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General Info: 19th April 2004                        IN SWEDISH    HOMEPAGE    NEWS-PAGE   BIG NEWS!

a K Special: Hagström All in music (Tonight K Special) on Albin Hagström is a music documentary on Swedish popular music and the country’s biggest manufacturer of musical instruments ever. The Film is made by Ramon Reissmüller and Lotti Carnö.

Karl-Erik Hagström and Sophia Loren.
When Sophia was in Stockholm in the fifties, she was presented an accordion by Karl-Erik.

Photo: Hagström’s archive

Hagström built up an international music empire with manufacture of accordions, guitars and amplifiers.

With headquarters based in Älvdalen in Dalarna, by the 1930’s they already had a main branch in the Rockerfeller Centre in New York.

Starting out manufacturing (Hagström) accordions, later they expanded into production of electric guitars, amplifiers and P-A equipment. From a simple start the enterprise quickly expanded with music stores in all the Nordic countries, also launching manufacture in England and America.

1939 saw the opening of a New York branch in fashionable Rockefeller Centre. There were not many other Swedish companies with an office there at the time.

When business was at its peak it was exporting musical instruments all over the world but mainly to America. Examples of supportive artists included Carl Jularbo, Elvis, Ove Törnkvist, Jimmy Hendrix, Larry Coryell, Frank Zappa, Abba and many others, using their instruments and first class musical technology. Hagström still enjoys a cult status abroad today.

A minor folk movement, the music courses provided growth long before even the idea of music schools at each municipal high school. It was Hagström that founded the comprehensive music education we find today.

Viewers will meet the individuals that built and shaped the company and the products. The penetrations into the popular music world are numerous as are the meetings with trendsetting artists and references to the music that left a trace in our life.

In 1983 output ceased and the factory closed down. But today, when Sahara Hotnights start to become a world name, not least in America, they are playing again on ancient Hagström guitars.

Director was Ramon Reissmüller.
The Producer is Lotti Carnö.

SVT2 Friday. 23 Apr 2004 at 20.00
SVT2 Sunday 25 Apr 2004 at 14.00
SVT2 Thursday 29 Apr 2004 at 23.35

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