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This was the taster of what was to come...

Alvy at Robs house in Canada, but then...

Alvy's Journey Begins!!!

Off to England she goes, in the trusted care of our neighbourhood UPS man! (A lovely chap!)

Oops! Not so fast!! He's stuck in the ice!! Oh bother!!!

A good Samaritan stops to help!  Ouch! Doesn't look good.....
The full story (without the pictures now sadly)
A waiter from the restaurant appears!
And comes back with a shovel!!!
A yellow bucket of salt appears ... this might do it!!!

We did it!!! The driver (a lovely chap) and the good Samaritan shake hands!

As the waiter gets back to his task...... Alvy is now on her way!!!!

She arrived here safe and sound with a few additional accessories
one shown here sported by Chris (still in his pyjamas!)

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