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From the home of the Hagstrom - The Viking lands, my good friend Anders Karlsson sent these two pics of his beautiful Viking "like Elvis Played"  he's owned since 1971, describing it: 

...with the gold hardware, triple binding and the rectangular fretboard inlays. Was also verified by the Musikborsen dealer who looked it up from the serial number #732489. It´s one of a thousand Viking-IIs built 67 and 68. In my case 1967. 

... and a Fender Strat he's converted into a travel guitar. Hey this is as brave as it is cool! More pics promised soon...  - ED: Well done Anders, thanks for your contribution

Hagstrat1.jpg (16733 bytes) Now you see it Hagstrat2.jpg (16184 bytes) Now you don't Mvc-354l.jpg (58100 bytes) An inspiring view

Now lets do justice to the beautiful workmanship on this Hag...
gold hardware, triple binding and the rectangular fretboard inlays

Im000101s.jpg (25613 bytes) Im000096s.jpg (33560 bytes) Im000093s.jpg (35923 bytes) Im000094s.jpg (35418 bytes)

Pics of his Hagstrom 310 amp are here

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Now hold on... bear with me... my boy plays a Fender Acoustic so how can I not acknowledge the fender pictured above? So, on this Stratocastic occasion, here's another small rule bender (Fender)...

They are great pics anyway... enough, just get on with it Dave...

Lovely angle: Strathead.jpg (56172 bytes)  So that's how he did it: Stratjoin.jpg (38560 bytes) Magic nearly!  

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And another Canadian entry (GOOD GUYS) (delayed posting on site - purely my fault)

Don Alexander sent me pics of his "Seven Times" Viking Transition on 30th October.
Don Wrote:
Hi i also own one of these Vikings. I also bought mine in Canada where i grew up. I've owned the guitar for a total of 7 times. The first time i purchased it i paid only 11 dollars for it. The last time i bought it i had to pay $300 for it. it's a long story but in the end i pawned it for various reasons and after many other guitars liked it the best so i bought it back from the guitar shope i last sold it to. The finish is not as good as yours but here are some photos. Did you ever find out more info on this particular model? I am wondering if they where only sold in Canada eh? 

It does seem these were originally sent to Canada exclusively. When I go to Sweden I hope to  confirm this suspicion. A well loved example here, S-hole transition model that differs from Anders above, in that it has the later enhanced electrics and pickups like my own example... which came from ... Canada !

 Great story too Don. Thanks very much for sending your contribution.

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I recently came across, and purchased, a Hagstrom Viking. It is sunburst, has a headstock decal, and has pickups that resemble the ones shown on the 12-string shown on the website. It has dot inlays, bound neck and body, the classic Hagstrom trapeze tailpiece with logo, three bolt neck, and a serial number of 693986. In the neck pocket, the number "67" is written in pencil. The strange story is I bought this from a pawn broker who is located right across the street from what used to be a music store that sold Hagstrom instruments, and Vox amps. In 1967 or 1968 I bought a Hagstrom I bass and a Vox Westminster amp from this store and remember this guitar hanging on the wall. The pawn broker told me he was selling this guitar for a widow who's husband had purchased this instrument from the store across the street years ago before they were married. This guitar I now have HAS to be the same one I saw in that store. The guy who bought it was a member of a rival local band. I found out who he was and it was true, it's the same guitar. It's the only one of that particular model the music store ever received. Talk about WEIRD......Mike from Illinois.

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Now, Matthew Twist from the UK has an unusual... er... 'twist' (apologies Matthew).... on Hagstrom ownership.
He has a letter of proof from the Export Manager at Hagstrom.... but here's the rub (phew...) it causes a little confusion in itself!  (It's another lovely 731 batch Viking I)

1) Look at that lovely wood-grain - you can almost hear it playing already
2) Check out the serial number - back to that later (the rub)
3) A wild youth he said, yes one of a few signs of wear (not all shown) - but this one can be replaced.
4) Last look at that classic Viking I body, then
5) The letter of proof from Carl Lindgren at Albin Hagstrom dated 1978...

1) 2) 3) 4) 5)

This is a lovely example - I wonder what wood it is - pity its not Bubinga, however, moving on... the letter states this was made in February 1970. This contradicts the (well thumbed) serial number book some of us have. The book lists batch 731 as being 1968 with a run of 1000.
1968 would also fit with the pre-3+3 headstock, the single coil pickups, and the single toggle switch.

The more I look at this guitar the more I like it, but then you may have noticed my preference for the natural look of wood in some of the guitars in the collection. There's less chance to hide problems true, and Matthew has shown me all the details, but don't you just love it? (Go and lie down in a dark room Dave)

The Hagstrom UK collection Viking can be found HERE

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Stefan Håkansson [coffefreak@hotmail.com] sent this pic of his Hi-Fi, Speakers, oh yes and a Scandi... and what's that amp lurking out of shot? 
To be fair, I did force him to send a pic quickly, so I know an update will follow... and a story?
Thanks Stefan...

