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The first Hagstrom UK J45 can be found here along with the Bjarton pegbridge version

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Feb 2007: Visiting your site it's good to see I'm not the only one who thinks Hagstrom (Bjarton) was a exeptional guitar. I bought my B60 when I was 17, back in 1977. Second hand, but as good as new. I think this one was build in 1974. I played her since, and the sound has only improved by the years. I have varnished her twice in that 30 years, the last time very thin with a water-based paint: The sustainnnnnn is exceptional, and the tone well balanced. I hope you can use this little story on your site! Best regards from the Netherlands, Joost Heemskerk

There's always room for someone who's learned the secret... and kept it this long!

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Whilst eagerly awaiting delivery of a J45 from Switzerland early 2002, out of the blue another turns up from the UK. This one isn't for sale. In fact it was looking for a BJ12 to go with it at the time! Update: It was worth the wait for both of us in the end

Thanks to Mike in the UK (Cheshire) for this fine contribution.

 This fine J45 6 string from (probably) mid to late 60's is a good 6 string partner to a BJ12.
 Mike the owner is looking for such a 12 string - so if you have one, let me know!

Click the Pictures for larger versions.

 Here you see more closely the fine finish on these models, this one also sports a removable pickup, which has been a feature since it was bought around 1968-9.

These gorgeous instruments - like the 12 string relatives - have to be heard to be believed.

From: Mike Grundy  Sent: 22 February 2002 16:35  To: webstrom  Subject: Hagstrom
I’ve just found your web site and mightily intrigued by what I found. I’ve owned my guitar for the last 32+ years, buying it around 1968-69, playing it initially with my friends and as part of a local folk group, but more recently only for personal pleasure.  In fact in the last 10 years I’ve hardly played it at all. Having now “got a life”, I‘ve bought a Gibson Les Paul and alongside the Hagstrom I’m rediscovering great enjoyment in the mix of electric and acoustic.

Until to day I hadn’t realised that the company had ceased trading. Your site was a great education for me.. I own a J-45, serial 110559, see pictures. For many years I took the pickup off it and played it as a pure acoustic. Some 5-6 years ago I restored it to normal, putting the pickup back on. Sad to say I’ve lost the original volume knob, so there’s a sad excuse for a chicken head knob in place at the moment. (Someone find him a replacement volume knob

Despite its years of non-playing it still has perfect tone, the strings remain largely in tune and the action is a delight. My next wish would be to find a Hagstrom 12 string to match, but I guess they’re few and far between. Do you perhaps know if there are any around, or where I should look ?

...and part of a follow up...

I agree with you. I’ve just bought a Gibson Les Paul and the action on the Hagstrom is lower and more sensitive…!  I’m sure you won’t be disappointed with the J45. I has a big round sound when played hard and is light and clear when played gently. I’ve always used lighter than normal acoustic strings usually 10 or sometimes 11 gauge and it handles them beautifully.
 - Thanks for a great site Mike Grundy, Cheshire

(Someone please send me a replacement volume knob so I can send it to Mike... - please?)

PS I wasn't disappointed...

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See also: The Hagstrom Hub

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JC from Canada - He of the Wall of Hag Basses brings us this superb H45-E.
I don't intend to bore you all again with how much I love these instruments, but suffice to say...
You really must try one - they're rare and yet nothing short of well done!
Hungry for more? Here's the pictures:

Very many thanks to Jon for yet another superb example
Don't forget to check out his Basses

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February 2003 - Now in quick succession we have two contributions - really after my own heart!
First -
(and did he know how important this e-mail was to me?) we have Mick Phillips:

-----Original Message----- From: mick phillips, Sent: Friday, February 14, 2003 6:06 PM To: webstrom Cc: mick phillips Subject: 1969 j45 Hi, just found your site and thought you might be interested in a couple of pics of my J45 serial no. 109540. It was bought new from Kempsters Music in Swindon, England in 1969. It has since been to Germany when I was trying to become a popstar (only me?), fallen out of the group van whilst moving, but luckily in a case. It is aged but compares more than favourably with some Gibsons and Ovations etc when old musicians congregate. Superb rich tone and an action almost as low as my Telecaster. Regards, Mick Phillips

