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CRYSTAL DREAMS - Band Profile, history, CD details:

The Crystal Dreams core band is Avonn Davis, Rusty Aquilina, Richard Gerome, Pat Hammonds and Joe Avalos.

Avonn Davis, our fearless leader, started playing guitar at age 5 ½ in Germany, on a Hagstrom! He played in his first band in Japan at age 12 and first played professionally in Hawaii at age 16 where he had to be accompanied by an adult at the night clubs. He has played professionally stateside and in Europe. Avonn is a legend and is the premiere guitar player of funky jazz and blues in El Paso. Avonn’s unique leads range from blazing to flying to softly crying.

He has this to say concerning his music: “My life has been spent learning internationally, so I have an eclectic view towards creating songs that feel good as well as sounding good. Life’s experiences are usually the common thread that we all relate to, so I can say I’ve paid some dues. I believe that life is a circle so you can imagine how great it is to be back playing with some of my home town buddies that my brother went to school with. Whether in a country thousand of miles across oceans of waves or here in the USA, music remains the only true Universal language. I’d like to say special thanks to my family and friends who contributed to the manifestation of the project Crystal Dreams. The positiveness of their support is appreciated beyond measure.”

Avonn wrote most of the songs on this album and he is the nucleus that the band is formed around. Avonn has played music with Lou Rawls in Hawaii and Everett Fratterman in Germany. Rusty Aquilina plays rhythm guitar and sings lead and harmonies. He and Avonn have played together off and on for 15 years and have a kind of psychic connection when playing together that’s hard to explain but easy to hear. Rusty’s like the guy in Dire Strait’s “Sultan of Swing” the guy who knows all the chords, but with Rusty he does know how to make it cry or sing and often does on his leads.

Pat Hammonds, the bass player, has been playing guitar and bass for some 40 years and was part of the psychedelic music scene in Austin, Texas in the mid 1960’s.and played professionally in L.A. in the late 60’s, including a stint backing up Dobie Grey, of”Drift Away”fame. . He collects old Swedish-made Hagstrom guitars and basses like the one shown on the cover pic. He’s a lawyer by profession but music and writing songs are his passions.

Richard Gerome began playing drums in rock and roll clubs at the age of 15, and has since gravitated towards jazz and R&B. He is now finishing uphis BA in music education at UTEP, where he has played saxophone in the marching band, vibes in the lab band, and steel drums in “Pandemonium”, the University’s steel drum band. He has also arranged pieces for the steel drum band and percussion Ensemble that were played in recital

Joe Avalos, the sax player, is the type of musician who can ad lib smooth, sensual and creative lines on the spot. JoeJo always shows up to the gig dressed to the nines and ready to roll. He played with the Navy Jazz Band in 1973. JoeJo and his mentor, Art Lewis, local sax legend, played together in El Paso clubs starting in 1989.

Also making special appearances on the cd are:
Eddie Milner, bass: He has a broad music history from gospel to jazz to funk.
Avonn and Eddie played warmup for George Benson and Paquito De Rivera in El Paso. He has his own band, jDaVisions
Freddie Jefferson was contracted by Crystal Dreams to put together part of the horn section and do the horn arrangement on two songs. He also recorded sax and keyboard solos on several songs.
Raymond Lucero has played trumpet for 12 years and has played in honor bands and symphonies all over the USA. He was born in Pomona, Ca.
Mark Lucero , Raymond ‘s ’s brother, has been playing trumpet and  trombone and has played professionally for 10 years
Pete Cardel , trombone, is currently in Florida playing with some of the top bands there.  He is from Daytona, Florida.
Steve Kirkpatrick, trombone, has won statewide competition.  He is from Virginia.

Recorded at Penny Lane Studios, El Paso, Texas

                                                LIST OF SONGS

  1. A Funk  2:48  Written and arranged by Avonn Davis.
  2. Don’t Break  My Heart  4:27  Written and arranged by Avonn Davis.
  3. Cadillac Car  2:58  Written and arranged by Rusty Aquilina.
  4. The Kicker  5:51  Written and arranged by Avonn. Davis.
  5. Susan  4:51  Written and arranged by Avonn. Davis.
  6. Dark Eyes  2:57  Lyrics by Pat Hammonds, arranged by Avonn Davis and  Pat Hammonds.
  7. Blue Skies  3:21  Lyrics by Rusty. Aquilina, Pat Hammonds and Mike Davis , arranged  by Rusty Aquilina.
  8. Sparkles In Your Eyes  3:55  Lyrics and arrangement by Avonn Davis.
  9. As Time Goes On  4:19  Lyrics and arrangement by Avonn Davis.
  10. Brazilian Love Affair   3:30  Written and arranged by Avonn Davis.
  11. Down in Tobago  3:42  Lyrics  and arrangement by Avonn Davis.
  12. Texas Stomp  3:03  Written and arranged by Avonn Davis.
  13. Cool Breeze   2:02  Written and arranged by Avonn Davis.
  14. Beyond Tomorrow   3:53  Lyrics by Rusty Aquilina, arrangement by Rusty Aquilina and Avonn Davis.
  15. Avonn&JoeJo’s Blues  5:43  Written and arranged by Avonn Davis.

Lead Vocals on A Funk, Don’t Break My Heart, Dark Eyes, Sparkle in Your Eyes, As Time Goes On, Down in Tobago, Cool Breeze and Beyond Tomorrow by A. Davis. Lead Vocals on Blue Skies and Cadillac Car, R. Aquilina. Harmony vocals by Crystal Dreams. Lead Guitar by A. Davis Rhythm Guitar all songs and alternating leads on Blue Skies, Cadillac Car, Susan , Texas Stomp Avonn & JoeJo’s Blues by Rusty A. Bass on Don’t Break My Heart, Cadillac Car, Susan, Blue Skies, Sparkle in Your Eyes, As Time Goes On, Brazilian Love Affair, Down in Tobago, and Beyond Tomorrow by P. Hammonds Bass on A Funk, The Kicker, Texas Stomp,Cool Breeze and Avonn & JoeJo’s Blues by Eddie Milner. Rhythm Guitar on Dark Eyes by P.Hammonds Percussion on all songs by Richard Gerome Assorted Percussion instruments by Crystal Dreams on Cool Breeze All keyboards by Freddie Jefferson. Saxophone and flute by Joe Avalos Trombones by Pete Cordel and Steve Kirkpatrick Trumpet, Flugelhorn by Mark Lucero and Raymond Lucero, (the brass brothers)

Recorded at Penny Lane Studio, El Paso, Texas.
Graphics by Progressive Image, El Paso, Texas.

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