10/10/01: And Here they are! 

Great shots Stefan, thanks very much, this is what makes the site what it is!
This looks to be in great shape, lovely condition, I can see why it's so special.
Stefan Håkansson and Scandi.jpg (23054 bytes) Stefan Håkansson Scandi body.jpg (21636 bytes) Stefan Håkansson Scand and Case.jpg (23809 bytes) Click on a pic to see full size.

The Hagstrom UK collection Scandi can be found HERE       Stefan's own Hagstrom Scandi Site can be found HERE

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Swede                        The Hagstrom UK Super Swede can be found HERE

Rob M. wrote:

My pics are awaiting me sanding down a bridge pickup surround that is too tall, and waiting for the case. 
I really can't remember if I mentioned this, but I might just have the 80th Hagstrom Swede ever built
(Karl E. Hagstrom is going to research it for me, when he gets some time).  At that point, I think the old girl should have
a proper "debutantes coming out".  Below is a picture of it as I received it. 
It now has original knobs, pickup surrounds, pick guard, and soon, case.

Since sending this pic mid 2001, you can now find this guitar somewhere on a
Canadian website
rob@hagstromcanada.com ... LOL Rob!

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From Jim Wilcox - A pair of Hagstroms vintage 1976. I am on the right.

That one had been hanging over a heater in Western Pennsylvania when I bought it. The glue started powdering away between the two halves of the neck. In 1978, Karl Hagstrom Sr. pro-rated it and made a custom Swede/SuperSwede (with Jimmy D’Aquisto as his US agent to inspect the thing). I had swapped out the machines for Schallers, so he put Hagstrom-engraved Schallers on mine. I like the old stop-piece better (more Les Paul-ish), but the Flour de Li (sp?) is a little nicer than the harp. The new one has an even thinner and even wider neck. Love it. Still have it. Jim Wilcox        Thanks Jim - you haven't changed a bit... and I still look like David Cassidy... LOL!!!

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Corvette / Condor

Another Canadian entry - Mike Williams, originally from Liverpool in good old Blighty, 5th December 2001

From: mike.vw@shaw.ca   To: webstrom 

Subject: info Hi, My name is Mike I live in British Columbia Canada. I am looking for information about my Hagstrom. I bought it used in 1974 it has a few small nicks in the body, I don't play it at all in fact it has the same Fender super light sstrings I put on when I bought it. I am trying to find how old it is and what kind of value it might have? The serial number is 689182, I am attaching a picture of it that I took yesterday. I would appreciate any information you might be able to give me. Thank you in advance. Yours Truly, Mike Williams.

It's a really well looked after Corvette. (Click the pic)

Looking quickly in the records, I can't tell which year it was made from the serial number given. Not a worry by any means as the records have known to be wrong! Looking at other models too this specific batch isn't listed but as they are not strictly chronological, I would say it was 1966-7. A quick scout around the circle of friends (thanks Rob) and I was able to outline the variety of prices these go for. This one might have been pretty high on any list.

This was also known as the Condor after a glitch with Gretch - (Not General Motors!)
The Basses were The Coronado, or Futurama Basses in the UK - confusing eh?

Hagstrom once mixed the texts for the Corvette and the Impala in an advert and thus confused a lot of people. These three-pickup guitars are Corvettes in most countries but in the US they became Condors. 

The Impala is a two pick-up model, and never had to change name.
Someone allow me to post some pics?

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Standard / Dexluxe / P90...



Ton De Vreede from the Netherlands sent this superb 1961 P90 Hagstrom picture.

All that glitters certainly IS  Gold  here.

A lovely example.

No further details supplied - but the picture speaks for itself.

(Click the picture to get bigger view)

Check out the HAGSTROM ELECTRICS Page for more examples of glitter and Goya too!

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I believe this fine example comes from the seventies
The guitar too looks like the same period! - at a guess at 1975?
Full details not supplied yet...

Greg Van at a Gig 24th March 2002 with a Wine Red HIIN
Thanks Bernie!

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The D'Aquisto Jimmy

There are a few of these exquisite masterpieces around. However Very few. When you consider the value of a New Yorker from the D'Aquisto workshop, let alone a Fender New Yorker copy, you can understand why these are commanding a higher value - going up by the day. Unlike a Fender model, there will never be any more D'Aquisto Jimmy 'Oval Hole' or 'F Hole' guitars...