Now what Mick didn't realise was that this guitar was probably made within a month or so of my own (first) hagstrom - my BJ12 (Serial 109564). What a find eh?
----- Original Message ----- From: David Cox at Home To: 'mick phillips'
Friday, February 14, 2003 6:26 PM Subject: RE: 1969 j45
Dear Mick, Thank you very much for making contact, and supplying your pictures. If more people realised how good these guitars are, they would have a significantly higher value. The
J45 and the 12 string BJ12/H33 are both superb instruments, loud and clear as well as easy to play. I agree, when pro’s pick one up again they don’t want to put it down, and people are slowly waking up again to the fact that they are so good, and there will never be any more. Now, this may sound a bit “sad”, but you don’t realise how significant your mail is. There is NO info now on the batch numbers and dates. Very few people are the original owners, or can remember when the instrument was actually new. This guitar was made probably the same month as my first BJ12 Serial 109564! I have had an estimate of 1969 before from an ex dealer in Stockholm, but it is so nice to find out. Your pictures will certainly feature on the site soon. Thank you again Regards David Cox

From: mick phillips Friday, February 14, 2003 8:06 PM Re: 1969 j45
Dear David, Thanks for your interest. You're right, when the pros play one they're impressed. I'm now 55 and when you get this old and play continually, the law of averages means that at some stage your path will cross with some celebrity. I live near Bournemouth and some 15 years ago met and played in a trio locally with Mart Jenner, a superb guitar player who has worked with just about everyone. He was with 'Thunder', Cliff Richards' band for several years and was with Albert Lee doing the Everly Brothers Re-union concert at the Albert Hall in the early eighties. He is now in Australia and I'm sorry to say things are not looking good as he has cancer of the spine. We actually recorded a tape for local distribution comprising live recording and some tracks produced in Marts home studio in Bournemouth. We used the Hagstrom J45 during the studio sessions. This was based I think on the fact that Mart favoured acoustic sounds - he worked with Hank Marvin in Australia on Hanks 'Into the Light' (out of the shadows?) album a few years ago. It's interesting to note that Hanks recent and final? tour was acoustic based. Mart was endorsing Maton guitars when I last spoke to him but used a Fender Custom with B bender and borrowed my Musicman RD112 when we last worked together. The point is that he - a guitar player who has worked with everyone from Lonnie Donegan to Elton John felt quite happy to use the Hagstrom J45 on a recording. Those of us lucky enough to own one are very lucky. Thanks again, Mick

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Jay Roffey from Florida...
shares his 30 years of ownership with us - and an AMAZING episode!

I purchased my H45 in 1973 from my guitar teacher who had bought it for his son who (being a a spoiled brat and not knowing what he had) didn't like the color and demanded a different color and style. So his father sold it to me. At the time I paid $300.00 The scratches around the sound hole are from when I played in a band and used a clip-on pickup. Needless to say I don't use it anymore. I'm interested in the serial number because Mark Philips' J45 (ABOVE) has a serial number 109540 and H45 has a serial number of 101020. Does that mean it's older than '69? I would apreciate any info as to the value or year of my H45. I was really impressed with your site and have learned a lot of things about my guitar that I never knew. Thanks for the opportunity to share my pics with you and your viewers. Attached are some pics. The obviously older pic of me from '82 was when I was playing in a band in Colorado. The next one is of me in 2002 and then a pic of the guitar at present. It sounds better than ever and yet its been through hell. I can't help but remember the time when I was playing in my friends wedding and to be safe I locked it up in my friends truck after I was done so nothing would happen to it. I then come to realize some people are looking for a small boy and guess where we find him.....He had stolen my friends keys from the table and locked himself up in the truck jumping up and down on the guitar like a trampoline. Thank GOD it held up to the abuse and still strobes out with ease and the harmonics are perfect. It took a lickin' and keeps on pickin'..... --- JAY ROFFEY

ED: Thanks to Jay for the story, and for realising how great these guitars are to play!

