can't play just one! So many thanks to all the friendly people who play Hagstroms and thank God for the Internet which helped me realize my dream.

Moreover David, thanks for sharing your prize with us, and realising the quality of the original instrument, so many get less attentive owners who don't appreciate what they're meant for... music...pleasure...and a little bit of synergy when you take hold of that piece of art... and make it Live!


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Gerrit got a Diamond Deal

in the Big Apple

Read about


Hagstrom 12

and this great Swede

and see other pictures...





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Short and Sweet... Black Beauty is a "Yester play"...

Here's a picture of my Swede "Black Beauty". I recently bought this from Jim Yester, the original rhythm guitarist for The Association.
Here's a link to a video where I think Jim's playing her:  http://www.theassociation.net/ram/backseatofheaven-56k.ram
Cheers- Paul Wecker

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OK, safe to take the Shades off? 
Well yes... and then no...

Here's One of the LAST Hagstrom SuperSwedes made...
      - Custom colour too!

Click the icons for bigger pics

hey there, ...how's things, luv the page you got goin' on! these pic's aren't the best...moved to the states in march/03 and...yep..had to leave my baby behind....still no name for her...any ideas?? the pics don't do it justice, it's more a cherry/pink burst...excellent shape..and the serial number is 53 076176 bought in either '83 or '86 still not sure yet..lol..nonetheless she's great!! Wonderfull sound and lot's of "wow's", actually had one guy say, "ohhh, he's bringin' out the devil" hmmm...possible name...naaaa..she's not evil but; she is definetely one to be listend to and obsorbed or consumed by. soo, if you want...any idea how much she might be worth?? Any clue on a name for her...i play blues and when i get goin'...i get all outta control and go into epileptic spasms with her....and burn up the board...ouch! (12 bar blues is always best to get a crowd drinkin' and tappin') lemme know what you think, and what other's might think...always nice to hear nice things about her...and to be honest with you.....this is a first me doin' this....not too many people seen my guitar not to mention...are aloud to touch it or play it...shelfish huh?? lol take care, enjoy the day, and "play on"!! Colin

- life's short, enjoy your days, and "Make it Happen" - colin


me and my ummm...pink...lol aren't we a pair....well..mostly me i suppose in this shot..lol it looks more red here, but; trust me, it's not....it's got a bright pink in the center...like a salmon....hmmm...maybe a fish name or so...lol


soo, seems how my guitar is still in canada and i'm here in long beach california u.s.a., without it!!! Man, i miss it, don't trust the airlines to ship it over...it goes onboard with me and takes up a seat with me..lol


Well Colin, thanks for the insight, and (you now know) this came from the last batch of 250 recorded as made in 1980-1, so if you get back together again soon send some more pics eh?

You're right - Life is short!
But Hags live a long time too.


Oh yes if you have a suggestion for the name folks - let Colin know eh? (Mail to 67taurus@canada.com)

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From the UK John Read brings us this gorgeous pair of late Swedes.
Some people prefer the old tail, but I think they look the business. The scale is similar to the Superswede too, which again some players are wary about, being the Fender scale rather than the earlier models using the Gibson LP scale, but who cares they sound great look good, and I wish I could afford them!

Robert Ledoux's amazing sunburst late swede
- boy what a picture that makes eh - a few quick switch flick tone changes remain visible though!

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And then one day in April, this appeared on eBay...
I took a double take, it was like no other Swede I'd seen.


It turns out this is a heavily modified and refinished 1970 Hagstrom LP (pre being named Swede). This is evident through the small single bolt neck attachment. But there was more:

Completely altered electronics - New pickups (type un-stated), and the double toggle switches originally on each horn had been replaced by a single pu switch on the lower body. The four dial arrangement was now a three dial two volume, one tone.

All hard ware was now a gold colour, the pick-guard was now a cream colour matching the pu's

Even the strap buttons were different, gone the double button on the base of the body.

The lady selling on behalf of her late husband was unable to give any technical detail, apart from that I am told the original spec was a standard burgundy colour over mahogany, and that this revamp cost the former owner $700!

Even the most steadfast purist would agree that from these pictures it looks quite stunning

Personally I think it is a most desirable modern presentation - I only wonder how it plays and sounds...

For an instrument nearing 25 year old , you'd say it looked fresh out of a production unit!

