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Don T brings us "The Daddy"!

One of the unlisted 1968 Concord Deluxes

I also have one of this batch, which followed on from The Viking II batch (often also called Deluxe)

It would be hard to find one as good as this, and the photos were taken in March 2005

A wonderful shining example!

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  John from TROUBLEMAN (based in Brussels, Belgium)
shares with us his really cool coloured Concord.

- I'm also very pleased hearing that it is in regular use
Couldn't find a website to link though - so let me know John

hello, this my concord bass i play every week gigs with this bass!!!
john from brussel TROUBLEMAN bassist

What a great colouring - that is Gorgeous!

This one 647646 from the first batch (1965-67)

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How would you like to try these out?
Thought so, click any icon picture to get to a great page from Manfred Graeder

There's a good story in store too!

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Inspired by Manfred's collection I am glad to have found this Gem in the Liverpool area of the UK.
Call me mad, but being a bit of a Beatles fanatic I have this soft spot for anything from the old Mersey-beat area
even though the fab four may never have even heard of Hagstrom till Paul had spread his Wings...

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From: Jan en Corry Wouters  from Holland
Saturday, November 30, 2002 11:56 AM Subject: hagstrom concord I
 This is my sunburst Hagstrom Concord I bass. It was shipped from the Hagstrom factory Sweden at the second of august 1968 to Hohner Hilversum in Holland. It's a great bass in a very good condition.

Thanks very much Jan. These are such gorgeous bass guitars - this one looks to have a superb woodgrain to it too. You lucky guy!  I love the picture setting - shows it off really well.

3rd January 2003 Jan provided two extra pics and much appreciated they are - see below:

I’m pleased to be able to send my contribution to this wonderful Hagstrom site. The first picture is me at home playing my Hagstrom Concord bass (1968). I play it through an all tube (6V6) Fender Bassman 20 amp (1981). The second picture is a rock and roll gig in November 2002 at Voorschoten – Holland. We do rock and roll standards, both vocal and instrumental. This time I play the Hagstrom Concord through a Fender Bassman 10 combo. It are these guys who keep saying I should bring my Hagstrom to rehearsals and gigs and leave my Fender bass home. They too love the sound of this Concord. I purchased this bass at the 2002 autumn Vintage Guitar Fair at Veenendaal – Holland. Actually I was looking for a Fender Coronado II. I think they are very hard to find up here in Holland. Reading reviews I learned they are prone to feedback due to the lack of a sustain block. Then I saw the Hagstrom beauty, put away in a small corner off the Fair house. I melted right away. And yes, it had a sustain block! No regrets, you can bet on that! Thanks to Mr. Karl E. Hagström for sending me the missing knob!! A real nice gentleman who gave me lots of additional information on this Hagstrom Bass.

Way to go Jan - Happy New Year, and welcome to the club of discerning Hagstrom players!!

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As with my own Concord Deluxe - Here's another mighty fine example
from the 733xxx batch (not listed in the blue book).
So they certainly spread far and wide once they left Sweden... Incidentally it comes from 1968.

Just for your information, I'm the proud owner of a Hagstrom Concord Deluxe in great condition. I've owned it and played it regularly since 1969. Before it, I had an Aria Beatle bass knock-off. I found it in a music store in Flagstaff, Arizona. The music store was mostly visited by country musicians and the owner said it was one of them "fureign" basses. It had a chip about the size of a penny and there was a small crack line around the end pin. It had the deluxe hard case as well. I found out from another store in town that the instrument at that time sold for $329 + $75 for the case. The guy at the music store was asking $135. I told him I'd buy for $125 if he threw in a neck strap and cord. It was a deal!

The only things I have done is to have a luthier make the initial repairs, replace the frets and bindings once, and had the original pickups counter wound for "humbucking" help.

I took the pick guard off and have kept it safe because I have never played with a pick. It has been a busy bass all these years mostly playing jazz, but has played a lot of rock, broadway shows, dance music, and has even accompanied Judy Collins in a concert many years ago. I currently am Director of instrumental Music at Chandler-Gilbert Community College in Chandler, Arizona and continue to play freelance bass here in the Phoenix area. I am also the tuba player of the Mesa Symphony.

I attached a picture from a couple years ago.

I inquired about it a couple years ago and was told at that time it was "unregistered". 733035 is the engraved number on the back.

Hope you enjoy hearing about another Hagstrom.

Sincerely, Randy Wright

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- Appreciation and the appreciators!
So bung a pic of you too along with it.... Hell, past and present...
stage photo's...you, the dog and the Hag... It's up to you!

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There's nothing like a REAL original Swedish made Hagstrom (and there are loads around), but if it 'floats your boat', or you can't find an original then who are we to say?

Plenty has been said already and
will be said forever forward probably.
Only you know what's right for you!