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Viking Visitors!

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To see the Viking models here at Hagstrom UK follow the pic links, the first link has an explanation of the model variations

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I am conscious of saying "Gorgeous" and "Stunning" etc on many occasions.
I don't take back any use of such phrases, and will continue to find different examples
that stand up to the continued use of such excitement!

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This is what a Viking Deluxe or Viking II looks like
- Single Coils not Humbuckers, Bound neck, F Holes and Headstock, gold plated hardware.

Casey Hotchkiss says...

Hi , I bought this Hagstrom new, but can't remember the exact year. I think it's a Viking II Deluxe. Ser # 732647. My first guitar was a red, solid body Hag with a maple strat like head. It had 2 pickups, and a tremolo arm. In the center was a grid-like mesh. I bought it used from a friend in 1965 for $50. It was the best guitar I ever had, but I got rid of it in 1968 because I thought it wasn't cool like Fender or Gibson. What an idiot I was! That's why I ended up going back to a Hag because the neck was amazingly fast. I sure wish I had that 1st Hag back. Do you know what model it might be?

I've answered the questions and advised how good this is for a guitars made in 1968!




Pictures by Michael Robinson, Utrecht
This is a lovely Cherry red Viking 12
It is the last one made (651)
But sadly, like many Viking 12's it is
<<<<<<  desperate for some major surgery           

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This is a 2006 photo of a 1965 Hagstrom Viking
646950 - the first batch produced



Hi my name is Dan in California and I own a hag viking, I purchased this guitar in 1990 for a top price of $60.00 US dlls. from one of my college professors in Los Angeles.

I don't know what he was thinking or he didn't know what he had but I fell in love since the moment I saw it and its by my side since,

I always thought I will save it for my son but unfortunately he is a lefty so he doesn't play it I had to get a lefty guitar, I got the serial number (646950) can you tell me what year production.

It is not in the best condition but it still sounds great and still plays the way a HAG should. HAG on. thanks.

Doesn't look bad to me!

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Patrick from Belgium found his holy grail - and it was worth the quest... (Jan 2006)

Hello David,

Remember me ? I was the guy looking for a good looking Viking.

I managed to buy a beautyfull Viking II sunburst in the States. Has a serial # 680498, I think it must be from 1967.

The guitar is really in magnificent condition, has practically no dings or scratches (even in the back !) and the neck is just perfect.

As you can see on the pic, it has the famous 'Elvis'-tailpiece, has a gold decal and the first type of goldcoloured bridge. Toggle switch has a black plastic cap. There isn't any damage to the binding of the head, neck or body. The only thing which has suffered from time and playing are the pickups, which have lost some of their gold plating and are slightly corroded.

I checked the area between the end of the neck and the neck-pickup as you suggested, and there is no trace of any repair. This is really a guitar that has spent most of his life in a closet or guitar-case, I guess.

Best regards, Patrick.



Then Patrick goes wild!
- and what commitment to conservation
- again from the first batch...

It started out as a conversation about the various types of Viking models, around December 2005. Patrick then purchased a stunningly good Viking II from 1967 above (and for all those who do not know, that is not the humbucker model (1N), it is effectively the Deluxe model without the crossbar). But by March 2006 the bug had set in...

Just bought my second Viking ! Am I starting to become a collector now ? :-) The virus has got a hold of me I guess ..

It's a red Viking I, serial 646361. Must be one of the first ever made (in 1965 ?) I guess. The body was severely damaged, but I'm restoring it and I have all the original parts except for the pickguard which is broken in 3 pieces :-( The neck binding is missing (seems to be missing on a lot of these old ladies) and it will need new frets. Original pots but new wiring and non-original knobs.

Anyway, I wonder if you have any idea what might have been the colour number of this beautiful cherry red colour, because I would like to repaint it in the original colour, if possible.

I'd be very glad if someone could give me a RAL number or something which might enable me to reproduce this magnificent colour.

Thanks for any help you can offer.

Best regards,


Hello again David,

I managed to repair the old lady myself. It took me about 61 (!) hours all together, but if I see, feel and hear the result now, I don't regret the time I spent on this beauty.

As for the paint, I was very lucky and found a colour that looks about 99% like the original. That is, if the old colour on the guitar was in fact the original. I painted only the body, not the neck, and you can hardly see any difference.