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Here's another that's received some 'attention' since the factory.
Jacques from The Netheralnds brings us his orange sunburst SuperSwede

Despite the DiMarzio Super distortion, I still get bowled over, maybe not enough to buy one, but then we can all be a bit puritanical at times!
Just look at the flamed effect on the colouring. The secret process and recipe that still hasn't been bettered.
The tail piece has not been changed, it's the standard unit without the chrome cover. Note the perspex base to the tail which was developed for the Patch models.

Hi, Here is my Super Swede in nm condition (1978) I am second owner. First owner was a famous Dutch guitarist. The p-ups are made for him (pick-ups are DiMarzio Super distortion) as well as some electronic wiring within the body (does not show) Hope you like it. I also own a Jimmy, same colour (osb) F-hole,in nm condition. Regards, JB

Jacques other treasures are certainly worth a look,
and there's a great story or two on the dedicated page

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Jos - also from The Netherlands - has a few regrets...

Hello, I'm proud to have been the owner of a Hagstrom Super Swede. I bought the guitar in 1978
in Roermond (Holland) and I am not so proud that I sold the guitar in 2000.
I did not use the Super Swede after 1998 on the stage because the guitar was very heavy.
I played after the Super Swede a Strat.
But nothing is like a Hagstrom Super Swede. I am sorry to have just one picture.
Maybe one picture is enough to put my "late" Super Swede on your website. I love the site.
Much greetings, Jos Wehrens The Netherlands.

I'm sorry to say that I hear your story from a few people over the years.
These originals are worth four or five times the Chinese reissues as we know
Although it won't replace your original sound or quality, they are very cheap to buy!
Thanks for the kind words on the site!

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Well, those guys at AM&S were extremely co-operative before 'going live', and beyond the call of duty...
Graham Ford their then webmaster sent us these two fine examples of
"the excellent" and what "tried to bridge the gap" between then and now...
David, I'm currently sitting next to an UltraSwede and pinkish SuperSwede...
Here's a shot of both... I will take more detailed shots of the Ultra's machine heads (Gotohs),
knobs, switches and bridge when I get a chance....

The SuperSwede - Maple in Pink                         The Ill-fated Ultra Swede in a great Red Burst

and true to his word he did do some excellent graphic work later...
Many thanks Graham! (You can read more about the ULTRA Swede by clicking this line)

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Bob Etter shows us you're never too old for pigtails... (well maybe you can be...)

Great job with the three ply (including Ebony) pickguard, and the truss rod cover looks good too.
It's a great example for it's years, but maybe a trip to the barber... (personal view only!)

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To follow this, we have one of the last Swedes to be
made in Sweden - a GREAT custom sunburst too!

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Click for bigger pics


From Phil Richards (UK) we see a very nice example
of the middle years model Swede.
It was made in a batch of 500 over 1974-5.

"...she comes out  now and again for a wash & brush up, I hope you find the pics of interest, as you can see its in very good condition and looks and plays like new".

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I bought new from Hagström retail shop just before they closed down. Nothing unusual but the colour, I have searched the web but never found any info about this guitar anywhere except the pictures on the old official website.

This was a limited production at most, usually these were made as a special order, and Hagstrom were renowned for making a guitar in whatever finish you liked. I've seen a few 'different ones' this is stunning. Look at the matched pickguard and dials!

Talking of 'Specials' - Hagstrom would make whatever you wanted, and although they sometimes ran a small qty of Lefties, they'd run one for you if you ordered it too... Here's one from around 1979:

Hi i have a beautiful 70's left-handed Swede which I bought from new and used for many years, now for sale. It has gained a few blemishes in use - but only noticable if looked for. It really is in remarkable condition for its age and service. I can only find one number on it - that is on the jack socket - 53 040045 - would this be it's serial number? Is it considered vintage? Is it collectable? I really have no idea of it's value and would appreciate any help you could give please. Pictures are attached. Thanks so much - Eliot

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Christo McMillan came up with this idea "its errie how the two headstocks almost fit together"
(Click the H-II headstock to go to that page)

Like to send you some pics of my two Hagstroms I own. Originally I started out with a '80 VSB Swede that my
neighbour was selling for a ridiculous price with an amp and wah. Later aquired a '65 3TSB Hagstrom II.
Christo Ottawa, CA

I love this colour!

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