Although the serial number info is completely lost for the acoustics, it is safe to say the sequence – especially in the same models would be in order, so yes yours was made a short while before Mike’s. The actual date of manufacture may have been earlier of course in both cases. As for the H or J bit. This was always a bit “fluid” with Hagstrom. I’ve seen Bjarton pickguards on Hagstrom branded models, and J45 instead of H45 also on Hagstrom branded models. It may have been something to do with the initial destination country or something. The same applies to the 12 string BJ12 or H33. Hagstrom distributed Gibson and Fender throughout Scandinavia through their own chain of music stores too, so there was no animosity. The only model to “draw the line” was when Fender asked Hagstrom not to send the Scandi (Strat killer) to the USA. I read with my mouth (literally) wide open the story about the boy using your guitar as a trampoline!!! Amazing stuff, we know how well they were made. I guess no-one would have dared to do this test deliberately…

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From Beer-Sheva we have Tom Waltner's J45

Hallo , My name is Tom Waltner , and I live in Beer - Sheva Israel. I own and old Hagstrom Acoustic guitar that I would very much like to know it's year of production and every detail about the instrument you can tell me. the model is J-45 and the serial number is 54145305. sincerely...


Of course I gave as much info as I could, as much as waxing lyrical about the similarity to my own cherished J45....

Hi again Tom, Yes, this is really nice, a top of the range model most probably made early seventies.

It is exactly the same as my own J45 which was originally owned in Switzerland. What is more, I have taken mine out of it’s case just now to check the serial number: 54143961 - only 1344 difference.

Hagstrom had agents all over Europe and in many other countries right up to around 1980. So the distribution channels were very wide. This model was also known as an H45 in some catalogues. There is also a larger 12 string model the BJ12 also Known as an H33 You can see there was an open relationship between the Hagstrom Factory and the Bjarton Factory nearby, where the acoustic and semi-acoustic electric guitars were produced. Yours (like mine) has the “B” logo of Bjarton clearly on the pick-guard below the sound-hole. I personally think this version and colour is the best looking one they did in this model, and the fully adjustable action (with “H” profile rod), plus the bridge which can be adjusted for height and intonation, you are hard pressed to find a better guitar of its style. I know a few professionals who when they pick mine up are very impressed, and want “just a few more minutes” (etc). The Hagstrom neck is very comfortable, and accommodates most players as it is so slim and fast. This is due to the patented expander stretcher tuss rod assembly which has not been matched even today. As long as there have been no bad accidents then it will likely be true and straight for “ever”.

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Chuck from Denmark  brings us the same J45(H45) model in it's real brand name - Bjarton - Note there is no disguising the association with Hagstrom. Above we saw the "B" on the pickguard of a Hagstrom branded instrument, and here The "H" emblem on the tailpiece of a Bjarton branded instrument, yet the pickguard is a tortoiseshell design!

Why? Well Bjarton was an established manufacturer all along, and within Europe, recognised in their own name. Hagstrom had built a name and association throughout the world.

Also another serial number is supplied with a date when bought new. Communicating with Torgil Hagman recently, (see History page) he offered to try to get some wider information if the right people - such as Mr Kurt Nilsson the former owner of Bjarton was still with us.

Hi. I came across your site and want to contribute with my Bjarton's data:

I bought new it in Odense, Denmark in late 1971 or early 1972. It has the serial number 128294 and the label does not say "Hagström" but "Bjarton" (see pic.) The headstock has "Bjarton" on it, not "Hagström".

The trapeze has the well-known H-logo on it, though. The back of the neck is almost square - but I believe this is normal. It still plays and sounds wonderfully though the finish is somewhat worn. I have been looking around for means to mike it but have not yet found a good solution - any suggestions. Greetings Chuck






My suggestion: A Fishman Rare Earth sound-hole pickup




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October 2003

An H45e peg bridge - first one we've had here.. Thanks Graham

Dear hagstrom.org.uk webmaster I have included a couple of pictures of me playing my Hagstrom H45E. These photos were taken about 6 years ago when I was playing in the band “Hair O’ The Dogma”, and I’ve now smartened up the hair and clothing and become a respectable database manager. I have also moved to Australia and have had to leave my beloved H45 with my dad in England.