The electronics are still working perfectly. There is no cracking or any other noise when you turn the pots. Before I put the harness back in, I made a schematic of the wiring, though I'm not sure if this is still as it was when it left the factory. The wiring is certainly not original any more but the pots look like the original ones.

If I put both Hagstroms I and II aside, I can now see many differences. The V1 has a much wider neck made of rosewood while the V2 has a much smaller ebony neck. I must say that personally I prefer the V1 neck, since I'm used to play my Fender Stratocaster which has a similar neck.

Anyway, the only thing I still need now is a 1N from the 70's to complete my Viking-family :-). I read somewhere on the internet that the american-reissues don't look and sound very authentic.

By the way: do you happen to know any other Hagstrom owners in Belgium ?

Best regards, Patrick.

Well, there is Henry Telstar who appears around the site with a Corvette Automatic, an H8 bass, and probably a few others... I can't remember now... and yep there have been quite a few Belgian visitors over the years...

BUT HEY, most important of all, what a fantastic job you've done with this - one of the first Vikings to leave Älvdalen. As for your comment on more recent namesakes... lets just say I'm not at liberty to comment fully!!!

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Is it a Prototype Viking?
It does seem so!

So, what we have is a 1967 Cherry Red Viking 1 with Bigsby.

So you say, "OK so what's so special, it isn't even a Hagstrom brand Bigsby unit.

No that's not an issue at all, read on...



Yes typical fully bound Viking Neck - nice trim, a very popular colour, and owned by Dirk.

Come on Dave, "get on with it" you say. Well Dirk has been sharing this one with people's views for a few years now, and the general consensus is exactly in line with my own feelings. It was made in 1967.

It was made at a time when the transition Vikings were about to appear in that batch to Canada
(like my own 1N Transition Viking top of page, with the new electrics and the Strat type head).
But this is still Single Coil pickups, so what's the deal?

Now, what other combination of Viking could there be?
And what other influences can there be?
Well for example it was the year they started the H8 Bass,
it was before they moved to humbuckers, it seems they were experimenting...

Nah, you say It's an HIIN (2 years too early)

OK it's a "Frankens..trom" (Nope)

It does make sense with the above discussion, that Hagstrom tried out the idea, or put it together as a special, or prototype.

When they did finally change to a new Viking, it sported the brand new D'Aquisto design headstock used on the Swede.

Personally I agree about the decision. The D'Aquisto design head looks fab, and this type looks so right on a solid guitar...

hmmm... New Hags... well times change, and corporate identities become the big thing eh?

So, there you have it - maybe "one of a kind"?

The raised decal was used on the Viking1. This layout was on the H8 Bass. If it was an HIIN neck it would be a transfer decal placed horizontally...

Like I always say though
It does need a haircut eh?

Who needs hair gel when you can poke your eye out with that lot!

 The tuners are just like an HIIN.
No sign of H8 tuners...

What a great piece of history eh?

Very many thanks to Dirk for sending this one along!

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Michael Gelder was interested in the history of his Viking... and so was I!

...I have what appears to be a Viking 1N, however it has "F" holes not "S".
The serial number is 53 925037. I have attached a couple of pics. Can you identify the year and model? Thanks Mike

Well this is indeed stunning (YES)

The serial appeared at first to resemble batches made in around 1979 due to the prefix.



Yet that headstock was typical of the early versions of the Viking1N in the early '70s.



The wood is superbly flamed, and no wonder it was left 'natural' gloss in finish.


And again the bound "F" holes were more common on the later Vikings after years of using the "S" hole shape...


Again the splendour and sheen that
comes from very specially selected woods...

So, what is the truth about this one?

The signs are there of something
not quite "run of the mill"

Once we established the actual serial number, it was confirmed. A special run of only 117 with top grade features from 1974-5.

Not a Deluxe by name - no gold hardware, but very special and rare top quality spec confined to this small run.

Wow! (Yes). Thanks for bringing it to s Mike!

