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Manfred's Hagstrom Stories. 

Page 1 (Semi Acoustic) - Page 2 (Earlier Solid) - Page 3 (Later Solid)


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He's no Semi-Collector he's becoming a Solid Specialist, and he's back!

Hello David, First I want to thank you again for doing this really great Website, and for sure you will be the first to know when I decide to sell one of my Hagstroms.

There are some ideas or strategies for a collector as you mentioned.

Maybe one of every batch, or like I've started one of every Concord batch and color ever made, hhmmm I'm just missing two.

What do you think about one of every color out of one batch? Ok, I've started this with Swede Basses out of batch 934 build in 1976.

The red one is number 934011 and the black one 934181. I will find one in mahogany sometime ... Take care, Manfred


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Solid Gold Bass Playing here - turn up that amp!

Now Manfred brings us something unusual in the USA, and not too frequently seen here in the UK. A favourite of mine - The Scanbass.
My own
Scandi Electric is one of the best players - not found much in the USA, but there are many theories about that...
The Scanbass is the Bass partner, albeit it has some additional elements - which as you see hide some interesting features reminiscent of other brands... (theories time maybe?)...

Hello David, This week I'd like to present one of the latest Hagstrom Bass Models. A Scanbass with Serial Number 53 023125 build in the year 1977/78. This bass has a completely different bridge, switches and pickups to the other models. The neck has a slightly different form which allows mounting the strings counterclockwise on the tuners without twisting them. 

It is an honor to share pictures and knowledge about these fantastic instruments with all the other Hagstrom fans, especially on the best Hagstrom Website of the world. Anyway it would be great to see more pictures from all the others around. Yours, Manfred

The pictures you have provided are of great interest, as I haven't seen "under the covers" on one of these before; so once again my friend - Thank you very much. I did have an offer some time back of a rare fretless Scanbass, but had to pass on it as it was at the same time as the Coronado VI. Not being a bass player for real, I had to make a choice, and went for the oddity factor in the end! That fretless Scanbass turned up a while later with a visitor from Sweden. It had returned 'home'to Sweden, and the pictures now reside on this site.

I am honoured you give the site such high esteem, there are a few of us who work closely together with our sites to (lets say) 'keep it in tune'. Without the generous nature of people like yourself, these sites would be a lot leaner, and less interesting!

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...and Here's the Jazzbass... and a Lefty too!


...another rare example of Hagstrom Bass Guitars. This is a left handed Jazzbass. If you’re used to a Standard Bass Guitar everything looks kind of wrong. Just check the headstock – they put on the Hagstrom plastic logo instead of the decal. It looks somehow strange because the direction of the Hagstrom signature is against the line of the bass and obviously the standard decal wouldn’t fit. What else’s special with this bass? It’s the first one of this particular batch with Serial number 53 916001



(Click picture to enlarge)


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Straight off the production line???

Manfred's special of the week is served in such style I need not tell you much, as the photo's describe themselves so well. What a splendid example of this revised model The HIIBN, and a perfect addition to the collection kindly offered for display here on Hagstrom UK (We are again honoured Manfred).

I have only one complaint in the whole of this gorgeous page, and have indicated it through only partly cropping his first photo. (I have to crop and compress pics to save web space) So, what is the nature of my complaint?

Why is the sun shining quite so much ALL the time where Manfred lives!!! Ah well, sunny Bognor Regis isn't too bad compared to some places... but Florida seems to beckon!

Hello David, For this weeks update I've selected a HII B N in near mint condition. The serial number is 821167 and it is built in 1971-72. Take Care, Manfred

Well folks this superb collection continues to thrive on the strength of contacts Manfred has gained around the world wide community.


He's made his mark for sure. Thanks again.

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I'm sure this is indicative of Manfred's sense of humour...
The sun has gone in in the next selection!
(Whoever said German folk have no sense of humour eh? - no truth in it!)

This latest prize consists of a super example of a Swede Bass Patch model (Patch 2000) from a batch of 125 made in 1977.

Hello David, Since I've send no pictures last week this weeks update contain some more. This is a Swede Patch 2000 Bass built in 1977 with serial number 999008. Beside the synthesizer port and switch there are some remarkable differences to the Standard Swede Bass. On the attached pictures you could see the different tail piece, the saddles with additional plastic cap and the pickup selector switch. Unfortunately I did not have the according pedals yet. Regards, Manfred

Some superb shots in this selection - the bridge and tail detail - notice the black plastic-like topped bridge saddles for example... the "Gibsonesque" capped toggle switch (no backing plate though), for pick-up selection... The flick switch for synthesizer mode... Also note the tail piece setup, separating each string - found generally on later Hagstrom models to stop cross over from one string to another... Super shots - Thank you once again Manfred!

