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Hagstrom Stories.  
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It is one of the biggest rewards of this project
to make contact with people, share their stories
and sometimes be able to help with a question
or how to find something or someone.

Then sometimes, there's simply a good story to tell!


Jacques from
The Netherlands (Holland) sent us
his SuperSwede pics first of all...


Some evident modification,  in the pictures below, but hey, DiMarzio pickups
were not completely alien to Hagstrom (if you know your stuff)
[ "INFO HOT SPOT" We all know Hagstrom made their own pickups, but
on the SuperSwede Bass and The Scanbass /Jazzbass
the white one is DiMarzio, the black one is Hagstrom!

For most people the SuperSwede Hagstrom is "the business".
Whatever, this is no poor example for the modification:

I'd suggest he does get a tail cover from one of the spares guys though
Despite the "DiMarzio Super distortion" change, I still get bowled over, maybe not enough to buy one, but then we can all be a bit puritanical at times!
Just look at the flamed effect on the colouring. The secret process and recipe that still hasn't been bettered.
The tail piece has not been changed, it's the standard unit without the chrome cover. Note the perspex base to the tail which was developed for the Patch models.

Then over a few days the story unfolded
into something that just had to be a dedicated page...

Hello David, Well here is the full story, cut short though. I always wanted to play in a band since I was 12 or 13. My father allowed me to take lessons. After having a few, I found myself too impatient, so I looked at the players in those days and stole the chords. At that time I was sweet sixteen. I found a willing drummer and a bassplayer.

We started in a local youth-center, where we played for free, but we did not have to pay for rent, while practising. Pretty soon after we managed to play some Stones covers, as well as Chuck Berry and Animals (there is a house in New Orleans) and the classic Gloria by Them.

We were the highlight of the week in my small hometown on a Friday night. I wanted a new electric guitar, I played on an acoustic with pick-up in the hole. My father went along with me to The Hague (in those days the Liverpool of Holland) to a guitarshop to buy a 2nd hand. There were a 150 or more guitars hanging on the wall. I never looked at them! I saw the Hag. Blue and white neck, covered with plastic. "I want that one", I said. My father paid 135,00Dfl, which was at that time about 40 Usd. I played it for a year. I only bought it for the looks. When on stage I felt I was the man.

The band split and I had other worries (school) So i sold (*!!!!!!*) her for 150,00Dfl to a schoolmate. He never knew I had some profit. Years went by and in the 80-tees I read some stuff about Hagstrom in a Music-mag.

Two weeks later I happened to be in a flea-market and saw the HIIN, bought it just for fun, because I used to have one.

Then came the SuperSwede on my path, in a music store. She stood between some cheap 2nd hand guitars. I asked for the price. The man told a long story etc, etc. Anyway I bought her, coz of the sound. Never heard anything like this before without using any pedal (i hate them).

Inside the case was a sticker with a ph#,so I called. The SuperSwede belonged to a famous Dutch guitar player. I asked: "why sell?" He said; "I do not need two models. I used this one in the studio for recording on a few songs." "Ok", I said.

And here is where Jimmy comes in. In a music-mag ad for sale Hagstrom Jimmy. I phoned and asked, what's the price and where are you? I ran into my car and after an hours drive I was the second owner. Belonged to a very young student. He was learning how to play jazz and his teacher said, you are good now and need a another guitar. So he sold her to me. All 3 of the Hags are bought on nostalgia, coz I had one.

To cut it really short now, some years ago we had a school-reunion. I saw Rene and the first thing I said to him: do you still have that blue plastic guitar. He answered with a smile; "You mean the Hagstrom, Yeah." "Can I buy it back??" Short answer;;;;"No!" This was 3 years ago!

 After digging I found a pic of me and the blue guitar, it really makes me feel blue again. Anyway I'll send it to you. It makes me feel longing for those years again, coz I had such a great time in the 60-tees. I even went to London in 68 to watch the bands there. What you'll see on the pic is me and my blueyee, a self-made amp and a Selmer speakercabinet. I still have all my guitars, never sold them, except the Hag!!!

Thank you again for so beautifully exposing my babies. You have done a great job and I love the site. Many others will do so, I think. Hagstrom, what a story. I agree on your comment about re-issues. I will not buy one. Thanks again and good luck, regards. Jacques.

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More on the Jimmy, as this is a great piece of history in it's own right:


Hi David,

I forgot to mention that I had been able to contact the guy ,who was a guitar builder in Älvdalen (Sweden).

I did that when I found out that they were still in business. The name of this man was Pete Ollson.

He could tell by the sr.# who build the instrument. I gave him the # and he said: I built that one!

He invited me to come to Sweden and would show me all. That was in 1988, sixteen years ago!!!

I did not go, now I regret that. I should have done so. He was ever so friendly, and said Take care of your guitar, coz I built that one.

It is one of the best ever left this factory. The wood came out the forest where the factory was located.

He said, sometimes we need one tree for a right piece to make the body. Can you believe that. A whole tree for just ONE plain guitar.

Nowadays they'll hang you for that. Regards and much admiration for building such a lovely site. Jacques

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You have my admiration in return Jacques -

Thank you for taking the time and effort to send this content and information to Hagstrom UK.

That Jimmy really me go all 'arty', so please excuse my animation shown above, made from your original pictures.
Oh to be a perfect partner for my Jimmy Oval!
January 2005 - Thankfully Jacques felt the same way too - I am indebted to him for such a friendly deal.

This Hagstrom thing is a real addiction, and as Kwinn said recently, he's even tried the Hagstrom Patch,
but it didn't put him off buying another Hagstrom!   (LOL)

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There was a final part to the SuperSwede story too. Jacques sold it and the new owner managed to get a new cover for the tailpiece from Music Meyer Import.
He also got it polished, and baby take a look at you now!


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There must be loads of stories (and pics) around from the last forty years, why not share them with us! 

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There's nothing like a REAL original Swedish made Hagstrom (and there are loads around), but if it 'floats your boat', or you can't find an original then who are we to say?

Plenty has been said already and
will be said forever forward probably.
Only you know what's right for you!