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Leaving Stockholm around 7.30pm we still wanted to be in Älvdalen before the end of the day.

The prospect of a five hour journey should have been daunting, but it was made totally palatable by the destination we headed for. The air of anticipation was strong, and the continued beautiful surroundings kept our spirits high.

We made up time by stopping only minutes along the way, otherwise (like in the UK) there were strategically placed speed cameras to keep you on your toes.

Interestingly different to the UK, the camera has to catch your face photo to make a prosecution, so I'm surprised everyone doesn't drive around wearing a mask!

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Passing out of dense forest we entered the county just after 11.30pm, and realised we hadn't quite arrived yet, so followed the road until we found something we might recognise for a meeting point...

A little known fact is that Älvdalen is the furthest point in Sweden from the Scandinavian coastline, and even more, it has it's own language which goes back many centuries. Way back in history the area was largely isolated from other parts of Sweden, thus creating this unique form of communication. The area has moved - usually through conflicts - from being in Norway or being in Sweden. The final change came in the 17th Century when 200 Swedish peasants settled in the then Norwegian area, claiming it (to date, ha-ha) for Sweden. Alvdalen is also one of the places in Sweden where the old pagan beliefs and Aesir Gods survived longest.

There are four main versions of the Swedish language commonly used, whereas Älvdalens or Övdalien is only spoken now by less than 2000 people. In the not so distant history there were strong efforts to outlaw the language altogether, and people were forced to speak it only at home. So, before you think of the passion of music, you've got something pretty special in this little hideaway in the world. You can read more about the language here: [External link:  http://.no.scandiasyn/alvdalen/ note: it is a Norwegian project!] Part of the areas insignia is the crossbow - signifying times of conflict many centuries ago. 

All I can say is that Älvdalen is a beautiful part of the world. I think Sweden is beautiful generally, but there are so many different aspects to the Dalarna region and Älvdalen itself - Mountains for Skiing, Forests for hunting and camping with moose, bears and wolves, Ancient Cabins and Barns, Rocky climbs and waterfalls, gorgeous clean rivers and lakes, great fishing, - I could go on for ages without even mentioning music actually... 

Today there isn't the pressure to wipe it out, and for those who speak it, a special ethnicity to be proud of. How long it will survive depends largely on the younger generation keeping it alive of course, but with the pull of ever easier travel, only time will tell.


We continued on to the outskirts and came across an information stopping area a mile or so before the town of Älvdalen.


Chris was again avidly playing that guitar in the back of the car, and it was just after midnight Wednesday morning.

Sleeping when it felt right was a perfect way to ensure that even at the age of eleven, full interest and participation could take place all the way through the week.


The information point gave us a pause to stretch the legs, enjoy the view and make a phone-call that culminated in being met and greeted by that amazing guy called Stefan. He arranged with the local restaurant to take out some great food for supper. Very kindly he also afforded the hospitality of his home overnight. Any thought of tiredness was gone despite the fact we had a full day coming - only a few hours later.

Stefan you may know has been a key person in keeping the link with many musicians looking to obtain spares through the Musitech music store. No matter how your order or enquiry has been placed, inevitably he would try to fulfil the needs and know where to lay hands on stock if there is some held locally.

He has grown up with Hagstrom in his blood and knows many facts that have passed people by, or have been forgotten in the passage of time. Historically close to the family, Stefan is soon to travel and consider his own future, as time moves on, he's now a man with a vision of possibilities, so heaven forbid, but he may soon be another part of the Hagstrom history too.

Also a very accomplished musician, Stefan plays a wide variety of instruments regularly appearing in local groups and revival 'Dansbands'. So after many phone calls and emails over the past year or more this meeting was another special pleasure for everyone present.

Stefan's own collection is very selective, but then he's grown up in a good position to decide what he wants to collect.

For example, a new one on me, a better than Bigsby floating bridge tremolo system, that he demonstrated for us, on the Viking 1.

He's used this guitar often for recording locally, and it was a revelation in accuracy and staying in tune!

So why did this configuration remain a prototype?

Expense! It is a major piece of precision engineering that could have dramatically increased the cost of your guitar.

This enhancement is truly "the dogs treasures" if only it was possible to make it the standard even today, we'd all have a better tune to play!

It's easy to cry out in retrospect, but believe me, making your way into the major guitar markets was difficult enough from Sweden, without being even more expensive than Gibson and Fender!

Now many of you will know the differences in tone from different Vikings and Jimmys and, well... any semi acoustic vintage Hagstrom model.

Frankly Stefan's Viking sounded twice as good as the Deluxe (Elvis model) but of course it gets used on stage occasionally and still cherished for it's obvious 'specialness'.

This Jimmy too, an early Bjarton bodied model is made even more special by the signature of Karl Erik Hagstrom across the pickguard.

Many thanks to Stefan for all the interest, all the organisation and all the welcomes we received on entering this place of fable and fabulous history.

Later that day after a few hours sleep we would far exceed our expectations with a special version of a visit to the museum, we truly hoped to meet the founder of the guitar business for Hagstrom, Karl-Erik Hagstrom Senior himself afterwards, but we were only too aware of his fragility these days.

Time would tell...

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