Thanks so much for taking time for me. I should have mentioned that I bought this guitar in either 1974 or 1975 and the guy I bought it from said it had been in his closet for a few years, I'm guessing that it is a 1971-1972. He said he did not play guitar but had a friend that played in a European band (We both live here in San Diego,California, USA), and the guy had two of them, ended up owing him some money and offered him one of the guitars as payment, he sold it to me then for $200 in perfect condition, and I still have it in the original case (see attached pic), so I can tell you for sure this guitar had to be made a few years before 1974-1975. I was also confused by some of the pics I've seen where it looks like the 1971 Viking 1N but it has those bond "F" holes not the "S". Here are some pics for your website.

Seriously, the batch is listed 1974-5, sometimes they are one year out (when we open up guitars and find a makers mark), but always near enough right in the records... and I wish it was mine!

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Moving Onward, We Need To Step Back...
Take a Deep Breath...
(don't you just hate those email names!)...
Doug Moore is the name, and he's proud of it, as he should be!
brings us the mother of all Vikings - The
(original) Deluxe

I Love this example. It doesn't need Elvis (who played the red one)
it ooses Deelluuxxee all in it's own right.

       click to            go large!       

This guitar was very important in my father in law's life although I guarantee he had no idea of its rarity or worth.

I promised him I would be its caretaker for life...I hadn't seen it in a couple of years since I last set it up for him, and although I knew it was a Viking I did not realize which type until my wife brought it home a few nights ago.

It survived in wonderful condition even though Jim never had a case for it.

I have cleaned it up a ton ( it was filthy) and gotten a case for its protection.

As you can see she is a beauty and very much like your bass, which is also very sweet.

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As you see there is a rich seam of individuality in the examples we have been honoured to share with you.
This is another superb example of Swedish craftsmanship, that lives up to the reputation for sure!
I'd (REALLY) love to hear that tone, and yes of course introduce her to the Concord Deluxe,
but equally, caretaking for life is worthy of all our respect. It truly has mine, as for whatever the reason, it means it will not become eBay fodder (travelling the world without love and respect), which it certainly has now.
Thanks... er... "ddm"
OK we know it's Doug now, and we also know he is a respected musician up there north of USA. Thanks for dropping by!

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Heads Up! (as they say)....

CLICK the Picture for more on this 72-73 beauty!

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After Bruce's Bubinga above, what can you imagine..
well Olli-Pekka Matikainen brings us (my personal)
favourite sunburst colouring for all Hagstroms...

Hello, Here´s a pic of my Viking (most probably -78 - -79 model) with bound f-holes.
The pic quality is unfortunately far from excellent..
I bought it second hand sometime -82 with non-original case.
It is in rather good condition, a luthier replaced a better nut
and took care of fret wear some years ago.
The tone switch operation was a mystery to me
until I found this Hag site. Best Regards, O-P from Finland

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How do we follow such a burst of colour and maintain the appreciation for both that and the next...

Tom Naturally brings us a totally wonderful example...

Great site. I purchased my guitar around '79 or '80 from a shop in Buffalo New York. I wanted a Gibson like my idol, Justin Hayward, but to my shock they cost lots of $ which I didn't have, so the Hag caught my eye on the used instrument wall & I purchased it having never heard the name, but liking it's looks & playability. I used this guitar in my 1st pro band playing covers of Top 40 stuff, circa 1983, on the lounge circuit, 6 nights a week for about 6 months before I quit because I missed being away from home so much. I was 23, but had never been on the road & was unprepared for the experience, although I am glad I did it. Excuse the digression, back to the guitar.

From looking @ your site, I see Canada is great source of Hags, & Buffalo New York is just south of the Canadian border. less than 30 minutes away if the bridges are not crowded.

I have not played this guitar in about ten years, but it is displayed on a wall in our home. My wife & daughter love the way it looks & are fearful I will sell it on Ebay.

Not to worry though I tell them, I think it's cool too. I've included some pictures, hopefully not too many, so you can get a look @ it. The worn through part on the neck is where your thumb would be if playing a barre "c" chord on the 8th fret. Otherwise she looks really pretty w/ minor & small surface scratches on the back & wear from being a road instrument. Overall, a really nice looking guitar. The # on the neck plate is 852033.

 The guitar resides in a suburb of Buffalo New York just miles from its' original place of purchase, for me anyway.

Love it Tom! Thanks for taking the time to tell your story too!

