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Visitor Contributions - Page Three

All of you on slower connections must be pleased to be starting further up another page at last!

Well to start Page Three of the Visitor Contributions...

Dieter Draxler has been keeping these in sparkling condition for quite a while...

Very stylish pictures they make too... just the way I like 'em!

hi, these are two hagstroms (I don't know what they are called) the only thing I do know, the red ones was originally bought in '62, I got it 1990 for XXX dollars from an old man...

First we have a 1961-2 Deluxe in my favourite Red with 2 x twin pickups (yes that makes four) - early humbucking!

...the sunburst one I got for XX dollars has a serialnr. 784225, so long, Dieter

The 1970 Sunburst HIII


Thanks Dieter

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 OK, safe to take the Shades off again? 
Well yes... and then no...

Here's One of the LAST Hagstrom SuperSwedes made...
      - Custom colour too!

Click the icons for bigger pics

hey there, ...how's things, luv the page you got goin' on! these pic's aren't the best...moved to the states in march/03 and...yep..had to leave my baby behind....still no name for her...any ideas?? the pics don't do it justice, it's more a cherry/pink burst...excellent shape..and the serial number is 53 076176 bought in either '83 or '86 still not sure yet..lol..nonetheless she's great!! Wonderfull sound and lot's of "wow's", actually had one guy say, "ohhh, he's bringin' out the devil" hmmm...possible name...naaaa..she's not evil but; she is definetely one to be listend to and obsorbed or consumed by. soo, if you want...any idea how much she might be worth?? Any clue on a name for her...i play blues and when i get goin'...i get all outta control and go into epileptic spasms with her....and burn up the board...ouch! (12 bar blues is always best to get a crowd drinkin' and tappin') lemme know what you think, and what other's might think...always nice to hear nice things about her...and to be honest with you.....this is a first me doin' this....not too many people seen my guitar not to mention...are aloud to touch it or play it...shelfish huh?? lol take care, enjoy the day, and "play on"!! Colin

- life's short, enjoy your days, and "Make it Happen" - colin


me and my ummm...pink...lol aren't we a pair....well..mostly me i suppose in this shot..lol it looks more red here, but; trust me, it's not....it's got a bright pink in the center...like a salmon....hmmm...maybe a fish name or so...lol


soo, seems how my guitar is still in canada and i'm here in long beach california u.s.a., without it!!! Man, i miss it, don't trust the airlines to ship it over...it goes onboard with me and takes up a seat with me..lol


Well Colin, thanks for the insight, and (you now know) this came from the last batch of 250 recorded as made in 1980-1, so if you get back together again soon send some more pics eh?

You're right - Life is short!
But Hags live a long time too.


Oh yes if you have a suggestion for the name folks - let Colin know eh? (Mail to 67taurus@canada.com)

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 Jeff Yoho brings us a special selection from the early and pioneering days. Those who have experience of these models know why many faceless axes these days have little soul compared to these great pieces of history...
(hey whoa, calm down Dave)

hello, i have what i thought was a p46 deluxe (not sure what year), but i'm not noticing a difference between mine and the 1962 deluxe model A. can you help me with this? any info will be greatly appreciated! love your web site!, i have 3 hagstroms; the deluxe, a black hagstrom I, and an impala. thank you!

Hello Jeff, The original P46 model has a ribbed side with squared angles to the back instead of the sweeping rounded contours around the back. The deluxe version (like mine) denotes the top of the range PU assembly rather than anything else, and has the pointed guard shape. There was often an overlap in model between batches at this stage, as the batches were so small.

Yours is listed as a Hagstrom Deluxe from a batch of 300 over 1960-61 if it has a rounded back to it, then it is the “next generation”. There was another batch of 300 1961-62 Then in 1962 came the Deluxe A run with the similar models (most with tremolo – but clearly not all of them) followed by the Batman version in the same run. The EDP46 came out of the first Deluxe (and ‘A’) models, and frankly looks quite similar to those original “top of the range” Deluxes There were only 96 EDP46 listed.

Yes it is very confusing at times, as many of the changes were quite subtle, markings, bridge changes, tailpiece changes wiring etc., as they were trying out ideas still at this stage. It does look as though your Deluxe is near the start of the run of these models, with the main distinction being the “top of the range” 4 pickup and six button arrangement, and the top of the range square fret markings rather than dots. The only really distinctive difference beyond this is the Batman version of course.

Yours looks in fantastic condition! A real treasure!


hi david.  thanks so much for the info! it is greatly appreciated! without knowledgeable persons as yourself with a love for these great instruments, guys like myself would still be scratching our heads in wonder and frustration.