1976_Hagstrom_Jimmy_53_965069From: Edward Conaty [ mailto:econaty@msn.com ] Sent: Friday, June 07, 2002 5:23 AM Subject: James Gang of 2
Hello from across the pond, Rhode Island, USA! The site looks great! I stumbled upon a red sunburst oval Jimmy (#40), back in '92 or '93, in your basic garden variety music store. It had been promised to someone else for $350.00, but he was late in getting there to actually buy it. I got my credit card out and made the grab. They made me throw in my Chuck Taylor sneakers. I had to drive home barefoot with my Jimmy riding shotgun. As it turns out, the guy who was going to buy it is a famous guitarist, and a friend, (more or less) of mine. Our relationship has never been the same since. I'd said to him, "Hell, it's not like I stole your wife..." He said, "That's my point..." Anyway, I had no idea of the Hag Jimmy's demand until a couple of months ago when I bought this computer. So, now I've bought another one, (#69), this time a blonde "S" hole model, (see picture.) This guitar is virtually unmarked. Like a brand new axe. Absolutely beautiful, and sounds terrific with a set of flatwounds. What a price difference, though, at $1,600.00! Best wishes to all, Ed

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How about this Beautiful 1968 Jimmy "F" from Sweden (I know they all are), but this one still is...

From: Peter Hellberg  Tuesday, September 03, 2002
Home Subject: Re: Hagström Jimmy 1968
Hey, David ! Yes, you can put it on your website.
Here is another picture (taken today with a bad camera). Yes, it´s my guitarr, and I have owned it for about 10 years. I am the second owner. Regards, Peter

ED: I really must get hold of one of these - just to play and compare one....

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To see some other Jimmy pictures and stories you can follow these links
1) Ron Chapman - Via Visitors Stories - two excellent pages
2) Gordon Giltrap Page - He now owns 2 of the Oval hole Jimmys - the second one June 2002
3) The Hagstrom UK Oval Hole Jimmy
4) 1960's Canadian Catalogue

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Now, HERE is something different.

Why different? Look closely...

Ed Brady sent these pictures having scoured the net for a picture similar to his own Hag III.

"So, what?" you say.

Look at the body.
No centre grill being a three pickup
No bevelling on the body like a Futurama
No rivets, No vinyl
...and it's not a Hagstrom "Kent" model.

The original pictures show a blemish free colour.
Saving to a more compact jpg has made this guitar look tarnished - (it doesn't look it in the originals).

Anyway, to the final point:

Look at the David Bowie picture link on our Hagstrom Fans page
Go there, expand the picture and what do you see? (Well, go on then...)

Let us know what you think eh? (See e-mail address at bottom of any page)
I hope to receive more info from Ed soon - serial no etc to give me some clues...

Hello, I've attached two pictures of my Hagstrom III. I've never seen one exactly like it until now, with the rounded, instead of the beveled edges. It appears to be the same as the one in the picture of David Bowie on your site. I would be proud to see it on your site, which is excellent. Cheers, Ed Brady

Thank you Ed, and what superb condition!

Update: Yep! The same production run as the Kent (Mr.D.Bowie style). The batch was half Kent half Hagstrom. This one is a literal combination! As you see Ed maintains the following which just reinforces some of the minor queries from the batch listings. I'd stake some on this being the Bowie Kent model, with a Hagstrom branded neck! Good job he wants to keep it eh?
There'd be a few interested in prizing it away!
Along with a couple of others Hags in his collection:


Hi David, I don't think the neck was ever changed. I bought it from an older gentleman who bought it new for his son in the sixties. He told me his son played it for only a few months and it sat in a closet ever since. I could see why he didn't play it, since the action was a mile high. I had no problem adjusting the neck, but I had to shave more than an eighth of an inch ( three centimeters) off of the bottom of the bridge. I'm surprised Hagstrom shipped it like that. It was nearly unplayable. The neck is perfect and the vinyl is in great condition, but the plastic is cracked in several places, most notably at the bridge, which was screwed down as tight as possible. Once I got it in shape, I fell in love with it, until I bought the Hagstrom III, which has become my favorite. Here's a picture of my 12 string and the Swede I just sold on eBay. Thanks for all the good info. Cheers, Ed

 Hmmm - must try a 12 solid... So we did

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Now, what's all the fuss about - It's a Swede eh?
Well kind of maybe... actually it's a Hagstrom L.P. - The predecessor / prototype
to the much loved and respected Hagstrom Swede.
This one made in 1971 - 1 of only 505 made in TOTAL !

Have you noticed yet?

Yes, the neck was attached with a single screw!
Thanks to Ben for sending these pics to share with you all...

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... and now to celebrate 20,000 hits on the Homepage - Visitors Page 2 !

Please note: although I will try my best for the occasional request, this site is not an official price record site, and if I can help, any valuations are still difficult as there are silly prices from time to time, very variable quality, and it all depends on the person who wants to sell and the person who wants to buy. I am no dealer, and therefore can not provide a firm expectation considering the above. As Kwinn says - 
Be patient if you're looking for the right Hagstrom!

There is no price list any more!

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