My dad says that the guitar was his 21st birthday present and when you consider that he’s 60 this year that means the guitar is almost 40 years old. The guitar has the BEST tone and playing action/feel of ANY guitar I’ve ever played but due to wear and tear (and regular gigging) the guitar is not in the best condition. Please can you tell me where I can get the guitar restored to as good a condition possible, preferably using original Hagstrom parts? Obviously I would have to arrange for my dad to actually get the work done but I think it is definitely worth it. This guitar is the closest thing we have to a family heirloom. Yours Sincerely Graham Keigher

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To quote:
"Concerning "Bjärton"- acoustic guitars I can tell you that they were produced in a small village ( Bjärnum) not far from the Malmö/Lund- region were I live.

Malmö is situated just over the sound (Öresund) on the opposite side of Copenhagen Denmark...  two years ago we had a bridge between Denmark and Sweden - Malmö-Copenhagen".

(Torgil Hagman, former joint MD of Hagstrom in a recent e-mail, 2003)

...So from Malmo Sweden, Pontus Welander bought this next example in a 'flea market' November 2003!
for a ridiculously small amount of money... just an old local guitar? (Hence the sub title I place at the top of each page -

 Hagström Guitars so much respect and appreciation, in so few places

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Well, I appreciate them - this is a lovely looking player... thanks Pontus for sending the pictures:

Mind you I hope it gets a 'haircut' soon
- all that dangerous spiky stuff around that mother-of-pearl

Just what I'd like to add to the UK 'player' collection... especially at local prices!

Hello ! My name is Pontus Welander, I live in Malmo Sweden and I just bought a Bjarton J-45 E guitar in a flee market. I didn't know anything about this guitar when I bought it but then I found your web page on the internet. (Great site with a lot of interesting stuff to read). I learned things about Bjarton and the connection to Hagstrom but I didn't find anything about the model I bought.I would really be grateful if you or anyone that is a little more "in to guitars" could help me to find out more about this guitar.  The serial number is 140899 (I don't know if that helps) Is it a common model or rare ? How old is it ? How much can it be worth ? (I paid (Censored - I can't bear to tell you how little he paid...)) The sound is great even when you connect it to a amp. I don't know if you got the time to answer all the questions that you must get from people that have visit your website but I thought I could give it a try. I attached some pics of the guitar..... Thanks Pontus Welander, Sweden

But then I am so very much into these great acoustic players...

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Howie from the UK brings us another pegbridge,
this time the B60 Standard model.

The B-60 pegbridge is the standard version of the H-45 or J-45 pegbridge. No additional binding or inlay. The fret markers are on the edge of the neck, tuners are left exposed, and that's about it! Exactly the same construction as a Deluxe H-45 or J-45, exactly the same sound, and feel - which is wonderful!

Why B60 you ask? Well it's half a B120 in strings!

I really like this understated look, and in a pegbridge there is very little difference to the Deluxe version at first sight... Lovely!

The "B" for Bjärton proudly displayed

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Ilan Lev from Israel brings us a wonderful 'near mint' condition J-45e - Such a classic look!


Hi I have an Hagstrom Bjarton J-45 E guitar, serial : 54144596, Semi Acoustic in near mint condition . I am the  first and only owner of this guitar which was bought new  sometime in the early 70's.

After playing on a classic guitar for some years I have decided to switch for Jazz , so I have started to look for a suitable guitar. At that time (early 70's), I didn't know much about Hagstrom guitars but when I came across this J45 E I Immediately liked the sound and looks, so I bought it. I have played for some years , mainly blues, swing, dixie... Even after quitting playing I my J45 E and would not sell it. The serial number of my guitar (54144596) is very close to yours J45 (54143961) and Tom Waltner's J45 , also from Israel, (54145305).

The more I look at this mid seventies beauty, I am stunned at how NEW it looks, yet it must sound wonderfully mature after all this time. Nothing replaces the tone that comes with age and use. The pickup assembly is clearly a factory fitted unit, no overlap into the soundhole binding, and just like you'd expect from this model!
Thanks again Ilan for sending this for us to see!

