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2020 - Due to a life limiting illness, this site will remain until the next renewal date but may not be updated now.
Please make sure you have all the info you require as the site will inevitably disappear sometime in the future.

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Rest In Peace
Karl Erik Hagstr
(Made in Sweden)
18th March 1932 - 7th July 2010

Generous hospitality

I had the honour and distinct pleasure of meeting Karl Erik Hagström a few times. He was a modest man in many ways and never quite understood the interest in his business so many years after it had ceased production. He always had a glint in his eyes, he always knew when to pass a question by, but was equally generous with his recollections in recorded interviews. He took time to find answers and provide papers and pictures to make this site more interesting. He was worried about the future of the brand and the heritage of his former enterprise, but realised time moves on.

His hospitality, sense of fun, level-headedness and generous nature will not be forgotten. Now his time is over, we thank Karl Erik for what he achieved in his life, and for all the lives he touched along the way.

This is how I will remember the man. A wry smile and a joke or a question just to check if you are really listening.

Deciding to take us Moose sighting - even though he had to be carried in and out of his car. Then ordering the driver (me) left, right, over there. No hope of seeing anything, but we all had great fun!.

A very special man.

The Scandi-Man

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We SOMETIMES RECEIVE 40-50 E-mails a day - it Is impossible to answer all of them. we do AIM TO reflect them through the website and forum.

Musitech's Spares have now been bought back by Karl-Erk jr, Try the original Swedish Hagström Website,  IF YOU ARE NEW TO HAGSTROM: click here

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UK Magazine
Five page article in the May 07 issue.

Read the Original
Hagström History...


 Our FIRSTfantastic visit to Sweden                                                                                    Östersund (our Second Visit)


   The BIG Hagstrom Festival see the spectacle below 

ÄLVDALEN festival JUNE 2/3/42006


A low key 'fun-size' Hagstrom Festival in June 2007


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Hagström Guitars

A Swedish name you may not be familiar with, unless... 

... you have a soul, or should that be blues
or should that be rock, now I'm on a roll... 

...but then we play real Hagström Guitars! 

 Site started Tuesday 26th June 2001, Visitors since then
(actually this counter appeared to stop working years ago LOL)
(What does this mean?)   


  Thanks for stopping by - It is appreciated!
 - Vänliga hälsningar from Hagström UK

Please check the News Page for recent updates and new pages   

Tell us your Stories -  See "News", and hey, don't forget the Forum!

The Viking has Landed see  - "Hagstrom and me"


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Sound Sense in a
LOUD World.

 ... and the "Kings Neck" 
- the genuine article!

in the

MADE in Sweden


H-8 Bass Demo

H-III / F300 Demo

SuperSwede + H-8

SSwede Body headfr.jpg (33297 bytes)    <<click>>

The Super Swede
all the way from

SuperSwede + H-8

SuperSwede + H-8

Media Page

What's  this ???
    6 strings

And  this??

Ornate 12 strings


Simply the best Professional
microphones - from USA

Chris's old favourite to play...

and the Daddy - Concord Deluxe Bass '68 
Deluxe Mersey Mystery Batch



GB PA Hire

PA, Lighting
Staging, Backline

(South UK)


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D'Aquisto delight...

...so clean and bright!



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"THE" Jimmy Oval and another good looking relative - "THE" Bjarton Hagstrom J45
(Jimmy F-Hole lovers see Hagstrom

See the pure acoustics all together!

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Are you getting the idea?   Most things just need... a CLICK !

 and now, for your delectation   
P46 1958 1960

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The Swede Patch 2000 is here too!.

Gr-8 Bass                                     Great Player     

If you are looking for a Hagström...

- just ask, I may have a few ideas!

Don't forget the
free advertising I am happy to do

even link your "e-auction" from here

if you wish!
No strings, no cost, no threats,
no fuss, no commission
- just your choice!


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In Memoriam

I'm no dealer - just a collector / player

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Smile! You're in a world of fun - and that's what we all want eh?

(LINK)Golden Boulder Website(LINK)

You may have to wait a few seconds for the page to load...(external link)
Chris and Ellz from Golden Boulder - way back in September 2003 - Aged 9 yrs -
on BBC TV with Ace from Skunk Anansie, and some HAGSTROM guitars!

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Anyone with Hagstrom facts or photo's is very welcome.
Send them to me for posting. There's an e-mail link on virtually every page of the site!
A story isn't absolutely necessary, but adds a little bit of what we like to add to this site
- Appreciation and the appreciators!
So bung a pic of you too along with it.... Hell, past and present...
stage photo's...you, the dog and the Hag... It's up to you!

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Peace  Freedom

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It's Hagström  or Hagstrom  or Hagstroem, BUT NOT Hangstrom, or Shanghai-strom!


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Plenty has been said already and
will be said forever forward probably.
Only you know what's right for you!