ED: (If anyone wishes to add more to the detail of changes and nuances of these early models then please do e-mail me - see bottom of any page - there were many exceptions and variations from time to time - and I'm still only learning too !!!)

here is a pic of my impala you asked me about. as you can see it's got a show of years. i bought this guitar around 1980 from an acquaintance for $30. he wanted money to buy a watch for his daughter's birthday. he had originally gotten it in trade for a 10 speed bicycle. if only he knew......

 when i received it the frets were trashed, the trem arm was missing, a tuner cover was missing, string tree gone, a few pole piece slugs on a pickup were missing, there was no bridge, and the electronics were so dirty some functions would not work. it does have the original softshell case, though. i immediately fell in love.

over the years i have scoured and found all the origional parts here and there, cleaned, refretted, and played alot! (since this pic was taken i found a hagstrom string tree and original vibrato arm). as far as i can tell she's back to stock, unless you can tell me something i may have missed.

there is no crown logo on this guitar, and it has the curiously squared pickups i was asking about earlier. i can send the serial # later if you want, right now this guitar is at band practice and out of town. not long after i got it i was soooo tempted to add a third hagstrom pickup since there is a connection for it under the pickguard* and make it a corvette. i'm so glad sanity returned and i left her alone.

this is still one of my favourite guitars and i've probably had her the longest. i let my 1966 rickenbacker 375 go that i had for 20 years but this one stays with me. thanks again for your help, and for your web site! cordially, jeff yoho

Hi again Jeff, A great guitar, and favourite of many of the collectors, the current value means you have made a few thousand percent since purchase. Better than most shares at the moment! 

I see what you mean about the pickups, very interesting! There are quite a few curious aspects to the Hagstrom story, variations and combinations that don’t always follow an obvious timeline, so the serial would be good when you can - thank you very much.

My own Corvette had to be refretted as it was the constant companion of a German danceband player for 25 years! As for the general condition of yours, I have seen many a lot worse, and they still command a reasonable price at auction, even if Hagstrom prices don’t achieve what they deserve… yet. 

Thanks for your continued interest. Kind regards, David

*Nice little piece of info there.   Fortunately I was able to give a tip on the Kings Head logo, so if anyone has a real problem there, let me know...

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Talk about Global -
This Viking is special we know (later), BUT made in Sweden... Sent To Canada... Now residing in New Zealand!

My good friend Rob from Hagstrom Canada brought this one to my attention. Paul Wratten from New Zealand was checking out pickguards, and the communications and conversations spanned New Zealand, Canada and here in the UK. The guitar is special anyway not only for it's journeys over time, but because it is one of the "Transition models" as I call them. The original Strat heat shape, but the 1N new electrics. the 1968 batch 731xxx may have been part old electrics and part new electrics - the records do not state - but certainly it is more and more convincing that all this batch was originally consigned to Canada. From there these models have followed their destiny to sometimes far flung places - as this one has!

Hi Dave,
Rob from Canada thought you might be interested in these photos of my '68 Viking transition model, like yours but an earlier serial number. Like the rest of them it came from Canada but now lives in New Zealand (possibly the only Viking of any type in NZ) I see you've taken an interest in the transition models and I'd be keen on finding out anything about it. Rob thinks its the earliest serial number he's seen. Regards from Dunedin NZ, Paul

For me the Viking 1N transition is a special player - and a favourite with my son. It was the first to start the UK collection following my original BJ12 acoustic, and yes I bought it from Canada. The one above is a super colouration, even though Paul admits to a few lacquer lines, he should be very happy with his treasure.

The question of whether it was the earliest Viking 1N type left strumming was dashed by an early visitor to Hagstrom UK. Don Alexander told us his story behind the chequered history of his Red Viking transition - he had owned 7 times! (See Visitors Page one)

From Australia to Argentina - Global Connections indeed!

From: gustavo  Sent: Thursday, August 21, 2003 3:34 AM

To: webstrom@hagstrom.org.uk Subject: Hi Hagsters!
Hi, my name is Gustavo

I´m from Buenos Aires - Argentina - recently I bought this jewel!

Look and see!!! Good sounds!!! Gus


Oh how we know the feeling!

Yes another transition model - hey this is getting serious (ha Ha)

What a jewel as Gus says!

Thanks for sending the pics Gus



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Marcus from Falun, Sweden sends us
pictures of his White Standard

Now here's a lovely condition headstock eh?

The back looks nice and clean too, wait for it...
...hold your breath...


Now here comes the unique part of this presentation...

You could imaging the details in the eBay advert...

"Unique distressed or relic finish etc...

Pictures do not do it justice..."

You could enjoy it - as all the important bits look to be in great condition

Click the Pictures to see it in all the glory - sad in many ways, but.... I'd LOVE IT!

It would make a change not having to be too scared to play it!

Seriously - Thank you very much Marcus!

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There's nothing like a REAL original Swedish made Hagstrom (and there are loads around), but if it 'floats your boat', or you can't find an original then who are we to say?

Plenty has been said already and
will be said forever forward probably.
Only you know what's right for you!