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Älvdalen Festival June 2,3,4 - 2006

Well, where should we start today then? I think a view of some guitars, amps PA, general memorabilia, and items not seen before from the old factory. Does that sound OK? Good, then follow down the page... although it may take a while to load all these for you.

Thanks and acknowledgement go to Arne, Ulf, Anders, Stefan and many others for the opportunity to bring you these delights to view.

First that two neck H series. Clearly a "fun project", the pickguard is hand cut, and the necks were attached much later than the original body production given they had D'Aquisto style tuners!

Nice to have a potential "Hagway to Heaven" model though, I'd have loved a pic of Jimmy Page  using a violin bow across it!
Now I really am making it up as I go along eh? Get serious man!

Bodies galore, yes it is common knowledge that if you know where to look, some unexpected items are still lying in stores dotted around the countryside.
The big problem as always is what it costs to find these items if ever anyone wanted them!

A wonderful piece of Arnie's memorabilia this.
A teach yourself accordion kit!

These posters speak for themselves...

... mainly because I don't  read Swedish much (DOH!)

...Yep sounds good to me...

... and we like Hagstrom too!

Now my son would walk away if I said that...

... but we're all impressed with this view!

Talking of views, Arnie's collection of treasures is as diverse as it it is massive!

Hey deep stuff... double deep and very usable today.

Some of the old equipment, jigs and presses, for setting the necks

Templates for sawing out the bodies, reversible too, clever.

There is a mass of different equipment to be found in Sweden

Some you've never seen before like a 1000watt Pro Amp.

Well the player looks like Tommy Steele, I just can't work out which Guitar he's playing. I'm probably wrong on the player too though!

No mistaking the model here. Hagstrom were main agents for Fender in Scandinavia - of course!

The original drawings for the Batman! No it isn't a travel version... there's a gap to show the neck is longer than that!

How about the original HIII dimensional drawing!

Finally the splendid presentation of the Jimmy F Hole drawings.

A mass of pneumatics and templates were also on display some I had seen before many were newly 'found' for the event.

Here's the two layers that make up the Swede body.
Many companies would rout out a lot of the lower layer,
but not Hagstrom. That's why your shoulder aches so much!

While we're talking about Swedes, Anders Barke showed me his Swede Chess Table. This is made entirely of wood off-cuts from the Swede production. The legs from the body contour as you see!

Now that's a unique piece of memorabilia, make by Anders many years ago when he worked for the guitar company.

How about some shares?
Well this was the ill fated Jamestown USA company
(See the history pages)
So, I hope that makes up for all
my 'wordy' pages around the site.

But, be warned I'll be back on the story from now on!


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There's nothing like a REAL original Swedish made Hagstrom (and there are loads around), but if it 'floats your boat', or you can't find an original then who are we to say?

Plenty has been said already and
will be said forever forward probably.
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