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Talk about Global -
This Viking is special we know (later), BUT made in Sweden... Sent To Canada... Now residing in New Zealand!

My good friend Rob from Hagstrom Canada brought this one to my attention. Paul Wratten from New Zealand was checking out pickguards, and the communications and conversations spanned New Zealand, Canada and here in the UK. The guitar is special anyway not only for it's journeys over time, but because it is one of the "Transition models" as I call them. The original Strat heat shape, but the 1N new electrics. the 1968 batch 731xxx may have been part old electrics and part new electrics - the records do not state - but certainly it is more and more convincing that all this batch was originally consigned to Canada. From there these models have followed their destiny to sometimes far flung places - as this one has!

Hi Dave,
Rob from Canada thought you might be interested in these photos of my '68 Viking transition model, like yours but an earlier serial number. Like the rest of them it came from Canada but now lives in New Zealand (possibly the only Viking of any type in NZ) I see you've taken an interest in the transition models and I'd be keen on finding out anything about it. Rob thinks its the earliest serial number he's seen. Regards from Dunedin NZ, Paul

For me the Viking 1N transition is a special player - and a favourite with my son. It was the first to start the UK collection following my original BJ12 acoustic, and yes I bought it from Canada. The one above is a super colouration, even though Paul admits to a few lacquer lines, he should be very happy with his treasure.

The question of whether it was the earliest Viking 1N type left strumming was dashed by an early visitor to Hagstrom UK. Don Alexander told us his story behind the chequered history of his Red Viking transition - he had owned 7 times! (See further down page)

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From Australia to Argentina - Global Connections indeed!

From: gustavo  Sent: Thursday, August 21, 2003 3:34 AM

To: webstrom@hagstrom.org.uk Subject: Hi Hagsters!
Hi, my name is Gustavo

I´m from Buenos Aires - Argentina - recently I bought this jewel!

Look and see!!! Good sounds!!! Gus


Oh how we know the feeling!

Yes another transition model - hey this is getting serious (ha Ha)

What a jewel as Gus says!

Thanks for sending the pics Gus



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Finally, there's a special page on David Feight's fabulous Viking 1N


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Dave B. from New York

Sold this Lovely "Deluxe"
in February 2004

Serial Number - 732xxx Deluxe
(Listed as Viking II) 1967-8
One of 1350 listed

Not a "perfect 10", but not too far off, a very nice example of this
special version. CLICK HERE to open a run-down of all Viking versions made


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What else can we show you?

How about a left handed version!

From the second year of production!

Thank you Juan!

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The First contribution for this site (2001) came from the home of the Hagstrom - The Viking lands, our good friend Anders Karlsson sent these pics of his beautiful Viking "like Elvis Played"  he'd owned since 1971, describing it: 

...with the gold hardware, triple binding and the rectangular fretboard inlays. Was also verified by the Musikborsen dealer who looked it up from the serial number #732489. It´s one of a thousand Viking-IIs built 67 and 68. In my case 1967. 

... and a Fender Strat he's converted into a travel guitar. Hey this is as brave as it is cool!
Hagstrat1.jpg (16733 bytes) Now you see it Hagstrat2.jpg (16184 bytes) Now you don't Mvc-354l.jpg (58100 bytes) An inspiring view

Now lets do justice to the beautiful workmanship on this Hag...
gold hardware, triple binding and the rectangular fretboard inlays

Im000101s.jpg (25613 bytes) Im000096s.jpg (33560 bytes) Im000093s.jpg (35923 bytes) Im000094s.jpg (35418 bytes)

Pics of his Hagstrom 310 amp are here

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Now hold on... bear with me... my boy plays a Fender Acoustic so how can I not acknowledge the fender pictured above? So, on this Stratocastic occasion, here's another small rule bender (Fender)...

They are great pics anyway... enough, just get on with it Dave...

Lovely angle: Strathead.jpg (56172 bytes)  So that's how he did it: Stratjoin.jpg (38560 bytes) Magic nearly!  

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Lets get back to the Subject eh?

A Canadian entry - Don Alexander sent me pics of his "Seven Times" Viking Transition on 30th October.