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hello my name is harry  i recently got this hag from a yard sale for next to nothing and i really don't know too much it. i was wondering if someone could help inform me about it i have the original case too so i paid $75.00 for it and the guy i bought it from was like "why do you want it so bad" and the whole time i'm shaking thinking to myself i might own a hag so the dream came true. so mine is not mint but pretty damn close and the serial number is 86663 in the sound hole the sticker reads albin hagstom inc alvdalen and under the serial number it says made in sweden. so could you give me roughly the year it was made. i would really fell honoured if you put my pics on your site. im in a band playing classic rock, your frein harry


Well Harry it's about 1965... and it's worth one heck more than $75! The case is an added bonus, just a polish up and wow! Similar to Gordon Giltrap's 1966, and here's a link to the catalogue that probably enticed the original owner...

Kinky Neck!

Stewart is a regular on the Hagstrom UK forum... ... a great place to find answers


Jul 18, 05 - 5:30 PM

Kinky neck

I've just bought a J45 Serial number 98850 from a guy who said it was made in 1964 - that doesn't really fit in with some of your info, and I stupidly didn't ask how he'd arrived at that date. I hadn't heard of the make, but it played beautifully and the head looked unusual - it doesn't slant down away from the line of the neck, but rather continues the line, with a slight forward inclination if anything. To tension the strings they run under a fixed metal rod before going to the keys. Couldn't see anything like it on a quick run through your fantastic site - is this model unusual?
Richard Bridge


Jul 18th, 2005 - 8:48 PM

Re: Kinky neck

I am pretty sure I have seen this three times (but the old memory, you know) once on a J45 that was in the shop of Andy Perkins the banjo luthier and which he said himself had needed so much repair it was more Perkins than Hagstrom, once on a J45E I inspected on the Isle of Sheppey (and which had had a truly appalling repair done to the back), and once on a J-45 that the Nottingham branch of Hobgoblin had at the Ely folk fest (last year). All were tailpiece guitars with the bolt-on neck.


Jul 19th, 2005 - 12:48 PM

Re: Kinky neck

Thanks Richard - nice to know I may have a rare model! Funnily enough I live near Ely - they've just had this year's festival - but I've never been! I'm going to get some pics on this site of the guitar and see if anyone else can add more! Thanks again.


Jul 19th, 2005 - 4:53 PM

Re: Kinky neck

Yes, I have one of these. If you go to the handy index and select the J45/H45 Vistors link and scroll down to the JC from Canada section, you'll see an example. In fact, you'll see my guitar as I bought this one from JC a few years ago

The headstock is indeed angled forward in relation to the plane of the neck and body. At first I hated this and the word "duckfoot" kept popping into my head whenever I picked up the guitar. It just had that awkward, out-of-water feel to it. I had even bought another Hagstrom acoustic neck to replace it with. But as with most of my projects, it sat around so long that I fell for the quirky charm of the original. I do wish these were easier to date.


Jul 19th, 2005 - 6:10 PM

Re: Kinky neck

What a great and illustrious clientelle this site has! I wondered if I'd hear anything at all, and already I feel part of a worldwide club. And I would venture to add, a LUCKY worldwide club! I can't keep my hands off the guitar!! Think I'll sell all my others and buy more Hags. Thanks folks.


Hi from downunder!

Just had a look at your site (fantastic!!) and thought I'd post some pics of my j-45 to you.
I bought this guitar new in Singapore in November, 1977 (as a wedding present to myself). I chose it over a Gibson Hummingbird amongst others for a few reasons: the main one is that I liked the feel alot more, much better action and a good tone, it was 'unusual'...and to convince me even more, it was alot cheaper...heheheh.
The serial number is 54162061.
Every guitar player that's picked up my Hagstrom has said how nice it is to play...don't have to convince me!!
Cheers, Bud (Melbourne, Australia)


They're still great value to buy, just because people still haven't woken up to the quality of these models






















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