A few words about the outrageous claims.... The claims are just for fun, and I hope will get some serious contenders to find the older Hagstroms (if they exist). I would LOVE to feature a Hagstrom Swede # 1, or Viking, Corvette etc. - but who has them?

Help me find any of the "earlies", and I will feature them all here! Now, on to the guitars of Hagstrom Canada.....

Stop the presses....Wait a second!!! We have a new outrageous claim!!!!! Check it out here....

Viveka - The Wonder Swede
(1971 #80 of a run of 150)

This was the first Hagstrom here at Hagstrom Canada
- Shown in Pre-restored condition. Full restoration photos soon, soon......

Alvy - Viking I N
(1972 #128 of a run of 200)
This is a teaser shot of Alvy....

This is the 128th Viking I N ever produced. Condition is 9.5/10.
Outrageous Claim # 2:

This is the oldest known
Viking I N on the planet.
Got an older one? Please let me know!

If you wish to see an
explanation of the different varieties
of Viking guitars ....

(Hagstrom UK became the new home for Alvy)

See the journey!

Kastr - Hagstrom II De Luxe
(1964 #618 of a run of 1000)

This run of "De Luxe" was the "new model" name for The Hagstrom II. This is an early one with the rounded pickups, and the "way too groovy" control switch template. This guitar isn't in "left under the bed in a case for 30 years" condition - it's more like "never got sold, went straight to a museum" type condition. Here is a teaser shot of Kastr....

This is the 210th Hagstrom II ever produced. Condition is 9.5/10.
Outrageous Claim # 3:

This is the oldest known
Hagstrom II De Luxe on the planet.
Got an older one? Please let me know!

"Where have I seen this guitar before?", you ask?
When I was graciously given first refusal on this fine guitar by my friend at Hagstrom USA, I jumped at it.
To visit his excellent page on this guitar go here:
Hagstrom USA 64 Hagstrom De Luxe

1966 Hagstrom II "Little Hag"

This isn't a first edition, but it is in great shape, plays amazingly, and is simply a wonderful guitar. For this reason, it will remain a permanent resident. This guitar has become a "daily player" here at Hagstrom Canada.

I bought "Little Hag" as a "fun guitar" JUST before I was offered Kastr. As a result, the two guitars arrived within a few days of each other (as well as some old Hag catalogues). Mrs. Hagstrom Canada's comment was "Am I wrong, or is every day Christmas around here?" (Actually, she loves the Hags - and she's right!).

The arrival of the two guitars virtually simultaneously led to the creation of the:
Official Hagstrom Canada Motto:

"Never buy another Hagstrom
before the last one has arrived -
unless it's an emergency!"

Very soon I will do a short photo comparison between Kastr (1964) and "Little Hag (1966)" to illustrate some of the differences that are present between the two Hagstrom II model years.

Alas... More will have to be done later... I promise more photography of the collection here at Hagstrom Canada in the next week but for now....

It's time for me to go play a Hagstrom!!!

Visit again often, and soon!


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