Hi i also own one of these Vikings. I also bought mine in Canada where i grew up. I've owned the guitar for a total of 7 times. The first time i purchased it i paid only 11 dollars for it. The last time i bought it i had to pay $300 for it. it's a long story but in the end i pawned it for various reasons and after many other guitars liked it the best so i bought it back from the guitar shope i last sold it to. The finish is not as good as yours but here are some photos. Did you ever find out more info on this particular model? I am wondering if they where only sold in Canada eh? 


It does seem these were originally sent to Canada exclusively. When I go to Sweden I hope to  confirm this suspicion. A well loved example here, S-hole transition model that differs from Anders above, in that it has the later enhanced electrics and pickups like my own example... which came from ... Canada !

 Great story too Don. Thanks very much for sending your contribution.

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I recently came across, and purchased, a Hagstrom Viking. It is sunburst, has a headstock decal, and has pickups that resemble the ones shown on the 12-string shown on the website. It has dot inlays, bound neck and body, the classic Hagstrom trapeze tailpiece with logo, three bolt neck, and a serial number of 693986. In the neck pocket, the number "67" is written in pencil. The strange story is I bought this from a pawn broker who is located right across the street from what used to be a music store that sold Hagstrom instruments, and Vox amps. In 1967 or 1968 I bought a Hagstrom I bass and a Vox Westminster amp from this store and remember this guitar hanging on the wall. The pawn broker told me he was selling this guitar for a widow who's husband had purchased this instrument from the store across the street years ago before they were married. This guitar I now have HAS to be the same one I saw in that store. The guy who bought it was a member of a rival local band. I found out who he was and it was true, it's the same guitar. It's the only one of that particular model the music store ever received. Talk about WEIRD......Mike from Illinois.

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Now, Matthew Twist from the UK has an unusual... er... 'twist' (apologies Matthew).... on Hagstrom ownership.
He has a letter of proof from the Export Manager at Hagstrom.... but here's the rub (phew...) it causes a little confusion in itself!  (It's another lovely 731 batch Viking I)

1) Look at that lovely wood-grain - you can almost hear it playing already
2) Check out the serial number - back to that later (the rub)
3) A wild youth he said, yes one of a few signs of wear (not all shown) - but this one can be replaced.
4) Last look at that classic Viking I body, then
5) The letter of proof from Carl Lindgren at Albin Hagstrom dated 1978...

1) 2) 3) 4) 5)

This is a lovely example - I wonder what wood it is - pity its not Bubinga, however, moving on... the letter states this was made in February 1970. This contradicts the (well thumbed) serial number book some of us have. The book lists batch 731 as being 1968 with a run of 1000.
1968 would also fit with the pre-3+3 headstock, the single coil pickups, and the single toggle switch.

The more I look at this guitar the more I like it, but then you may have noticed my preference for the natural look of wood in some of the guitars in the collection. There's less chance to hide problems true, and Matthew has shown me all the details, but don't you just love it? (Go and lie down in a dark room Dave)

The Hagstrom UK collection Viking can be found HERE


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Ciao a grazie!

Had me worried for a moment. I thought we had the youngest Hagstrom player beat by this one! Lovely Viking 1 also eh?

Batch 713 - Made in 1967

Ciao David, grazie per tutte le informazioni da te riuscitami ad inviare. Complimenti vivissimi per il tuo sito web e per la cordialità nonchè la puntualità e competenza con la quale rispondi ai tuoi utenti. Per le fotografie da me inviate ti autorizzo a pubblicarle sul tuo sito web per quanto tempo vuoi e apportando pure le modifiche che tu desideri. Ciao a grazie di cuore. Gabriele Busani, Velate (Mi)

    Hey, thanks Gabriele, I couldn't have put it better myself (without translation tools anyway!)

And of course... Ciao Ricky! (Pictured)

The "record" is still safe I hope - Phew!

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Patience is a sweet thing, and promises are worth keeping...

I received an e-mail from Yvon Lavoie (Canada) 12th November 2002 asking some questions about a couple of Hagstroms...

pictures promised in return for info... it happens many times... then on Christmas Eve: "HI DAVID I DID NOT FORGET YOU,PICTURES PROMISED WILL BE MAILED IN THE 1 ST WEEK OF JANUARY 2003.BEST WISHES TO YOU ALL. YVON" Then yes 28th of January they arrived at my office Canada post to the UK... Now that's dedication!

