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History of Front Page Feature Pictures:
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18th March 2010

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17th March 2009
Rob Morritt was a good friend to many people around the world. A generous nature, a wicked sense of humour, a passionate guy who put a 'positive spin' on most things in life. Hagstrom CANADA

Official Hagstrom Canada Motto:
"Never buy another Hagstrom before the last one
has arrived - unless it's an emergency!"
Rob Morritt 2002

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A: When it's New Old Stock!

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Read the Hagstrom UK Trade Show report!

Launch outside USA/Canada is expected towards the end of 2005

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Something to warm your soul... for Christmas and the New Year into 2005

Thank you for sending this to me sir!

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Featured on the announcement of the band winning the Mercury Music Prize

Keith from 2004 Mercury Music award winning
Glasgow band Franz Ferdinand

Sept to Oct 3rd 2004

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Hiding in Sweden since 1959 - This Hagstrom 'Sweetone' is wonderful!

From 3rd July to 8th August 2004

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Hagstrom - A truly multi-cultural experience!
From 18th June to 3rd July

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A story with connections - click the picture
'FPF' from 13th May to 18th June 2004
(a "must see" page!)

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The news of impending reissues was broken end April 2004 in Europe,
having been asked to hold the information until then.
everyone across the Atlantic "already knew" eh? (LOL)

Some say they were indeed

Feature from 1st May to 13th May, courtesy of a Hagstrom UK source or two!

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A sight for sore fingers eh?

Feature from 5th April 2004 to 30th April 2004 from Manfred Graeder

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When did you last take the "Tour of 1976"?

A really interesting tour of the world of Hagstrom, manufacture, new ideas...

... and the only known full page advert of the Hagstrom SuperSwede... mind you have you ever seen this one before either?

 The best Electric Guitar made by Hagstrom


Tour of '76 reminder from 8th Feb to 5th April 2004

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Manfred's wall started 2004 (Jan to 8th Feb)

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Then during December 2003 through to the 31st we had two...

This will take you to a page with many pictures - please wait if you do not have a fast connection


Hey, lets make it a DOUBLE Front Page feature !

If you've never met Alvy before, well it's a Transatlantic story from April '03...

a bonus from my deal with Rob turned up in the Christmas Card this year!

So that takes us up to 1st January 2004, and for the New Year week a little touch of the UK...

Buckingham Palace                                       Big Ben         

 Happy 2004 from the UK!
Wellington Arch at Hyde Park                 Buckingham Palace again        

Who said Flower Power is a distant memory!

In aid of UNICEF - by "Brightening up London this Christmas" with Orange phones

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Then November to December 2003 a small part of Manfred Graeder's collection (newly homed!)

CLICK IF YOU DARE! for a 529KB jpg full version - But what detail in the full version!

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Featured Sept 2003 to November 2003
Jon Casselman returns

Now click the picture to see it FULL SIZE (292kb)
See Jon's dedicated page

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Let's get back to basics for a while... (Basic? Huh! - Big fat and warm - and that's just the sound)
Some of the Hagstrom UK collection acoustics...
These are from the Hagstrom UK collection, although the light sunburst BJ12/H33 has moved on now...

Click the picture to go to the main page for these beauties...

Featured August - Sept 2003

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Walk into this panorama from Jon
H1B (Sunburst) Coronado IV (Mahogany Sunburst) Hagstrom 1B (Red) Swede Bass (Black) Concord Deluxe (Black) H II B N (Sunburst) Special 8 (Mahogany Sunburst) Scanbass (Mahogany) Hagstrom 2B (Sunburst)

Jon Casselman kindly sends us this fantastic panorama of Bass Guitars
The colours are so bright, you just want to walk into this picture... and dabble a bit eh? So go see the full version! (300KB+)
Featured July - August 2003

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Terry Stamp from TWW circa 1971, with

a host of other names

plus a tale about Sid Vicious
the last known owner of this Hagstrom 12,
thrown in for good measure...

Click the pic to


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A Flyer from Hagstrom (Yawn eh?) No, No, No!
No. Intended for the home market, you can read the Swedish text (if you can)
or the Translation from Anders Karlsson into English.

An unusual version of the Jimmy "s" hole with raised "Hagstrom headstock Logo,
standard bridge and very different looking pick-guard - almost prototype styling?

How the Canadians gave the "Swede" it's name!

read all about it and see the bigger picture!

Many Thanks to Tomas Melander for sending this in


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A little bit of fun from with a red Viking.



Say Ciao to Ricky Busani
From Italy.

A couple of other pictures reside on the Viking Visitors

Feature ran from 27th January to 16th February 2003



Up to date... See the Front page for the latest, but check back in case we expand the details!



Featured from 17th February to 5th April 2003
Gabriele Busani from Italy (Visitors page 2) kindly offers this artistic view of his red Viking 1
Please click the smaller icons for a further two excellent interpretations

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Thanks to Bernie for starting us off for 2003


Bernie starts off 2003 with this


example of a 1971 HI
A Canadian model, with Tailpiece similar to the sparkle models,
no switches, and pick-up similar to the Partner.

File size reduction impairs the colour here, so Click the Picture for a Clearer View


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Hagstrom 16 and 24 channel mixers circa 1980 - and Amtech are still at Alvdalen!
Featured 1st November to 17th November 2002

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Pat Smear's Hag III  - featured to 30th October 2002

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How old am I? Twenty-five years since since he left?

Featured 12th August to 4th September 2002

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This picture arrived at Hagstrom UK at the end of 2001.
No point in losing it amongst the hyperlinks eh?
What a fantastic collection Gunnar!     Featured 25th July to 12th August

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 From Rob Morritt - Hagstrom Canada

Well my friend. I can always rely on you to go the extra mile!
After this you liked the first entry (above) so much you bought it!

Featured 16th May to 4th July 2002


(5th July to 25th July Bernie's Blue SuperSwede was repeated... as Rob had bought it from him!)

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From: Bernie Van -
His Gorgeous Blue SuperSwede - A Hellava fine guitar - and picture!
Thanks Bernie for "starting the ball rolling"

16th April to 15th May 2002

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This page works from bottom to the top now...
The top being the latest feature...
But it's worth seeing Bernie's Blue SuperSwede... that moved on to be Rob's!

Send in YOUR picture for the FRONT PAGE FEATURE !

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