Outrageous Claim 2001-1-1 (first claim of 2002)

Many of you may know Christopher and the Hagstrom Scandi from that amazing Hagstrom UK Site .....

And some of you may also know that it was his birthday on Friday January 11th, 2002!

But what you don't know is ...... (oh, oh, outrageous claim coming....)
that at 8 years of age, Christopher is STILL the youngest known Hagstrom guitar player on the planet!!!!

News! Christopher Cox is now in a band!!!!!! Click Here!!!!

All of us at Hagstrom Canada just want to wish Christopher a

Very "Haggy" Birthday

and a wonderful year to follow!!


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Our apologies to the Group of 7, those who appreciate the Group of 7, and perhaps Christopher for the highly stylized portrait.