First another gorgeous red Viking, made the same year as Gabriele's Viking above, but two batches on - (715) - the bridge has changed to a wooden base with fully adjustable height and saddles version favoured on many models after this time. Great original case too. A mass of photo's, and a lot of time spent putting the contribution together, so let's take a look eh?

The second Hagstrom is a beautiful Jimmy from the last production run of 100

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Gerrit got a Diamond Deal in the Big Apple


Hi, I've certainly enjoyed perusing the interesting stories and beautiful photos on your site.

Back in the 70's I had a Hagstrom Swede just like the one in the photos I've attached. I liked it a lot, but the realities of paying my own way through college forced me to sell it.

 While I've enjoyed the fruits of having gone to college, I missed that guitar. recently I became interested in playing again after having been away from music for many years.

I found this guitar, and the Viking, at a dealer of vintage guitars in Rochester, NY (Diamond Strings).

I bought this Swede (a 1974, just like the one I had), but the 12-string Viking caught my eye as well. I purchased it also, and when I opened the package I was just overwhelmed with how beautiful it was!

It has some very minor finish checking, and that's about all. I had to clean up the electronics a little on both guitars, and had to polish the Swede out a bit, both overall I have two very playable and quite beautiful instruments.

The neck on the Viking is a bit narrow for a 12-string (especially since I have rather large fingers), but if you tune it down 2 steps and capo the 4th fret you get a great easy-playing 12.

The Swede just plays exactly like I remember my first one playing, easy and fast. Use these photos as you please on you site, or just enjoy them. If you like, I'll try to get some more to you. This message has pictures of the Viking. I will send a follow-on message with pictures of the Swede, to keep the message size low. Best regards, Gerrit

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Thanks for the pics and info Gerrit, I love that Viking 12. As a guy who grew up with a 12 string (acoustic BJ12) I can appreciate the fullness and clarity of this style.


I am lucky enough to have a Hagstrom 12 (solid) too, and there I can appreciate your comments regarding string spacing! However, it doesn't take anytime to adjust between the differences, and what a sound eh?

Nice guy that Bruce Diamond by all accounts.




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John Seymour brings us this really fine example in January 2007

Hay David, Thank you for getting back to me so Quickly! After I got your Email I did a search and still did not see my particular Hagstrom anywhere that I looked, So I'm sending you some pictures of my Hag! And here is my story... I am 32 years old. I never heard of Hagstrom guitars until I was over at a friend's for a blues jam. My friend pulled it out of a closet and said here try this guitar. That did it, I had to have it! That was 4 years ago and I'm still in love!! I paid 700 Dollars for it and I still consider that a good deal! What a great guitar!! I play it every day. As for the pictures, post them, delete them, whatever you decide! Great web site. I will visit often... Thank you!!

We can see why too! Thanks for the pics John

The guitar is the same age as John... both doin' well as we can see!

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Gustavo from Argentina

...brings us an example from the very last batch recorded as Viking 1.
A small qty of 200 made between 1970 and 1972, probably 'to order' the 'Strat shape' head was probably the
only thing Viking 1 about them, with the new humbuckers in use they were the last transitions before the full change to the D'Aquisto design headstock.


Hi, my name is Gustavo Farré, I´m from Buenos Aires, Argentina. I have this beautiful guitar which was during much of it's time in the darkness of it's case... smelling of humidity... horrible!

A friend me back sold it to me three or four years ago. She is really pretty and its sound is very sweet. Serial number 791015 What do you think?


Yes Gustavo, a transition model, and a nice matching body and headstock.

You certainly got away from the smell by the look of it, and now despite a few 'dings', this is a great example.

Nice garden too!

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The Hagstrom UK transition model from 1968 was playing live Rock'n'Roll in 2002 with chris in "Grease" mode!

Golden Boulder Summer 2002... starting out, Chris and ELLZ aged 8 yrs get into the Rock n Roll

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There's nothing like a REAL original Swedish made Hagstrom (and there are loads around), but if it 'floats your boat', or you can't find an original then who are we to say?

Plenty has been said already and
will be said forever forward probably.
Only you know what's right for you!