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The Hagstrom UK Isabella - CLICK HERE

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Percy Glanville has only just taken the plunge...

I have just decided to take up playing the guitar, as a 50th birthday present to myself. My wife had this old guitar laying around that I thought I may as well learn on, before I graduated to a "good" guitar. She purchased it in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, in 1986, for about $350 CDN. (you can see the serial number, 222026, on the pictures)

 Since then it has lain around and not been played much, except when the kids tried playing it when they were younger. (adding a couple minor scratches along the way, but nothing major) It has recently been restrung left handed for me with new nylon strings, and the guitar shop where it was done had not heard of this make. (although a young lady standing there was quite enthusiastic about it)

 I decided to search the internet to find out a little more about this odd Swedish guitar, and stumbled across your site.

It is a wealth of information, and because of what I learned here, I may just keep this "cheap" guitar, and not go for the "good" guitar after I have learned how to play it, hehehe. Keep up the good work.

The clean lines and beautiful inlay on this example would turn the eye of any mere mortal surely!

 Randolf Clausen from Germany sent these pics of his Isabella

Click the pics - for bigger ones (no it's not one of those internet scams!)

I send you some new Pics of my Isabella, and one of my other guitars. I Buy my Isabella in 1972, when I was 19. She was about 25 years my only Guitar. 1992, when my oldest son learned E-Guitar, I buy a wonderful Flying V from "Höfner", and in 1997 a 12-String. In March 2002 I got a handcrafted Dreadnought from "Lakewood" (on the left of my Isabella) , with solid spruce-top and solid sides and bottom of mahogany. Its a lovely guitar, but it costs 3200 DM. In spite of my other guitars i often play with my Isabella, because of her charmng sound. With best wishes Randolf Clausen

ED: This guitar looks so bright and clean - it is superb condition. Just take a close look at the pictures. This is a guy who knows how to look after his guitars.
Tip for readers - don't try and communicate using those online translation tools! I could just make out what Randolf said to me with much manipulation, but I gather my reply was incomprehensible! We ended up communicating in English (Sorry Randolf!)

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My name is Frans Beijer, 44 years old and I live in Holland. What an amazing website ! My compliments. I send you some pictures of my very well used Isabella. I bought this guitar brand new in 1975 when I was 16 years old.

It was love at first sight, the most beautiful guitar I had ever seen. I remember it cost Hfl.595 - and that was an enormous amount of money for me. (In Euro money thats about 260) - It took me almost a year to get the money. Remember I was only 16 and still at school.

The ser.number of this guitar is 54163091.

Although I have owned and sold quite a lot of guitars, this is such a beautiful instrument that I will always keep it.

At this moment the Isabella is accompanied by an Yamaha-sg 400 electric (the santana guitar) a 1984 Jose Ramirez (don't like that one as much as the Hagstrom!) 1964 Madrid made Estruch classical, 1985 Morris BW-650 9 string (steelstring) Epiphone Les Paul special and an Ovation 1111.4 deep bowl steelstring.

Regards, Frans Beijer.

Well Frans, I know the feeling on owning an Isabella. They are so undervalued, unless you own one yourself, then they are treasure itself.
 I believe everyone with a steel string acoustic or electric should take time out to try one of these.
Thanks for your pictures - and you very kind words!

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Jeane Krieger from Canada brings her treasured example of over 33 years!

Hi, my name is Jeane and I own a Bjarton Isabella serial # 118302. I purchased it in 1971 when I was 18. Don't remember the exact price but seems that it was close to a month's rent. Mine has some red, black and green inlay as well as the rosette insert around the sound hole. It also has the "Hagstrom" decal on the head.

...was packed around from 1971 to 1994 with "no" case other than a little plastic cover...appraisal (1994) promted me to get a hard case....In 1982 (over 20 yrs ago) I was offered $1000 but would not sell, someone obviously knew what they saw. I've known from day one that this guitar is special, what young girl would spend a month's rent on nothing? Has a teeny weeny triangular dent on the top but I'm told it only increases the appeal... Talk to you soon...Jeane

The inlay is very clean and bright, as is the rest of this lovely example. It is a similar style to the one on the UK collection. A well treasured beauty, and exceptional condition as you can see from these 'just taken' photo's.

Thank you for taking the trouble to send in your pictures Jeane.

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Hi there Hagstrom Lovers! These pics are of my husband's Isabella (Serial # 124139) that he purchased in 1971 when he was 18. He bought it on instalments for a total of $200 CDN in Fredricton, New Brunswick, CAN.

He also picked up a hard case for it at the same time... a great investment I submit since the case is in considerably poor condition compared to the Isabella which is still in fabulous shape!

Interestingly, the warranty card is still in the case and a little rough around the edges! lol.

Despite a current period of financial stress its not likely we'll be able to part with this rare treasure... it really is a joy for us! Great Site! Kathleen & Joe Tardi

Thanks Kathleen and Joe. It's interesting that the logo is placed either vertical or horizontal on the headstock of many of the models. This laos happens with some electric models such as the H12 solid twelve string, and a few others.

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There's nothing like a REAL original Swedish made Hagstrom (and there are loads around), but if it 'floats your boat', or you can't find an original then who are we to say?

Plenty has been said already and
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