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This page was previously our "round up" of the new Hagstrom branded guitars
and the progress being made as the licensed models found their new market

November 2009

We remember being involved in supplying original headstock artwork for the "A Perfect Return", via our great (and late) friend Rob in Canada. Rob and I enjoyed working out who was involved with the project, but didn't say anything to anyone else until we were allowed to by Karl-Erik Junior. It was great fun in those heady days with all the anticipation of who was making them, marketing them, running the company etc., and where they were being made. Sadly we have never been allowed to express the feedback from users without concerns being expressed by Karl Erik Jr. This is is perfectly acceptable of course, and we claim no right to be involved in the new range.

As the initial fun and anticipation is over, we wish the new licensed brand well.

We have received a lot of encouragement from local people and some Hagstrom family members in the past, however we prefer to be objective about the new range of Chinese models. We offered to remove our ongoing new model pages, and this was confirmed as being the preferred option. Therefore we will concentrate on the heritage that provided the opportunity for the current Hagstrom offering.

We have enjoyed a lot of feedback from people also while in Sweden we were honoured to spend time with Karl Erik Senior and his family on numerous occasions. Their hospitality exceeded our expectations, and we have tremendous fondness for the family many associates and friends, and our memories of visiting the beautiful country of Sweden.

Hopefully we will continue to offer the forum to discuss the new good value models,
but it is best that we allow the new range to develop without any input by us.


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