Manfred is also on the lookout for an Ampeg Patch Pedal set and a small synthesizer box to put through his amp.
Let me know if you can help!

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SuperSwede 1981 - The last batch of Bass Guitars made, 156 in total.

Hello David, It's a pleasure for me to present the Superswede Bass you requested. This Bass is out of the last batch of Hagstrom Basses from 1981 and one of the last ever build with serial number 53 109101.

This one has the imperfect milky lacquer which accentuates every small ding or scratch, but gives also a very special charm to the bass. Very special is that the neck is continued in one piece through the body with attached sides, like Les Paul's "The Log".

The controls are the same like it's introduced with the Jazzbass. One master volume and additional volume controls for the two pickups. The tailpiece is separated for every string. Two strap knobs are mounted on the bottom to allow a perfect playing position.

Thanks to Craig from Hagstromworld who offered that bass to me. Regards, Manfred

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Very much a Scandi Jazzbass influence, and a great player by the looks. Very of its time, so sad it was the last we heard eh?

Yes the knobs were introduced on the 1976 HIII Scandi, as well as the Bass so there was a lot of influence in this parting bass presentation from "The House of Hagström".

Such a shame about the milky lacquer, this also happened on a couple of the late Superswede Guitars. (Yes the truth hurts...), however what a magnificent looking beast, and that straight-through centre section for concentrating the resonation is so distinctive as well.

Another classic model Manfred, and a very worthy addition to your superb collection, once again I am pleased and honoured to share these pictures and details through Hagstrom UK.

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So Manfred, will the living museum of Hagstrom Basses ever open to the public?
omewhere for the big boys to go while the small kids go play at other attractions in the area!

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July 2003: Hello David, Let me first congratulate to the 2 Year Anniversary of your excellent Website.

In the following there's a very special donation from me. This set of pictures show the Jazzbass Patch 2000.



This is number 47 out of 75 ever built.


I must not describe the Patch functionality this is already done better than I could on your site.
To illustrate the complexity I've added a set of pictures:

Check on the pickups, input jack and bridge.

Also a very minor change is the position of the serial number.
Did you ever wonder where these unmarked neck plates come from

Also see the differences to the standard Jazzbass/Scanbass.

... Yours, Manfred


I really love the looks of the Hagstrom Scandi and Scanbass offerings, in fact go back up a bit,
and can you detect the influence in general body shape for the futuristic SuperSwede Bass? Hmmm...

Timeless quality

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It's 12 months Manfred (THE Bassman)  Graeder has graced this site with his collection...
in true style he has something unusual. Not the first time we've seen one on the site, but to be sure he has confirmed
the answer to the question posed by Bruce from Ottawa in June 03...

Hello David, Please find attached a set of pictures of an H II B N from the first series 769. The very special of that bass is the mute mechanism on the bridge.

I believe that this is a special feature only of that series, because I haven’t seen it on any other H II B N batches so far. If I’m right then this is one of 200 Basses with this mute mechanism ever build.

Maybe it was an attempt to build a mechanical substitute to the electronic switch of the predecessor model H II B, which is dropped later on.
Best Regards, Manfred

I don't think you could get a better look at this device eh?

Brilliant stuff Manfred!

Thanks once again.

Check Back soon now folks... there's more promised soon!

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Manfred says "Take a Closer Look"

Hello David, I’ve added an additional pearl to my collection. 

It is a fretless Jazzbass out of the year 1977. First I thought ok if I ignore that it’s fretless it’s exactly the same instrument as the Scanbass I already have.

But then my wife came up and mentioned that the access hole to the truss rod looks strange. On the Scanbass it’s nicely phased. On the Jazzbass it’s just cut in a 90° angle. Hmmm also around the pickups is a lot of open space...

And actually the Pickups are mounted solid and not adjustable in height like it is on the later Scanbass model. I’ve checked pictures of different Jazzbass on the Web and for me it looks like this is really an original Pickguard and no reconstruction by a previous owner.

Compare the tight fitting adjustable pu's on his Scanbass

As usual; anytime I get another Hagstrom Bass there’s a surprise.
Best Regards, Manfred

Well, we can always rely on the finest detail and the best investigations from Manfred.
This series of pages - this collection indeed - is a phenomenon in the Hag Bass world!

Cheers to you Manfred!

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Page 1 (Semi Acoustic) - Page 2 (Earlier Solid) - Page 3 (Later Solid)



Such dedication is inspired. Almost as inspired as I am looking at this page of contributions
- What more can I say than a BIG THANKS again!

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There must be loads of stories (and pics) around from the last forty years, why not share them with us!


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There's nothing like a REAL original Swedish made Hagstrom (and there are loads around), but if it 'floats your boat', or you can't find an original then who are we to say?

Plenty has been said already and
will be said forever forward probably.
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